Playtex Diaper Genie Elite REVIEW & Compared to Essentials model

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Playtex Diaper Genie Elite REVIEW & Compared to Essentials model

55 643 views | 19 Jun. 2014
55 643 views | 19 Jun. 2014


Diaper Genie Elite and Essentials reviewed and compared

Diaper Genie Elite vs Essentials


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john doe

escape the night



Gitana Shimmy

We had this for our first child and loved it so much, we made SURE we got it again for our new baby just born 2014. Still using it for her. Still one of our BEST purchases for newborn products.

Kody Clemmons

Thank you so much for the review! It was perfect!

Dan Beavers

Two kids, going on three. Have had the essential and elite models and MUCH prefer the essential. The elite has more parts to jam, break, and fail. Half the door mechanism on our elite no longer works and I feel like the smell is worse than with the essential model.

Susan Turner

This is exactly what I was looking for to clean my kitty's litter box! He has a system that uses pee pads. So, this will be perfect to scoop his poop into.

Ishaan R

@JimsReviewRoom Okay so i know this is totally off topic but would you consider making a video of your personal top 5 headphones? That would be awesome if you could cause you do give a good opinion form the consumer point of view. I'm no audiophile so i'd like to know your thoughts on this :) BTW awesome video once again! 


Amazing review my dude. 99% of the other reviews of baby products are from 'mommy of four' type channels, with the majority of their videos being filled with senseless fluff. Really appreciate the clean and modern review style.

Francis Hehle

Thank you for this review... I'm actually getting this for when I clean my daughter's ferret's litter box. This will help A LOT ! :)

M Fritz

Sweet Jesus thank you for this video. Every review online glosses over the actual functionality. We skipped a diaper pail with our first baby last year, but with baby #2 on the way we'll have double the diapers. How has the elite held up?

Susan McDermott

I had the essential with my son and wasn't a fan, I have the other one for my daughter and I love it way more!!

onwaniqua heard

rolling stones


Wished we had something like that for my son. But he is now 37 so back then we actually used cloth diapers which we soaked in a pail the laundered. Now he does my laundry for me. Life is nothing but change!


Thanks, this video explained everything I needed to know! Other videos go on and on about other things!

Elisa Noemi

I should of seen thia before i purchase the essential. Ughh now i habe to be shoving them ewww. I can't return it since i already open the free refill :(

Sean de Jong

Hahaha nice gadget for Daddy Jimi :D

marco dragone

Jim could you please take some photo to the springs system and send them to me by mail?
I really need to know how it really works.. I would appreciate it.. Thanks, sorry for the inconvenience



Miki Nyckel

ooh great review, I definitely want the Elite!

Daniel Candia

Could you send me a link where I can buy this if possible for Amazon

Premium Pete

Helpful, thanks!

aliff anuar

We recommend this diaper bin

Prasanna Rathna Raja

That was very useful we are expecting out kid by December 2014

Just Shelby

What's funny is you say the complete closes itself so you don't have to push the diaper down cuz "it's unsanitary" or whatever...... don't you wash your hands after changing a diaper anyway? I got the essentials and I change the baby, push it in the genie and go wash my hands.

Alex Mozes

I don't like many videos, but THAT video was perfect.  Answered my wife and my question perfectly!