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1 451 913 views | 20 Apr. 2017
1 451 913 views | 20 Apr. 2017

Man, that's a big blunt. Buy our shirts and I'll pass it





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Money Plz?


DC Universe Online: Arkham Unleashed Episode 3 Briefings
Malibu TTV

I got click-baited hard lol love your vids though


song at 7:45

snowyy fan



This was when vids where fire

RobbyNiTram Gaming

They need to make another "Biggest" video...

Sul Wah

[Snoop dog loved that]


Probably the dumbest video I've seen on the internet.

What did I just watch.

Matthew Michaelidis

Fr tho put bud in there

Mickey G's

did anyone notice the giant male part on the couch? i think he's trying to compensate for something



DyzTroYa x

Ive never seen anyone smoke fucking leafs. Also that doesnt look close to a blunt.


printer paper.. rlly

bemi bedlu


Benjmain James

Got a big enough joint there ricky?

Boss Twon

Why is it a dick onna coach tho


Your house must have stunk so bad of weed

TheTaco TCG

If you pin this comment on a video from 3 years ago I’ll buy merch

Zhou Yu

why was the christmas tree still up

Joshua Taft

Not a blunt without weed nerds......

Hayden Jean

This isn’t a blunt this is a bunch of paper

Caelan Wood

Swagchadd 69

I deadass wanna try that but a smaller version

Xd_nbjk 234

He smoking the paper more then he’s smoking the So-called weed.

Xander panda

Their ability to act like they aren't stoned while making this is what makes this so much better

Jayden Horner

this is retarded

Kade Roach

Brings me back to smoking paper back in 9th grade


4:50 ignore the giand dildo

payton gray

He probably hasn't even try weed

Leviathan GamerHD

just going to assume the dislikes are the offended stoners LOL

mathis lcrd

Who is weed

Jesse Clark

Just looks like a shit ton of paper rolled into the shape of a joint and no weed at all. Unless they stuffed it off camera

Mommy Fister

I think that’s a joint


Yes but where's that sweet green?

Lisa Carns

That repel behind u soooo big

mr killer

I remember watching this in middle school


I prefer the raw paper

Big J

This is not a blunt

Duncan Barry

Wasn't even a blunt


not a blunt but ight


there not a single blunt in the vid


That’s a straight joint

demonwolf 73

Him: do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and savior Snoop dog-
Snoop dogg: I believe I do come in player I got some hoes in the back too

adorable darkness

I high af

Black Dad

Blunts are usually tobacco, but since it’s just paper and lawn grass... he will still get cancer

Gamernate Moore

He said my birthday in the beginning

Emitt Lame

thats a joint not a blunt homie

Paul Thierry

:) pog

Tuesday Keesee

This guys parents are so fucking disappointed about who their son turned out to be.

Trace F.

Woah a Fake AH crew shirt, nice

Matthew Russell

Just saying it’s a joint

Richard Russell

You must love Jehovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. You must love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus the anointed is Lord! Repent and be baptized and believe the Gospel.


I thought he had a box of weed

No parts, No tools, No plan!

How did this get over a million views? Is this planet fucking stupid?

jasper millman

I expected a big joint and got a big joint filled with shite

Flying Unvacinated Kid

4:57 wtf giant dick

Sam Cabrera

Paper = Blunt

Cade Williams

Does nobody notice the dick in the chair


Thats cause ur a registered sec offender


Bruh ur just smoking paper

A Elkins

That's a joint not a blunt. A blunt is a tobacco leaf a joint is paper


i love that they still have their christmas tree up in april

Josh King

ODS: Stands for OverDoSe.

the unconscoius pig

420 to the next level

Freahmeme213 Mene

Back when ods was good

Benjamin Currier

That's a joint you dip

JuSt Br34Th

It Was 420 PM When I Was Watching This I Didn’t Do This On Purpose


It isn't a blunt because there isn't a tobacco wrap

Jacob Nemyer

Looks more like a giant joint

Squid Lord903


Blake Ledbetter

Aka hitlers birthday


Imagine taking that to school and say it's science project


t h a t s n o t a b l u n t

Blake Ledbetter

Do you think hitler was high when he was born so boom ww2

XxLIQURxX cant comp lol

Thats not a blunt

Nathan Kneas

OK, a blunt is weed wrapped up in tobacco leaves. Anyone who says other wise and call themselves potheads should look at that flower ever again.

john frazier

So does anyone see the big dilldo


He's gonna die


blunt is tobacco what you have is a joint sir

micah azure

for one its its a joint not blunt and y are you smoking paper tf LMAO

15 Succ

That's a joint

Ian McAtee

He just has a moby huge on the couch

Yung Tuno

That’s a joint


1:42 I have never heard a description so fitting, yet so unfitting at the same time

Gio Incognito

I think they smoked before makin this vid

Zy’Querien McDonald

Why they got a big ass dick in the back probably hitting it to

Trenton lies

Were do they live lol

1NF4M0U5 Games

thats a joint dude, a blunt is weed rolled in tabacco leaf, kinda like a cigar but with weed.

The only Sheepkoop here

Is it even hitting like wtf!!


Its not official ducks studio it's official dip shits

Whu Dhat

You know those old wire hangers that used to have that little paper tube separating them on the bottom, underneath the little hook that hangs the clothes rack. Yeah I did exactly this when I was probably 12 with the cardboard tube and that s*** was awful.

God Moddy

It’s not a blunt though it can’t be made out of paper and be a blunt because that is called a joint

Skoobz Gaming

Cool. But I thought that a blunt is marijuana rolled in tobacco wrapper. Correct me if I’m wrong

n Manuel

Nice paper

_Dumpling_69 _

what are you swaggersouls

Sniper TF2

Don’t mind me, just trying to find Snoop Doggs comment

Mr Psyco

This is the easiest way to burn your house down in the stupidest way possible

michael phelps

Thats clickbait

John Johnson

I looked up the whitest thing in the world in this game up

Eat your cereal

No B

Wait there’s no weed in that so if the house catches on fire it’s for nothing