Warframe - Operation Hostile Mergers [2 event weapons??]

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Warframe - Operation Hostile Mergers [2 event weapons??]

41 546 views | 23 May. 2019
41 546 views | 23 May. 2019

#warframe #operation #TheJovianConcord

The new DISRUPTION game mode is the playing field for Operation: HOSTILE MERGERS! You need to play through each mission difficulty for the associated Operation reward. Collect keys from fallen Amalgams to activate corresponding conduits, then protect the conduits from the Demolysts that will seek to destroy them.

1) Play the corresponding OPERATION nodes to earn the Rewards!

2) The final node is the endurance node - a single best run will earn you the best Rewards!

Seems that each node is worth 100 points but this is not true!

It seems kind of random for the points, biggest tip i can give is sometimes a data thing will spawn, having that near the terminal your using boosts the points up but will take about 6-8 full rounds to get the full 4k points either way.

My glyph is now universal and the code "ORIGINALWICKEDFUN" claimable at warframe.com/promocode will now work on pc, xbox and ps4.

Can easily claim it by going to the following URL: https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=ORIGINALWICKEDFUN

My Discord- https://discord.gg/m2Frx2E

Clan Discord- https://discord.gg/NMyzH2b

outro Title Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Track name (unknown)

Official Warframe fan channel since 2014

The Coffee you forgot to drink

Use vital sense, serration, stormbringer, point strike, infected clip, and split chamber on your opticor vandal

Mr. E.

I was under the impression that this was going to be a Clan event.

Ani Samuel

U will get glaxon vandal and spectrum vandal

Julian Hernandez

What secondary are you using?


the 4K mark its easy soloable... 4278 points at wave 8 with Excal, why solo? coz in my region are clueless about this mode, running around the map killing the amalgams all over the map leaving the devices far away, joining with range Limbo...

Super Mix The Hedgehog




The Raids IQ

I have your logo as my warframe character

Alex Davids

Still not on switch


Do we get the Weapon slots for the two vandals for free?

Cristopher Akolia

Haven’t played i a while, what is aura forma?

Logan Baker



The vandals in this case are direct upgrades so that's good, both can go crit-status hybrid and are beam weapons so consistency is there as well. I'm really digging the Glaxion Vandal though while the Spectra Vandal feels a lot like Cycron but eh a good secondary nonetheless.


That forma is dope though

Tommy B

wat is that secondary weapon???

Prototype Delta

Do you need to buy a weapon slot to get the new vandel weapons?


I really didn't enjoy this but I've only done the 3 missions and one of the endless. I was on a 300%+ str chroma with full damage buff and a decked out vay hek and I could barely take these guys down to half hp before they below up and that is if I was able to even notice them and have a fresh reload as they were running in.

Oh Why

I’m surprised how many people in the comment section don’t know what a Kitgun is...

ghosthunter117 gaming

Wicked those health are not the conduit but it the demolisher you need to kill those bastard before they get to it

Pewpewblaster :P

if there is a oberon or trinity it becomes very easy


Do the event points scale the longer I go. If I do 3 hours will it give more points then going 3 separate 1 hours runs.


Anyone noticed that Arbitrations are gone as of now? Gotta guess they want to fix it.

Fabio De Gregorio

Wait isn't this just an excavation mission?

Kyle Sam

Tbh the new mode is not that hard imo,the disruptor always spawn at the same route depends on the monitor location


Is there a way to see how many points you have for the clan thing or who is bringing in the most points for the clan. If so I will farm my butt of just to be first.

Del Taco James 73

Why couldn’t it have been an amprex vandal :(

Petar Gačić

What gun is the "mooncatcher"

Undead inside

Sweet. Now just a month until it hits console

Cameron Larkins

This event was actually incredibly easy just in case anyone is wondering.. me and 2 friends completed the point requirement and got both weapons in 20min

j h

Guess they heared we hated the fractures time consumption.

Still 2 vandals seems a bit overkill, well they are kinda meh weapons so maybe not. Wonder when we'll get more wraiths.


soloed it with octavia for the 2 vandal weapons, i don't really like it though :(

Abdalrhman Salman

Idk about u but wisp went just farm and in my opinion she is the most fun frame in the game


The hell is a Aura Forma?

Old as dust

The spectra has no polarities you already forma-ed it twice... other than that, nice video pal

Ray Pan

Can someone explain to me what a aura forma is?


Bro 1520 ammo drums

XLunaxWolf GS

When wisp release on Xbox N ps3

Sainyam Bothra

Demolysts not disruptors


Wishing it stacked

Vishal Thakur

8 rounds and it's done


umm guys can i get some help in the comment section i tried to hit 10k points but sadly i only reached 5k with my friends but the demo's keep nullifying me and specially our chroma prime and we cant kill it with a couple of shot in round 9 does the demolyst have elemental weaknessses

auatin the otaku

Saying it got insane at 4k... Lmao cute, me and 2 of my clan mates got to 10001 with just 3 people, level 180 demolists are nutty. But the 3 of us managed to get us to 5th place out of all the ghost clans.

bob the builder


Anomalous Entity

Smells like potential Grofit

MT Playz

This is the only person Ik who uses the glaxion

Undead inside

The aura forma is built right? Because im not planning on actually building any of them until my regular forma runs out of uses (so pretty much never) since it takes 4 forma to make an aura forma

Andrew Cox

Hoping when it drops on Xbox, my console doesn't crash in minutes, I'm not joking either, I can't figure out what's wrong with it

I Just Triggered You. Lel.

I actually just got a glaxion riven last week from sorties. :D

Ziv Kigel

The health under the tower symbol is the health of the enemy(Amalgam) you need to kill not the health of the tower,the tower is instantly destroyed if the Amalgam is too close to the tower and self destruct.

badbox TPK

so once more computer gets it first ?


Gotta love how they released an clan event right as exam season starts, at least im on ps4 and its the only time i hope cert delays the update for 2 weeks

Tweaking Ed

Wish i can join your clan

Monochrome Art

you loved th Glaxion?? it's so bad that I left it lvl 18 which I NEVER do..... How do you like this weapon that feels worse then kraken??


2:47 demolyst

Valentijn Vreeken

Finally a vandal secondary


When will the update come for console


this event is redemption for the DElay


Yes! More Vandal weapons for my collection

Vedant Nemane

Btw hint for the mode: this is NOT a mobile defence. You know how you’ve got a key to put into a pod? There is NO POD! The health bar of the “pod” on the left is the health of the DEMOLYST! Kill the demolyst BEFORE IT REACHES THE POD! This is a MOBILE CAPTURE and not a mobile defence- do NOT WASTE YOUR TIME DEFENDING THE PODS!


OriginalWickedfun: Hit the 4000 points! 

Meanwhile with Quasars Storm. Hit the 200,000 points! How in gods name did they even manage to get more than 200,000 points?!? Probably though exploits and bugs I reckon. After wave 17 things become difficult to kill.

Malik Sykes

Is this on console?


But who to use them on, the aura that is.

Akemi Dryzz

Hey guys, what s the best weapon you can get for this mode?

Teresa DiNinno

Well this come to console?

Undead inside

Wow, thermia fractures are officially so bad, they're STILL going during another event! Thats a first

THANUSH _dudcom

is it out on xbox?

55th Player

The new boss is insane

how to enginer


exxotickiller 101

Can u build up the points per mission or do h have to get them in 1?


Helios has a bug that even tho the enemies die he will still scan them

Darksteel Heart

Any damage type tips for this? Just hit console and Im trying to get Gold Statue with my clan


I've got 2 aura forma and on most frames, it's the only slot I don't want to use multiple polarities on.
Edit: 2% Is not to good of a chance but yea, I also had arbitrations throwing 4 mods I already had at me while farming Endo, so, yea...


God, I just wasted a third forma just last week on my normal spectra! Had I known about this, I would have forma'd my zylok instead.


Can you also make a video about that Eidolon or what is it? And how aura forma works? Would be nice. Good video anyway


How did you get negative capacity...


Takes 4k points to get both weapons in that mission.

Jack K.

I just sold a glaxion riven two days ago and now glaxion vandal comes...

I hate myself for selling that 4iven for a 50 Plat...


nice vid man

Mohammad H

This is on on PC? Not PS4?
I cant see it on PS4

andrea ghiretti

Don't extract alone at 1000. I tried, but enemies kept coming, i died and lost the score....


limbo freezes enemies

frost slows enemies

choose your play style

James Truong


Maxandre Lena

What’s the name of your pistol weapon please?

Elektropax 137

I think Vauban works good

Digital Tacos

deep in the depths of the Warframe universe
a pile of trash begins to shift
Wukong bursts out of the pile
-Please I need a rework please dear god I’m only good at surviving
DE slowly pushing him back under the pile
-Shhhhhh you don’t exist


Some of the keys would look cool as shields

Justinian Wiuff

One man clan here. Getting gold will be hard, terracotta would be enough for me.


The Glaxion vandal?! Dude I just crafted the regular one wtf


To clarify, It's Demolyst, Not Disruptor as the enemy you need to kill to complete a Pylon.