Elite Dangerous - Selenium Raw Material Guide

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Elite Dangerous - Selenium Raw Material Guide

3 736 views | 5 Mar. 2020
3 736 views | 5 Mar. 2020

This is a video tutorial showing the most efficient way I know of to farm Selenium. Normally you would find a planet and roam around using your scanner and pray to the RNG gods to find it, but I have a better way. This planet produces a bunch of Raw Resources in addition to [ZINC, TIN, and SELENIUM] which are in the same Raw Material group so you don't have to trade down as much. A bonus fixed TELLURIUM for every PHLOEM EXCRETION you find is also present. I farmed 3 Biological POI's and got 5 Selenium per sight (3x15 = 45 total). You can farm the Geological POI's as well, but they have like half the spawns reducing your chances to find Selenium. I do not know what the respawn timer is as relogging in any fashion does not respawn the mats.

System: KAPPA-1 VOLANTIS (385ly from Jameson Memorial)

Planet: B 3 F A

POI: (14) BIOLOGICAL (Brain Trees) [~25 Spawns, ~5 (3x) Selenium per POI]

Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/jdsplice


SEKIRO: La Storia Di Doujun & Dosaku
Andy Davies

Thanks for sharing - look forward to your next post - stay safe


The crashed Conda gives more grade 4-5 elements to trade them in to selenium then, doesn’t it?

Brother Maleus Praetor

Oh buddy- You got the wrong tree! It was the one before the one you stopped back at. But anyway, thatnk you very much for sharing this knowledge and demonstration. This is waaay better than reading walls of text. Cheers :)


Fuck yeah good thing i need a permit lol..

Dreadnaught Zero

There is a location in the bubble with a higher drop rate. 4.9% selenium. LHS 417 Planet 9 e a. Martin there are geological sites. Bring a surface scanner. Crystal fragments are going to be selenium, Arsenic and zirconium. You will have about 130 selenium in 4-5 sites.


Well Commander, you have earned my respect, and a sub! Been dreading doing the grind for raw mats, as I have terrible luck, and I despise the SRV! But I am just getting sick and tired of my engineering being halted cause of a lack of selenium! Did a search again, and got the 2 vids I've already seen from D2EA and Exigeous, and yours was right in between them this time. This is by far the best site I've seen, geographically speaking.
I'll update you on my success/failure when I have all the mats filled up!

Anthony Mills

I usually do a crystal forest run and fill up my stores of all the other G4 minerals, then raw material trade them to selenium as necessary. I have also heard that you can mine for it in pristine rocky rings, but I haven't had success doing that.

B Daddyo

Excellent and informative video, well done! Word of caution - do NOT get stuck in a brain tree. I did within 10 minutes of exploring and had to self destruct. Grrrr. And it's a long haul back to a populated system.