[FGO NA] Saber Wars: Challenge Quest - Ultra Heroine Z - Cu Solo

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[FGO NA] Saber Wars: Challenge Quest - Ultra Heroine Z - Cu Solo

79 593 views | 6 Jan. 2018
79 593 views | 6 Jan. 2018

Ultra Heroine Z greater than Mysterious Heroine X

So this was harder to solo than I thought it would be. And it isn't because of UHZ, It's the freaking Dragon.

Music used:

Last battle decision - Tales of Symphonia

Ancient Dragon - Vindictus

Alert Sound - Accel World

Rockin' 8 Glider mix - Air Gear

Lugh Lamhfada - Vindictus

Battle Result Screen - Final Fantasy 13

D-3 Ending - Rusty Hearts By Island City

Fate/Grand Order English server something something about time Guda stop reading the song list before watching the video Saber Wars Event Lore Quest Boss Challenge MHX MHZ UHZ Tag wordz

M.Afdhal S

The good thing is.. i got Cu both on my NA and JP server lol

Rui Kirisame

wait a minute... is that the instrumental version of air gear's op?
you sir, are a true man of culture

Kenneth Coleman

Heyyy this is the theme song to Air Gear


Why don't you use Brave Chains? Are they the best in attacking?


What’s your friend code, I’d like to use your Cu : ^)


INSPIRING! Got to try it !


I am so glad that i get 5 copy of Cu instead of 5 copy of Black key(Btw Super EF Luck in Gacha)


Ha! Air Gear.


How to upgrade mhx skill?

Johnny Durango

c mamo :v

SenpAi TiLapia

star burst stream?

Revo L

On a scale of 0-10. What are the chances of you getting a foreigner servant?

Jay WalkZ

Sees that it only took him 18 turns to beat mysterious heroine Z. Looks at the 50+ turns it took me to beat her with Jeanne, Medea Lily, and Waver and other servants

Me: Wow I'm a scrub. Commits Seppuku


This was recommended 2 days before Saberwars came again

Carlo Gustavo Valenzuela

8:08 my fgo life in a nutshell

Jimp Argon

Cu vs the world.


I love the fact that all the enemies have that ahoge and dropped them as the died as if the ahoges were parasites. XD

Law Zy

should i grail cu?

I Am Senpai1

Irish man pierces local heroine with his gay bulge

Syafiq Ismail

Yeah, that drago faked up ur evade.

Pato Trillo

Amazing! I used the six characters and I cant finisher without a quartz

QUploads T

Elchulus i recorgnize that theme


Are there any particular reason you don't use any Star of Altria CE?


Dude if this was legit music

Infer and

dragons are just bigger-wait wrong person. still epic though.


Chu the space dragon slayer

The L1ghtning

Which CE did you used on Cu here ? I think I will try it too.. :D

lucas mikael sousa

não importa qual o boss, sempre vai ter um video de cu solando kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

vivek prasad

Is this on mobile?

Ridho Karnova

absolut mad man


I have a lvl90 cu and same skill level with yours but i still havent try to solo UHZ, but when i saw this vid

Ryan Malik

What CE you use ??


I had to waste a Saint Quartz in this battle....


You're insane O_O. Loved the Air gear music btw ^^

No Anime No Life ;-;

Is there anything that Irish herc can't do?

Arthur Koh

rofl the Mabinogi Heroes music is so fittingly appropriate because it's a celtic battle involving a dragon boss :D


Could u do this with caster cu


The friggin' elchulus theme for the dragon. Classic

Muhammad Nur Yusof

Whats the hell with those homunculus..they have saber hair tail



BMs AI when an ability misses
Jokes aside I also BM the AI for lols

Saby chand

Burned my only Cu as a summoning ritual for Shishou and since then he hasn’t come to me.
Feels bad...

Just KaNaKo

even lvl 90 mhx can wipe that lvl easily..

amnesiac whale shark

Lol I just noticed that all opponents have ahoges

Sissi Xiong

Btw if you reload the app in the middle of a turn you can start the turn over. I experimented a bit and it turns out you can change the order of attack’s or use skills to make certain attacks crit.


"He's basically Irish Hercules, Rin!"

Elizabeth Bathory

spartacus solo please:'))

Faishal Saif

I need buddy


Is the reason you used no Star CEs because it's a solo?

I mean, those would have given you an easier time along with the MLB Pure Bloom Buff.


The air gear ost gave cu that power up

Poop Face

Protection from Arrows=Protection from Sharpened Homunculi Arms, Magic Beams, Sword Beams, Beams in General, Swords, Axes, Spears, Divine Weapons, etc..

Rend Blackhand

Cu vs World


This is why you dont burn Cu

Ilyas Basuki

This makes me not regret Grailing my Cu.

Muhammad Ridhwan

no revive right? O_O

Mario Ortiz

I mean, it's cool and all, but that Cu is grailed to 90. An ungrailed, level 70 Cu would not be able to do the same.


can i add you on NA?


are all skills for cu @ lvl 10?

Katsuro Kei

Hanoka can I add you in fgo

Manasa Hegade

I want Ur ID. Plz be my friend


Being Lancer is....


Rahgil Antonio Panopio

Why didnt you use the altria of the sun Ce?


Better I would have borrowed mine that was 10/10/5 x)

Soul Semblance

Is that an air gear ost I am hearing? Subscribed


yagyu munenori or saberlot. which i would choice

Piero Escobar

Eso es trampa ese cu es dorado xD


Being Georgios is suffering.

Alf Alucar

Using the ability to lower ability cool down times on a high leveled cu........Another man of culture I see

Farhan Muhammad

Fighting an assassin with 1million HP, i think i've met that before on someone's interlude.

Raizen [Rai]


NK'S 1995


Ren chon

it's so lucky that she decided to buff at turn 14 & 15

Gaylord Slapyousilly

I only give a Few timings 4:26~4:28, 5:26~5:28, you can see the background just changed drastically.
He resetted his game to test the RNG and crit, and did the best move to maximize the damage output. Cause fgo the crit is pretty much guaranteed if a card 30% actually crits, which makes it easy to reset and do a better card combo to utilize the damage.

It's a decent video but the number of resets will show you how not op rng crit Lord is, but how op is he to reset to get the best damage output with crits.

Decent run. But I will give it a dislike. Would love to see an unedited run that doesn't rely on resets for crits

Artoria Pendragon

challenge quest?

Rivaz Mardani

Warning !
Do Not TRY this at HOME
This act was a professional one !

John Titor

Air gear music = instant +1

Rena Kyaa

There's a long red rod for ya fake Kirito!!!


I feel like a clown using a team with 4 sabers, CasGil and Merlin (who ended up soloing) and then you come along one chihuahua who ate the dragon in one bite!


What do you use to record gameplay?

Việt Linh Nguyễn

2:13 Ancient Dragon theme from Vindictus? Nice choice

I love another man's wives

Cú : I'm gonna end this Saberface's whole career !

Juni Velazquez

I had to spend 3 freaking quarts on this mf quest

Michael Komsky

Damn it, I use a full team of : Fergus(lvl 30), Santa alter(71) de'on(51) , Saber lily(80), support altera(100), and Halloween bathory(80), and I still need to revive it once in order to win. Is my team composition that bad?

Soma Bagh



Why does everyone pair cu with george whenever they so a solo with him?

Cath Amartya

Homonculli have ahoge

Homonculli is saberface in disguise

Fandi Prasetya

damn you must be japan player before


What is your Cu lvl and skill lvl?

Code G

Was actually surprised you also play the NA version as well. Still, pretty badass, especially the new animation update for Cu to show he's still boss.

Ken Kaneki

My boii cu u and ur teacher are the ones i want to grial but not sure atm

Khoi Nguyen

The only reason the dragon was harder that he traded his IQ with UHZ. My dragon buffs his Dragon Spirit almost every turn while UHZ stun hit every time for at least 2/3 of my party and she only buffs when her skills has timed out lol

Literally Jesus

The 'People die if they are killed' logic never applies on the doggo

George Asiago

I've been struggling with this fight, and I've got a lv 90 Cu that I wasn't even using. Why did I not think to try this?

Neclord X

JEsus, I have a Foued lancer cu at 90 and 5/10/5 and can barely kill MHZ with him and an entire team (including Heracles). Just how dumb of male master am I?

Cid Alderlaine

5:50 You always manage to find that one theme for every Noble Phantasm that compliments them so well it's turning people into audiophiles :s
I've come to add a lot of new tracks to my own music collection ever since watching your stuff, please keep it up :D


Man Green watching this video takes me back to the Nero fest back in JP where I used your Lvl.

Matrix 12

So strong

Strmwve Alpha

So Cu finally got the new animation in NA.

Did Medea and Medusa get it too?


And here i am, farming Scáthach because UHZ is spanking my behind.

Daisuke Yami

I wish your Cu is same as mine. I did semi solo on my Cu, I have it on my channel... Nero's Guts is too OP AF


Loving that air gear op in the background. I see you too are a man of culture