Mainstream Press Goes Full SJW on Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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Mainstream Press Goes Full SJW on Kingdom Come: Deliverance

120 839 views | 21 Feb. 2018
120 839 views | 21 Feb. 2018

Laymen today are going heavy, talking about Kingdom Come: Deliverance and how some people are unhappy about it...

To have a look at the article :

Twitter: @laymengaming

==Is It Ok For A Game To Be This 'Boring'? [Kingdom Come: Deliverance Impressions]=

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Dave Carsley

If I was this dude, I'd have released an update with a special camp with ONE of each fuckin race of humans who all only have one line..... "Hello. I'm represented" , just to troll all these assholes


how about some game company make a game about africa in the 1100's but has to include EVERY skin color...nationality and the 87 or 97 genders that now for some brain dead mental case reason exist and make story line for them all Oh and lets not for get all the different body types if they did this the game would be at least 5 terabits or more i wounder how many people have that much hard drive space for just 1 game. If you want that you don't do a historical setting you do a modern setting it fits WAY better and i would say about 80% of the people complaining about the game don't even play video games they just want some thing to whine about. The game reviewers should get out of game reviewing if all they are going to do is make sure a game checks all the right box's that's not reviewing a game that's just going over a check list seems like game reviewers have forgotten what their job is to play a game and review it for players on how well does it play how well does the game handle combat..magic and other things and IT IS NOT their job to make sure a game checks off all the correct sjw/pc bull crap.

Dribrom Sunrock

Mainstream media? What main stream media is even talking about games at all? Euro Gamer is mainstream media!? HAHAHAHA! They are a 2nd rate gaming news website at best. IGN, Gamespot and allot of other sites are bigger. Even this channel is bigger then

PS: I bet they wrote that story on erogamer to get some traffic at all on there website. Classic click bait tactics.


It says a lot about intersectional social justice that it's not enough to have diversity in the current year anymore, 16th century Bohemia also needs to have diversity or none of that matters.

These people who think the history of the Holy Roman Empire needs to be changed because it wasn't diverse enough don't deserve to be taken seriously anymore, because why the hell should they be.

eff yoo


Lucifer Vane

So Robert wants a false narrative to suit his worldly thoughts. Get fucked social hypocrite. It wasn’t in the history unless you want a few slung in a cage.

Jakub Tyl

Actually there were no black people recorded in that time in Bohemia, there were few black people recorder in some places in Europe around the Mediterranean which was naturally more cosmopolitan. But that is like saying that there must have been Vikings in the territory of todays Kansas because we have proof of Vikings landing somewhere in Newfoundland in Canada. You cant think in terms of Bohemia is in Europe therefor what happens in Europe happens in Bohemia.

Genaki Ningen

Oh for fuck's sake....

Ok as a 'person of colour', my response to you 'persons without colour' is I don't give two shits. If I were that obsessed with race, I'd be championing my OWN country to produce games. Or am I supposed to get upset that anime rarely has black people in it?

Boof {-}7

More and more I hate "people of colour", because if we didn't have any in the west, pretty sure it wouldn't be an issue
fuck eurogamer

St Ch

If that guy actually cant recommend a game based only on his personal bias on how exactly HE HIMSELF would handle the social commentary in it, then he is not adequately equipped to be a game reviewer.


Heck, even in Sweden nowadays before mass immigration I only saw 4 black guys.

Roy S

Completely agree with your point. Subscribed immediately. Thank you folks

Jonathan Skipper

You guys have earned a sub. Keep it up!

Peter Clarke

Morgan Freeman was in medieval England. Fact. He had a telescope. Fact. Robin Hood had a North American accent. Fact. Get over it you feminazis!

Mister Plissken

There’s only 2 genders...

W. Charoensook

The Dev only favor Bohemian! Outrages! It's unfair!

Luis Dunford Gavira

It's almost like it was set in the 15th century. Honest to god I hate how this generation has become offended at everything, it is positively stupid


This game sucks not for any other reason than it is extremely boring.


Why are all poor npc's typecast with northern English accents and upper class npc's are typecast with southern English accents? Aside from stereotyping class, these characters would have eastern European accents.
So it's authentic that every person is white but that's where the authenticity runs dry? They made the effort to consult someone about race but the said historian didn't point out where Bohemia was geographically? Very convenient.
Labelling non-racist people as SJW, can't imagine which sector of society would scapegoat like that. I hope everyone enjoys a future of goose stepping past Hitler's/Trump's dumbass portrait.

Political Correctness Offends me

Whenever I hear something being called racist or sexist these days, I rarely ever believe it is anymore. Some of the SJW weirdos were also calling Uncharted 4 racist. That game and Kingdom Come Deliverance both sold really well in spite of the lunatics opposed to them.

Tim W

just wow.  I have been interested in this game.  and now I'm going to buy it just because of this stupidity.

Sam Burke

They're talking about this as if games/movies/other media rarely represent white men/people: 6:35 "...there are certain times when games or movies come along ... are just trying to tell a particular story..." Yes. Just a particular story - or one particular story? (How many movies about white people vs. minorities?)
These white boys are insecure. Pathetic.

Emil Westgaard Henriksen

Sjw should be classified as a mental disorder really... It has gone to far with this shit it has to stop...

JP Trj

Bottomline, we're living in an age where almost everyone are sensitive in any way possible

Admiral Assblaster

Wow that black panther example. When you sell your balls to PC culture, you ruin realism, make your game worse and lose real fans AND THEN you dont even gain the complete loyalty of the SJWs because you cannot please them.


I want to take these SJW dumbasses... And put them on planes to africa. Single out some of the countries that has less tourism aswell. And they... Will.. Realize something shocking. If they are outside of the capital, they will walk around. Black-black-black-black-black-black-black. Trust me, they can spend a month and not see another white person: In 2018...

So why in 1403 would you expect to run into black people in the middle of europe?

Aaron Harris

lm not mad at historical accuracy. Ill probably buy it but 30 years from now when I finally get my Medieval African Total War, it better not be any whites in it.

Kevin Hamutov

Wow surprised SJWs did t lose it with the very subtle overtones of religion in the game.

Yes very subtle was meant jokingly.


There's no airplanes nor sophisticated global communication in Kingdom, yet an Asian, a black, and a jew are supposed to walk into a bar together. (Just kidding they're all the same person #SJW) (Just kidding, again!)

Jackmerius Tacktheritrix

Lol the fact eurogamer had no critiques about KCD EXCEPT this bs is ridiculous, KCD is great but lets be honest its a bit of a mess


"We love your game but you haven't made it historically inaccurate with Cultural Marxism..."
Yeah, because that would ruin the game just as Cultural Marxism ruins everything else.


9:21 I wonder how left wing people can still want to be left wing when most of the people with our views are such fucking cunts!!! my point exactly. I used to be left wing and then one day i really just stood there listening to those leftist people around me being so self hating and I just realize I must be crazy to believe what they believe. Then leftist cunts started to censor my anime games and that is when I went full right. crazy right


I bet if there was a medieval game taking place in the Islamic world or Africa they wouldn't be bitching. They look for racism where it doesn't exist, it makes it easier for actual racists to minimize their views as acceptable.


Omg these kind of ppl have ruined the rest of the world, LET US HAVE GAMES AT LEAST! fk

Eleeth Tahgra

Because it got such a negative review from sjw, I bought KCD.


No black people? because it's medieval Europe. You know, ancestral home land of white Europeans. How many white people in the congo in 2018?

sir Alfons

There is absolutely no way that there is a single dude of color in central mediaval Europe.. impossible

Sean Sherman

Sam was a handsome devil back in 2018. He always looks hungover now a days lol

Hans von Gröbel

guys visit or move to czech one gives a fuck about political correctness there are said everything just as it is


You can't satisfy sjws.


People that complain about diversity in this game dont even know that Cumans are Asian lol

Blake W.

Eurogamer can suck it sideways through a straw. Games are about gaming, not politics.

Stilt Daddy

BF1 caught the same flak when it dropped for not having playable women characters

Peter Jüriens

KCD is an excellent game, RPGwise, and especially considering the fights and the horseriding. You need to develop the skills some to feel competent, that's all. Also... it does not bug a lot, on my PC. The current version seems pretty stable.. for the few real hiccups there are, give it a patch or two, and it'll be quite perfect. The only thing i really disliked was the cliffhanger ending.. but that'll be water under the bridge soon enough. That game's a piece of art.. a good and comprehensive look at the middle ages, and amazing in its density and complexity.

As an historic enthusiast, I enjoyed near every scene.. especially the humorous bits and the dialogs are just top notch, and You'll get such good immersement that your pulse will be feelable and you'll occasionally laugh your arse off.

Highly recommended.

Max Soroka

sjw is a cancer for western civilization.

Branimir T

i dont know why is there no giant enemy crabs in this game....

Peter Clarke

Hmmmmm. Ordinarily i tend to agree with most of your views guys, but this is exactly the same conversation that happened in movies. Basically all games currently are either western anglo saxon caucasian or eastern japanese in terms of protagonist, culture and setting in the same way that so are most films. Oh, and male. Yes its lovely that these artforms exist, but they are the predominant interpretation of videogames in the same way (oh lets fucking go here!) that most gamer youtubers are white anglo saxon males. Make of this what you will, but i think its fair to say that the white male perspective is not the only perspective.

Steps back and watches the whole fucking (white male) world explode


Also people want to enjoy an experience ... without having a political agenda rammed down their throats.

Michal Šmejdik

Thumbs up.

Ser Garlan Tyrell

I did have a problem with the portrayal of women in KC actually, but not because there is prostitution, but the "romantic" story lines just end. You get into their linen undergarments and from that point have no option for further interaction with them.

And talk about imposing our modern values on the "dark age" (that Robert guy needs to read his history because the game is set 400 years after the dark ages), what about our views of dating or going out on the pull...? I mean sure it happened, but would have been looked down upon (especially for women, unfortunately) at the time...
If its an RPG, why is there no option to marry Theresa before, and then more story lines involving her following on?

Aaron Humphrey

SJW’s need to just shut the fuck up already.


Anti white marxist


ahaha! Ellen


Tbh This whole bullshit has become SO MUCH FREE PRESS. I recon this has bumped sales by about 15-20%.


Is the historian racist if he can't find any trace of black people in medieval Scandinavia? Is he racist because the evidence is not fucking there?

Travis Smith

Lol, any black dude walking around getting white women pregnant back then would be hanging from a tree real quick.

Jay West

This is why I fucking hate modern games journalists. I miss the days of games journalism when the people writing about games actually cared about games and the gaming industry.

Sub Vae



What SJWs do is like going to a football game and throwing a tantrum why there aren't any basketball players on the field. Instead of going to a basketball game and enjoying it, they intentionally seek out football games so that they can complain why is football being played there instead of basketball.


the black people update.


i feal its way to little aliens in that game its kinda raisist :-) we need et and alf in the game to i know its not acurate but i seen them on tv so it must be true


All that these dumb cunt SJW's are doing is creating more interest in this game. The developers are sitting back and laughing their asses off and rubbing their hands together.
This game is pure gold.

Smuggly McWeed

The sniper rifle LOL +420 straight to the head.


This is so incredibly misguided. A token black guy doesn't help anyone. I think a more legitimate question is why people are so adamant about having black people retconned into every story, but nobody seems to be interested in telling stories about african people

Newspeak Media

History is hurting my feelings, forbid it!!!! History has raped me #metoo ban all books


I wish I had talent...then I'll make a African/black Fantasy game/movie/TV show/anime/cartoon


Kill me

Oldschool Hoxton

I mean... sexist maybe. Women are in the typical gender roles of the era. You never hear blatant hate speech, women are never called inferior or the such. They are just simply in their respective gender roles. At worst it's just realistic. Who knew a medieval era game that markets itself on realism would be fucking realistic


Historical reality IS racist. Get over it, SJWs.

Donald Eckert

These are the same people ticked off at resident evil 5 because black zombies IN AFRICA were the enemy. Even with a woman of color as a protagonist.

Yoko Automata

I'm Puerto Rican

Derick Chafton

Doesn't matter who you think you are today, white, black, boy, girl, gay, straight. You'll all be judged the same in the end. The great fire will cleanse this world soon enough. Heh heh

Geralt of Rivia

I'm buy Kingdom Come just because cucked sjw snowflakes hates it.

Colin Campbell

I really want a publisher or developer just to go full PC. And I mean in such fine detail that no one can pick out a piece and say that something wasn't included or some group of people weren't included. I really want to see this happen just to see what it would look like.

Drizzt Iley

Stuff like this is why the left can't be taken serious. I can't take them serious either.

All white game: raaaaaaacist
All black game: muh diverise muh representation

Need black people in a white game: Yeah!
Need white people in a black game: RACIST

etc etc.

No, you dont need modern diversity in this game. Its historical and realistic. I'm a half-indian half-irish hybrid from a divorced family with 6 different religious influences, where's my representation? If there was an Indian in this game, i would expect him to be a slave. If he was irish would expect him to be a slave or a sellsword from the isles. ITS HISTORICAL.

You guys i can respect because you're not some totalitarian communist supporters. You are one of the few that i could go to the pub with and enjoy company. But people like Robert and other SJW ruin everything they touch.

Garrett l

I remember back in 2010 somebody said people would be trying to censor history.i thought they were bullshit but here we are

Sebastian Sochanski

Its really sad that you have to explain this sort of things.


Are they gay, or just english?

Andrew Walle Johansen

The rainbow has no black in it... RACIST

chloe kaftan

SJW's need to shoot themselves in the head, kingdom come: deliverance was set in 1404 medieval europe! It had no black people in it because africa was not even subjugated and enslaved until 1501 and it would be very rare to see an african slave until the late 18th century when slave trade peaked, it would take another 88 YEARS (1492) for us to discover the new world (America) which by the way isnt even accurate because we all know christopher columbus didnt discover america first (roughly 500 years before columbus a Viking by the name of "Leif Eriksson" discovered america on a longship no less, tiny compared to columbus' 3 galleons) and europe didnt even colonize America until 1607 (203 years after the events of the game), mankind has been incredibly racist and sexist in history all the way to 1990 which means that for the 112,118 years that mankind has existed only the past 28 years (1990 - 2018) have seen any change in social, economic and multicultural inclination and attitude

which means that for historical games to remain accurate to Actual History they ALL need to be racist and sexist, if you dont like it and cant appreciate Real Factual History you can then F**K OFF and play Fortnite! Bunch of SJW TWAT'S.

For the record im not racist or sexist but i also have a very deep respect for history, human psychology and progress and historically accurate games, what i dont have any respect for are people who disrespect these in movies, games and other media and make a big deal out of actual history

we're not gonna change recorded history to please the idiots of the world because History teaches us how far we've come since our savage past, sadly there are still savages even today (SJW's, PETA, etc) who deserve savage punishments like decapitation.

note: why did i pick 1990 for when mankinds racist opinion shifted, because 1989 marked the end of the cold war by the dismantling of the Iron Curtain a.k.a the Berlin Wall between eastern and western Germany, which marks the first major cultural shift in all of history, and end of what would otherwise have been the extinction of our species, special thanks to the unsung heroes of the cold war. "Stanislav Petrov", "Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov" & "Valentina Tereshkova" for saving mankind from a worldwide nuclear winter (i tried real hard to look for unsung american heroes that tried to stop the end of the world but the only heroes i could find were both highly celebrated and supported the cold war instead of trying to prevent it, i might open a subreddit discussion to investigate this further..)

Richard Morse

Need to warn about flashing lights. 22 seconds in and almost caused me a seizure. Not a joke.

Jeffrey Wong

Yeah for a medieval sim it makes sense that misogyny and racism is part of it. And that doesn't make it wrong to point it out and say that it wasn't appropriate for some people. Plus does the game let you choose to be a woman or a black person (with all the disadvantages that would be historically associated with it?). Note that Moors were part of medieval europe fairly commonly. So yeah absolutely people who want equal representation should speak up and say this isnt a game for me. You've got plenty of other outlets who will evaluate the game on other axis - since plenty of people don't think about this sort of thing. Kinda of the point.

And there is simply NO argument that Gamergate is for anything other than racism, misogyny and bullying.


Cough Battlefield 5 ops sorryy my bad.

Andrew Hershberger

...because there are a lot of black people in Poland during the 13th century...*facepalm* it’s like these SJWs want to meme themselves.

Morge Zorge

How dare white people tell stories with white people in them. All those stories from africa must be so diverse, since only white people are this racist :)


I know this video is months old when I write this, but I don't think the problem of anti racism is as bad as people make it out to be. At most, it's the voice of a vocal minority being amplified by internet commenters to poke fun, and in doing so it gains weight. Eurogamer was obviously at fault here, but only because they wanted to gain views and clicks and popularity, so they chose to bully a new studio, with the thought that they could throw shit at this developer without being hated by readers. That's why gaming news websites don't dare to pick on larger publishers like Bethesda Studios, even though their Fallout 76 is absolute garbage, Skyrim and Fallout 4 were shallow gameplay wise. IGN still gave Fallout 76 a 5/10. These sites want to keep in good relations with the big studios, and will happily throw rock at smaller ones, without fearing much backlash.

On the same vein, I think the most abusive, overrated, notorious gaming news website out there would be Kotaku. I gave them a few tries, each took place months, even a year after the other, but the contents they pump out remains consistently warm wet shit. Always bullying the small developers, always acting SJW, always sucking big dev's dicks. It's just so strange why Kotaku gain as much popularity as it is. Or maybe that's the formula for success these days.

Rene Hinojosa

Totally agree with you guys so many hateful people. Those that always spit racism political correctness are hateful people I'm Hispanic/American I see the truth never good to forget history but there is a degree where people need to draw the line we all need to love each other

Dark Majesty

A black man created the Russian language..also William I of England otherwise known as William the bastard or William the conqueror, conquered England because of his use of cavalry in warfare which he got from the blacks (moors) of what we now call the Middle East...I recommend reading the Norman conquest by author Marc Morris..very interesting a black guy I don’t care there aren’t any blacks in this game as I don’t know much about Bohemia..but England and France and other European countries blacks definitely had a presence..something you won’t see in a Hollywood production


...BTW the only Black people you can see in CZ are Either tourists or foreigners. And even so they are mostly in big cities like Prag and Pilsen. In addition I am talking about maybe a maximum of 1000 people in total in the whole country, in 21st centuary.... The only democratic that is more common in czech republic gypsies.. Maybe about 10% of the population? And next Asians, a couple of hundred thausand. But asians (Vietnamese to be more specific) are in czech republic maybe about 30 to 50 years maximum because of some treaties we made years ago.

Lucifer Vane

They should not have to as they didn’t even make up 5 percent of its population its arguable that it wasn’t even 1 percent.

Furfag McDeer

Feminism is cancer.

killian red16

Where was the Mexicans and pacific islanders in wakanda?


So from one publication you jump to "Mainstream media" ? Btw Eurogamer has nationl publications, your pointing one publication from one outlet.

Aidan S

Ya know it's almost as if race and gender rights hadn't been created back then. And the world was far more concerned with wealth and social statuses to even care!

Stoner Yoda937

"People of colour "

They are fucking black , dont dance around the subject that's why they get offended if you say the word Black , ....people of today are pathetic !! Words dont hurt

& to my knowledge only Vikings had "shield maidens" & this game doesn't include Vikings

The worst treated people ATM are middle aged white guys , they won't give them jobs "because they need to hire foreigners who immigrated to England ...."


Best games are not politically correct. Just look at Wolfenstein, KCDeliverance and Witcher. On the other hand, look how CoD WW2 sucks so hard.


Having every type of person in the game doesn't make me enjoy the game....gameplay, storytelling and gameplay enough with this SJW bullshit in our games and movies!


I'm playing Yakuza now. The game is set in modern Japan, with basically japoneses people. Is it racist too?

Lucifer Vane

GAME being the key word. Wtf is this stupidity

Frankie Goddard

The only way a poc would have been in 15 century Bohemia is if they were a slave or possibly a smuggler and then they would have bitched about negative representation.