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1 377 248 views | 1 Jun. 2016
1 377 248 views | 1 Jun. 2016

This is a refresher for Borderlands 2 on how to quickly farm the Infinity Pistol from Doc Mercy. This guide is directed toward newer players, but might be insightful for the old players as well.

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Danijruss !

Doesn’t work it doesn’t launch me that far off the ground as I’m physco

Danilo Castro

Brazil love you ❤

Paul Saunders

I'm the biggest idiot. I just realised I already had the Infinity pistol after watching this

dominic harris

I got a question can you get the Infinity pistol offline

Leo Charles

Why is the damage on you Infinity Pistol 50000 and the one i just farmed is 47?? :(

White Mage Benoni

Got my first infinity pistol... On normal mode. Am I lucky, or did the game glitch the drops?

Bryson W

Ok but the guy won’t pop out?

L-T. Lampz

So after i kill doc mercy and it tells me to search the body what do i do. Do i lose the chance to keep coming back and killing him or what is up with that?


Sucks for you I got mine from graveward

iSpongebob -

If anyone wants to start a new fresh run with me add me on discord Spongeboblife#1114 (PC version)


Realizes Im playing gaige with 'smaller, lighter, faster' maxed well now...

Jordon Young

I got righteous infinity


0:30 LOL


I don't know if I'm just unlucky, but I've been playing bl2 for years, and I've never found an infinity, not from doc mercy or anywhere else.

Faizan Khadeer

Heya killer, nice vid, got a question tho. Will this still work with lower levels as well?

Napoleon The Great

What gun do you using?


know i know why my guy cant do that BECAUSE I HAD TO CHOOSE KRIEG


Is it normal that doc mercy isn't always there

peter trosclair

Playing the game for the third time and this is still the most straightforward video I could find. Awesome job

praveen arul

this video is a lie I got a common level 10 pistol


Im doing this but the mercy doc doesnt spawn. Do i have to do some quest?

Gabriel Jacques

Bl3 sucks and the infinity in bl3 sucks as well


Bro, if you could get a Dva Infinity.

Angeluv Depone

can i farm it with a lvl 13 commando?

Thousand Names

Play TVHM, kill Doc 10 times and find 4 Infinity Pistol. Play UVHM kill em 15-20 times get green drops that don't even have an element. Why do people play this mode again? Drops suck, enemies are all bullet sponges unless you slag. I'm not seeing the appeal here. I found a Legendary Reaper class from a tubby and it's the only legendary I've ever gotten in UVHM it fuckin blows.


Does this work on handsome edition?

Julio Fortun

I was just just doing the doc zed quest and was like ooohhhh what’s this then I shot the


What the hell is all this op7 and op8 talk? I’m clueless lol


My infinity pistol is called pariots infinity

Eli P

Thx these are pretty helpful. Keep it up


LOL i got it 3rd try!!! xD

Mr Suzuki

Im lvl 30 but the pistol is lvl 8 and all the enemies in the area are low lvl. Why ?

Tyler Aderhold

Can I get it at level 31

Daniel Cantwell

What are is it called

عكسة ليبية

Gimme a heart or jacket off

Christopher Lumley

Does anyone have one that they can give? I accidentally completed the quest


What about uhmv I've heed that it can't drop in that mode

Chello 99


Jett Mann64

He doesn’t spawn for me


As popular as you are and with so many comments, I find it very cool that you take the time to answer questions on here. Good job! Subbing for sure!

Keith Woodbury

How do you raise your OP or whatever? I never understood that.. but already like the content, very very helpful, thank you. Supped and liked


Wow the one character who’s lifts I play as


He’s not there Mate this is Bullshit

Canaan Wren

Sometimes I can get krieg to do the boost if I run and time it right

I like tea

As krieg you can drive a bandit technical between two stones and then boost to come up the cliff

Flare - Gameplays

I'm level 34 on Salvador with tvhm, does it work? I've tried like 20 times but he doesn't drop it

Alex Ant

when does the weapon damage get higher? I'm level 40 and got the Infinity with a Damage of only 70

Ivan Chee

Not ez

BoB 0

I am piss off rn cus i accidentally turn in >:(

Water Malone

so u just jumped through the geyser?.. damnn i just run around everytime, everytime! now im feel like an idiot...


Yur an expert tho

Rock Paper Scissors

Anyone knows the fastest way to get up there with Krieg?


Lol got it first try wtf

justin dawson

worked for me against the warrior wish I still had it


I got it regularly with Kreig first try lol


Doc won't spawn do you have to be a certain level


I was watching another video on this and I had no idea why the geyser wasn’t working but it’s cuz I’m using krieg

elias janzen

Look an Idiot

Cl4p-TP hacked you! heh

Goddamn it.
Second play through and its kried

James Pratt

Has the geyser been “fixed “ ? I’ve tried the jump dozens of times on Maya And Gaige and have never gotten an elevated landing. Short every time.


I killed a tubby and got a wtf(whiskey tango fox trot) the worst shield in the game

Mari Cross

I got it when I was doing the quest for the first time somehow


I've grinded for at least 4 hours and at least 100 attempts and not a single infinity :(

Biker Dash

There us an entrance on the other side so you don't have to screw around with the geyser.

Kasia waslowicz

I will get the infinity pistol today!!!!!

Christopher Clam Party

I'm level 37 but everytime I try this farm doc is still level 13...why does he stay at such a low level??


thank you fam,I got it

Maple Bacon

Does this apply to TVHM or is just on normal? Edit: nvm I got it fifth try

dragonstalkr 45

Guess what u have a new subscriber and when i left ur video i got the rapid infinity thank u so much big like

The Twin Bird Jalal & Jimbo

I already got it but i sell :(


Thank you a lot! you're video is my favorite so far on bordelands video that i found on youtube


Hey I just started my first playthrough. Thank you very much! Edit just tried it right now, failed the jump 3 times, but the gun dropped on the first try. Thank you! <3 I also have another legendary Pistol called "Hard Unkampt Harold" which is pretty strong IMO. Can you give me any tips if thats a good weapon. I mean it feels good but I am very new to the game and don`t know much.

Ron Sellner

Anyone want to pla Lv 60 player looking for dupes/trades. In need of lv 60-70 infinity pistols. Xbox 1. GT Phayce

Kennater Plays

Are there any higher lvl infinity pistols?

Kevin Harris

Love those legendary drops beneath your level. I FINALLy got a level 46 Bee Shield once on the level 50 Hunter mission, and I about threw my monitor out the window.

Á. Balazs

for me the 3rd Infinity drop but for nothing.... 42 and 60 dmg. doc mercy pls. level up with me :D


Its just, feel like i deal more damage with it and it also saves me a ton of bullets for my other revolver type weapons



Chris Hudson

If you geyser hop the other way and ride the pig, an achievement unlocks as well...

здравствуй те

Все клево. Жалко не все понял что он сказал, а так збс

golan oron

i got it at 3 try , BUT you dident tell us its only 41 dps . means now in 2020


2020. Watched video a while ago. Logged in just now to farm it. Got it in the first run. Came here to leave a like.

random name

And i was wondering why i cant do it with krieg

Umar Shaikh

the geyser doesnt do anything for me. a little help?

Elijah Barrena

Or you could just walk around to the left lol


Didn’t show the mini map or what to do really, have to find another video to actually inform me


I just got it my 3 try

Simon C

Good video to the point and no crap lol I like

MezmerOfficial Mez

im watching this on june 1at wow in 2020


Tryed about 500x with zero, no infinity
Changed to salva, first try infinity wtf

Mary Anderson

What if he doesn't spawn


My gun doesnt even work it has 0 ammo o it0

Me Belch

does doc mercy spawn when you activate the mission or not?


Could Krieg make it if he uses his Character skill?


Tried it today as Axton, and it still works. Gotta stand near the edge of geyser. Running Borderlands 2 via Steam on MacOSX.


anyone got a lvl 15 infitity pistol? on ps4

Chad Farrow

I got it 2nd run


i got it on my fifth run


30 plus runs and still no gun. My luck is terrible.


It doesn't seem like the infinity scales to your level? At least didn't for me.