No, High guardian spice was not cancelled. (Pilot leaked.)

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No, High guardian spice was not cancelled. (Pilot leaked.)

11 946 views | 15 Sep. 2019
11 946 views | 15 Sep. 2019

High guardian spice has recently went under test screening and the pilot has recently been leaked. Here are my thoughts on what was found.

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Rappelz Zesua Void Mage FTW ;P
Theodore Carter

Never mind the SJW crap, this show really looks like shit!

Christie Taylor


I bet this is the trans character.


Anybody know where I can find High Guardian Spice Comic?

Eleanor Arias

Ayo its 2020 and nothing came out, the anime wrapped production and yet we still don't have a release date as of now.


By the way this thumbnail was done by check out her stuff!

Buttercup Coffee

The preview animation you showed looks identical to Madoka.

Mike woods

you know its a bad anime when most of the cast are females

Weeping Shadow

Bad writers: is being gay a character trait?
Good writer's: no being gay is not a defining character trait

Your Neighbour

Basically it's so terrible the screening party gets PTSD from it


Okamiviking:"I don't know why they went with a shoujo inspired series for their first original instead of a shonen inspired one..."

Me:"Are you not familiar with the success of Sailor-Moon, CardCaptor Sakura or Precure...? Granted yeah, they're not One-Piece, Naruto, or DragonBall, but they're still pretty lucrative. Sadly I don't see HighGuardian Spice being as successful, because they're selling us on the production crew not the show itself."

Stre Led

How long before they ACTUALLY show something from that cartoon, like a random scene, the intro or a promotion?

Zula Tech

Cant wait for this trainwreck to get started.

Piper 9080

Ehhhhhh part of me feels like this will be a trainwreck by Day 1 or after halfway through, but I'm masochistically going to see how this shit goes down. IDK smth tells me my ears are going to bleed along with my eyes with how cringy it may be after seeing the pilot storyboards before on a reddit post...

patrick O'flannigan

I cannot wait for this to come out. Its like watching an airplane fall from the sky.....for over a year with no climax


Okamiviking:"I think it'll be at best mediocre...."

Me: Starts foaming at the mouth over such an inexcusable prospect...

Joseph Lisowski

The art stile looks good but everything else (prolly the writing) is gonna make me cringe


No one wants this shit

Luísa Abreu

It looks kinda cute.


Pls no


My Doge! We about to get that Thicc Short-Stack Dwarf Girl Waifu Action coming to a VRV app near you!

Josuke Higashikata 4

I can’t wait to react to this shitshow


The only good stuff about this is the hentai

Mr. Birdie

I genuinely hope this show won't be shit although chances are it will be


doesn't look that bad but..... why on crunchy roll? it's not an anime it's like a cartoon network show.


This is gonna suck so hard lol.


Ummm... i know the show is a train-wreck that hasn’t started LOL but it’d be interesting to see what the show is actually like in my opinion.

Ali Hidayat

I actually enjoy Rosemary.

arsty liyah

This feels like RWBY..

Roses mom is gone and In Ruby , Ruby’s mom is gone

Rose goes to a high school so does Ruby....

and Ruby and Rose... Ruby’s last name is Rose

Rose - Ruby

Blue haired one - Weiss

Yellow haired one - Yang

Elf one - Blake

Ryan's Video Hut

Any link to the storyboards?

Sailor Tears

it’s like they want to just copy the entire ojamajo doremi series lol


It looks sort of cute.


February 2020 its still not here


I honestly have low expectations for this series (since I don't have Cruchy Roll, I probably won't get to see is even if I wanted to or at least not right away and doesn't seem like anything I would go out of my way so see). With that said and what little I know and saw, the animation doesn't seem too bad (not my style and reminds me too much of Cartoon Network); but it is the plot and how they go about it that I would be worried about. From what others said, it just seems alright at best. Doesn't look like it would be the most original. Already have series about witches, magical girls, etc....but we'll have to wait and see.

L.O.V.E Drive

It's not even anime. It's an american cartoon. Sad how Netflix is doing better compared to a supposedly a "anime" stream site.

Elijah Lewis

Man of culture still liking shortstacks.

Artemis thecatfish

The designs can be better tbh. Rosemary isnt cute for my tastes but well have to wait until its released

Catalina Belen Erazo Lopez

I keep forgetting that this is a crunchyroll show and not a cartoon network show


The pink haired girl looks like modaka from modaka magica

Al5tyar Orochi

The creator isnt a he lol.


Is it going to be in English?

Because Crunchyroll has Rwby (an american cartoon) on their website in Japanese.

That's some weeb shit roight there ._.


I'm getting fuxking wasted when I watch this.

тик ток

Oh man! I was waiting for more news on this!

Angry Old Canadian

This cal arts crap is why I cancelled my account


That pink haired character truly looks like discount Madoka..


Cant wait for this trainwreck to get started.


So adventure time with anime girls?

Hiro Eze

I thought this show was forgotten but it reminds us we going to laugh are butt off XD


I'll be honest I completely forgot about this show


Today, I saw someone have a rational opinion about High Guardian Spice.


it's looks so bad, and they tried to spin it as an original concept.

Tangkwa the troublemaker girl

i'm not surprised if this show end up being steven universe rip-off


Great video.
As you brought up the blowback, the whole "cancelled" culture on social media isn't even entertaining in a cringey way. Bill Burr had a good bit about it in his recent Netflix special. I wasn't really too aware of the blowback against this, but I did watch a video or two shitting on the new She-Ra before it came out. I shrugged, then watched the whole series so far with my now 10 yo and 7 yo nephews. They liked it a lot and I thought it was fun enough.

Shitting on things before they're even released just because maybe sjw stuff or maybe offensive un-PC stuff is such a bizarre way to live. As you said, "It isn't out yet, who knows?"


My Doge it is Finiti! I'm counting the days for the final release date! We have a Dwarf Waifu deficiency!

f1r3 hunt3rz

Hmm, looks like Little Witch Academia with Steven Universe artstyle. Oh wait, you said that already.

Ateesh James

Hope it was cancelled.....

Bamba Ndaw

5:26-5:53 That is definitely a Steven Universe vibe!

Walter K

Ay you answered my stuff!

Your Neighbour

"Being gay" "Being trans" is not character complexity.

Shawn McCool

Imagine if a show like this was good enough to develop its own fandom. Unlike most, the content it would be based on will have been flamed to heck long before it ever started airing which might turn out pretty humbling as most of the toxicity surrounding High Guardian Spice would actually be found among the people that don't watch it rather than the fans themselves. It would probably play out similarly like the MLP fandom all over again which encountered a similar pushback situation when it first started out. Brony culture didn't really turn toxic until it finally hit the mainstream when the positive reception for the show overpassed the initial negativity barrier. Unlike MLP however, this series has already been flamed way more extensively, so the bar to surpass into mainstream focus is way higher and the creator and producer for High Guardian Spice is nowhere near the reputable status of the person who produced MLP; Friendship is Magic. With those two factors in mind High Guardian Spice has the potential to churn out one of the more laidback fandoms on the internet that for the most part won't take things too personally and can take a joke or negative opinion given the circumstances it would be founded in. That is of course so long as it doesn't hit mainstream status out of positive reception otherwise it's all spaghetti from there.

Mauricio Araya

Imagine something even worse than Ruby Rose's Batwoman... then this appears. I didn't even search for it.

Raspberry Jam

I actually really hope that HGS actually does come out, from what I've found I think would enjoy it.
I'm just gonna judge it on content, all this peripheral stuff isn't ever directly related to the show itself


How goes it, good sir?

Cesar Vera

It looks cute honestly I just hope it doesn’t become an outlet for the creators to put their sjw stuff in

kenton jen

Even though this show is in the works, I'm one of the many people who will not watch it. I have nothing against a show with strong independent characters who happen to be women, but I just don't like Kate Leth and fear that she'll turn the series into a political mouthpiece.

Test Account

More like High Guardian POOP

Obvious Troll. Yet you still got baited. Congrats

I hope this comes out. It will be the next tortanic

Tomás Palma

Oh God.

luciano,Dante 88

No se ingles
Que hago aca
Great channel

Spirited She

Oh wow this still exists.

RANK7YGO [Lorenzo]

1:12 damn, she thicke