Borderlands 2: Buffed Triquetra- Better than Quad?!

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Borderlands 2: Buffed Triquetra- Better than Quad?!

33 456 views | 4 Jul. 2018
33 456 views | 4 Jul. 2018

The Triquetra is a unique Jakobs shotgun that is available as a quest reward during the Clan Wars saga. It has a very unique firing pattern that causes the scattershot to take the shape of a symmetrical triangle ornament, called a Triquetra. This is sometimes called a Celtic Trinity Knot.

This spread is very desirable for a shotgun, because it makes hitting critical hits more consistent than with a randomly distributed shotgun spread.

Before the community patch, this weapon had its damage slightly lowered to compensate for the better accuracy. The community patch removes this damage penalty and makes the weapon even more competitive with a Quad, traditionally the best non elemental Jakobs shotgun.

The damage still has less potential than a quad at point blank range, but the Triquetra is more consistent at pretty much every other range. It is a very strong and consistent weapon after the community patch, and it definitely doesn't suck. I'd say it's a very high tier shotgun.

I am playing with the community patch which can be found here:

Tutorial for patch:

Unnamed Mark

it's so fucking nice se ya back to YT, you're the best BD2 content producer here.


don’t forget the shoutout my guy

Dr Bright

it never sucked to begin with as far as im concerned

Bartosz Krawczyk

I didn't even realize it was buffed on the patch. I always liked the weapon and used it over bushwacks.

Patrick Keefe



This one of few reasons I dont play with Community patch because sometimes they buff weapons they don't need too

Gustav Modin

Are you going to be making more Monkey Island videos? I personally loved them, but if you grew bored or just don't want to make them I understand.


Hey Luke, I just learned (almost 800 hours into BL2, mostly Zer0) that the blue canister that pops out of the top of EXP Loaders when they're charging has a 6x crit multiplier instead of the normal 2x. It might still be better to shoot at the hips when they're charging so I'm not sure if you knew that already.

Michael Meissner

Time to be a pedant:

At least as I was taught for choral singing, the Latin pronunciation of Triquetra would be "tree-kweh-trah".

But despite its Latin roots, this is English, and the official pronunciation is "tri-kweh-truh".

Also, if used as the plural of "triquetrum" (as in the triquetral bone), then Luke's pronunciation is right.

Sauce: part past experience, part Google.


Why does this one look like Hyperion grip? Your last test of the Triquerta had the Jakobs grip pictured in the thumbnail, this one looks like Hyperion but I see the stats on the card are identical though...


Says jacobs grip while circling the hyperion stock


I thought it was pronounced like tri-ket-ra

Eren Yeager

How about the Stinger Seraph?


skip to 16:00 if you want to see buffed gun in action

Canser Sock

I have a lot of human skin


I love when he says "Alriiiight". I'm not sure why lol

The Brsrkr

>A hat in the feather
I don't know why this makes me so mad

Peter Anderson

I don't know what had me laughing harder, butchering "Triquetra" or navigating the conveyor belts in the tundra express



Stroke and


Eren Yeager

I might be wrong, but I always avoided Two Fang as it just seemed like a skill that would waste ammo.
It might be the opposite, but I never saw any reason to use it.
If there is a reason, I would like to know what is useful about it because I seriously struggle to see a reason to spec into it.

alec157 -

Doesnt the hydra also have a similar amount of pellets?

Mint Jam

This community patch is putting you in a really good mood lately

Wild Nugget

cheers pal

Joey Keilholz

tri kay tra


Try keh truh



Silver Spoon

The triquetra can spawn with the rustlers prefix?


ez overwatch win

Sam Levy

A gun that didn’t need a buff gets a buff



Thank you Luke, Very Cool!

Eric Cruz

If you put all hyperion parts on a Bushwack it's actually quite accurate


That thing is godlike


37th viewer

Luis Persaud

Why is your pronunciation of everything always all over the place


The triquetra actually did manage to pull off over 21mil damage on that dummy at 14:35, which was more than the quad did. A really solid weapon.

SkaReKrow GX

Wtf is a community patch? Is this a computer cheat hack?

Stefan Nilsson

0:33 Thats the stock, and its a hyperion stock, the grip is the thing under the barrel where you hold your hand. I know, shotgun parts doesnt make much sense...


Did they buff the hydra enough to make it viable?


Your slagging issues may very well have to do with Vel0city causing the split to happen above the enemy

Enoel Gutierrez

You should have compared it to a coach gun because of the higher accuracy.


The patch really seemed to breath new life in the game for you. A couple months back the last time you uploaded was (at that time) ten months before, now your uploading regularly again. It's good to see that the players haven't forgotten the game exists, even if the devs have.

Red M&M

Hydra > Triquetra

Joseph Varini

What about The emperor? Did it get a buff?

Brian Houghton

I believe it is Tri-Quetra - as in "wet" - the short "E" vowel sound. But, who cares right? It still rocks!


Hey :) watching from France so sorry for my bad English.
I’ve been watching your stuff for 2 years already and I’m happy to see you grow. You look more confident and it feels like you enjoy making these videos more at the same time. Keep the good work dude you’re awesome ;)


These reviews are my favorite part of the day.

Fancy Gonk Boi

Anyone know what skin he has?

Květoslav Zelený

Nice. This gives me reason to remind people that Hydra is underrated af. With Doc's it has highest damage from all Jakobs shotguns. But the range thou.


Tri-Ket-Ra Molmf, if you finally want to know how to pronounce it haha



President Beenis

Lol I didn’t know people still played borderlands 2 in 2018, nice video though



Taka Brute

my only regret is that i was not sooner.

Spencer Bajer

You didn’t get the doc’s quad for the citrine, you got the accuracy prefix I believe


I love how players ignore that grip and hold the gun with that grip going thrue their hand

Rob Cips

Tree-ke( e as in blend )-tà( the a is pronunced as neolatine does )

Mason W


Jasper H-G

I love the triquetra it's probably my favorite shotgun also I believe triquetra is pronounced "Try-ket-ra"

Alex Max

lol when he is activating the community patch you can see joltz doing the 1 life maya

Tiramisu #1P4PGOAT

How does it compare to the Coach gun?

Anthony Ayon



Actually the Hydra does have one pellet more than the Triquetra. Of course you can argue that
a) It doesn't make a big difference because compared to the Hydra the Triquetra will get a lot more pellets in due to the difference in spread pattern
b) The Hydra is a DLC gun meaning that the Triquetra does at least have the highest pellet count in the vanilla game and did have the highest overall projectile count until the Big Game Hunt DLC was released.

A raptor Wearing a hat

17:47 aren't grim and fearless supposed to be swapped in the ucp?


It’s pronounced tri-ke-tra

The Never

Hey, Fiber I was wonder who your second favorite character in bl2 is?


Triquertra in the thumbnail btw

Yummy Dummy's

Lol it looks like a donk


I've heard 4 ways to say it now. Looking it up

Andres Ambriz

Was that joltz doing his 1 life maya stream

Desktop B.A.T

Feliz 4th of July

Ivan Ochoa

I was going to comment about the pronunciation early in the video, but I stopped before he apologized. I did not want to be shit on by luke. Luke is a savage in the comments.


yeet n skeet


Triquetra, Hydra, and the Orphan Maker are the three deadliest shotguns on Deputy Sal.


3:17 who most times called the treyarch symbol


I've always felt it's pronounced tree-ket-truh

massive modds

(Try-ket-tra) triqeutra ish wicked shotgun


With Salvador, this shotgun is also good due to moneyshot as well


Public Service Announcement: The Triquestra gets the tightest possible pellet spread with the Jakob's scope and ADS.

In fact, this is true for many shotguns. Not all -- in my testing, one exception was the Octo -- but most have unlisted-on-the-card accuracy bonus when scoped / aiming down sight with the Jakob's scope.

Other scopes also change the pellet spread, and it DOES NOT scale with the zoom factor (as you might think would be logical). The Hyperion scope -- which has a higher zoom than Jakob's -- also tightens the spread, but less than the Jakob's scope. The Tediore scope (better zoom than Bandit scope and iron sights) makes the pellet spread worse! Iron-sights, Bandit scope, and Torgue sight all the have hte same pellet spread when ADS -- better than Tediore, worse than Hyperion and Jakobs.

I suspect this is a bug in the game.

I've done some preliminary testing with SMGs, and I'm finding there's also a difference in accuracy between their scope brands. However, it's not as severely noticeable as it is with the Triquestra, I suspect beacuse the Triquestra has that fixed spread pattern.

So this could be a thing with all the weapons in BL2.

I tested in the Dust, shooting at the car crusher's back-wall; it guaranteed I was always the same distance from the target surface as I tested.


Triqueetra < Triketra


Lol joltz playing 1-life siren on your menu

Alastair W

A hat in the feather, you say?

Jabarre White

14:35 21million damage shot by Triquetra

It's Because


William DIMODICA '21


zorro kitty566

When you circled the grip of the shotgun u were circling it’s stock and not it’s grip...

This triggers me


You say relatively relatively often


This is one of my favorite videos of yours I think. A lot happened in this video lol.

George Wagner

Use it on Salvador and spec for filled to the brim and inconceivable


>akschually hydra has the highest pellet count in the game

Someone will probably say this in comments apart from me


Do one on the Lady Fist! Obviously it doesn't suck but I wanna see it anyway :)


I love this series so much