FFXIV OST Dravanian Hinterlands Day Theme ( Missing Pages )

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FFXIV OST Dravanian Hinterlands Day Theme ( Missing Pages )

97 731 views | 1 Jul. 2015
97 731 views | 1 Jul. 2015

Dravanian Hinterlands Theme from Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward.

Breathtaking views in the Hinterlands. Enjoy.

Find the rest of the FFXIV OST here!


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Mikaël Ougarane

I first reached the hinterlands by night, and while i was looking for an aether current the sun suddenly (like real suddenly) rose and this music, with its strange yet beautiful atmosphere, became one of my favorite.

Gavin Scott

Sooooo anyone else catch that this is the Mt. Gulg theme but just completely reimagined?


how can a zone I previously never been to, or listened to the music give me such overwhelming nostalgia?

I don't know what is: something familiar? The story up to this point? The shear beauty of this area? I am not sure, but the tears formed a river stream on my face.

Mike S

The music fits the mood of the land perfectly. An echoey, ruined ancient city.

Monica Pianaro

This zone I think is my favourite of all FFXIV game.
Beautiful landscape, beautiful song, it reminds me something great that there isn't anymore. Some kind of nostalgia even though you've never been there.
I feel something like there was an Empire that is disappear.
Don't know. I just love this peaceful and also strong theme.
Thank you for upload it.


This reminds me of Mass Effect for some reason lol


i got all the way to shb this still my favurite track in the game


i stopped playing FF14 because teleporting everywhere/needing to enter a dungeon through a menu kinda ruins the sense of adventure and scale of the world for me. I like to feel the developers hand and all its restrictions and little systems as little as possible in a game, and i need a sense of wonder in an mmo to keep me going through the repetitions--new patch increase ilvl new patch increase ilvl... If all that didn't get to me the game would be fun. all that aside I loved hearing this tune whenever i entered dravanian hinterlands. same experience as Tom Norman's comment.


Akira vibes


Me provoca un ambiente muy extraño y misterioso en mi ser...


reminds me of lavender town for some reason

Albert Helmling IV

I was fishing here on my main, and this happens to be my favorite theme from Heavensward besides being in Ishgard (day). I can listen to this all day if I wanted to ^_^

Kai Mango

Collecting the currents was a nightmare in that area, I could appreciate the land a LOT more once I could simply fly to where I had to go...

I Came Here to Nep at You

This song drives me insane. That constant beeping noise in the background and the otherwise discordant tone start to give me a headache after a while. :(


Love this theme. it almost gives the sense of how large this area is. I can't wait till I unlock flying here.

Elizander Norisse

So otherworldly. Love it.

Hadoboy Nouriz

so beautiful.

Paytwo Yaj

Love this area it just has so much history. It’s like going back into an ancient civilization to rediscover their secrets.

Madolche King Kaistata

this would be perfect for when eragon and saphira go to vroengard to search for the help hinted at them in the first book.


This one really makes me sad. It makes me think of everyone we've lost in the game.


This song was instant love for me. It felt out of place for the game at first but then over time seemed to work so well for this zone.

Ink Mage

For some reason, this music and this zone reminded me of an old school Enix game, like 7th Saga. But at times it also reminded me of the old school Square game Bahamut Lagoon.

Jeremy mckinnon

Bloody hell I miss this.. best game ever. Stuff it I'm resubscribe! Thanks for this video


I heard something like this in Zelda Twilight Princess...100% sure but which part?!?

Fángy Kesshai

1:12 - that Antitower slow tune~

Zoë Verdancii

Came out of the final Alexander fight (story) to this song, with the rain pouring. How fitting.

Caius Nair

A strange mix of pleasant and eerie.


Upon entering this area for the first time I was blown away by this theme it gave me chills


Easily the worst track in the entire game. What the hell was Soken smoking? I have an idea what he was kinda going for, but this is just a grating mess.

dimitriosgladio 05

I'm sorry, but I love the empty feeling of these themes.

Tom Norman

I finally entered this zone today, and the music absolutely blew me away. I feel like it captures the prevailing mood of the area/story at this point. Beautiful ruins, abandoned, the remnants of a great city that once was. And a story that has gotten more intense and is starting to build towards its conclusion; that's a big one - it feels like an almost-end zone. That's how I feel, anyway, haha. So beautiful.


Makes me think of The Land Before Time.


I love the constant wholetone scale motif in the background, it initially sounds innocuous but after finishing Alexander I can't think of it as anything but a reflection of Alexander's presence there.

Daniel Cabrera

The Cittadel of Mas Effect xD


Getting all the Aether Currents and flying to this song for the first time was amazing.. Still is actually.