Monster Hunter: World Immortal Love's Sorrow Lance Build

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Monster Hunter: World Immortal Love's Sorrow Lance Build

11 229 views | 5 Sep. 2018
11 229 views | 5 Sep. 2018


Pavel David

well i was really hyped to this build but.. without lifesteal augment this build is really really bad... so i have to find some other build to drop that fokin lance streamstone... i have plenty of everything but not even single one for r7 lance... r8.. is worse.. i have r8 hammer streamstone.. but lance ... i think is a myth... -_-


As unbreakable as the sorrow of love you could say

Adel Al-shammari

Tried Lance using this build the last 2 days, so much fun. Thanks for the upload and keep up the good work.

Qawiy Studio

Lunastra is a bitch with lance.. the fire is too much

Elite Four Justin

Man I can't wait to go and get this build. I'm gonna be honest, I didn't like the design of Love's Sorrow at first but after seeing Aquaman, I'm hooked. Great build man, excellent job! Btw, Pinoy ka pala hahaha

Lurentino Victor

Cool build sir..! GJ..!

** Dito nalang aq mag cocoment at madaming haters and f***ers sa kabila... hahahahaha


I was watching videos about what i would like to main in this game and i was doubting between gun lance, lance and heavy bow gun

I saw this vid and was like
Awesome build check
Inmovable warrior check
Awesome armor check
Most badass looking weapon i have seen so far check

Fuck it im gonna go lance main


Is there a particular reason for using Loves Sorrow instead of a different lance? Like Fiendish Tower or Perditions Hand???


God this looks so good, what would be an alternative for PC?


Recovery up only upgrades recovery ITEMS by 30% still useful but not by much If you have all that health regen and don't use potions

Ps but the skill is in vaal hazak set so if you want vaal hazak vitality, recovery up is kinda obligatory

CrystalBender I Krewlife

Awesome build. It’s real fun to play with this build.

Mikail Akay

Sir, you deserve more followers. Good build as always

Bubble Tea

What can I replace the Empress Mail B with (I am on pc no access to it) also great vid also since we dont have Gamma sets for hazak should I settle with B

Ifrit of Doom

0:46 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Lemmi smash

Ernie Solis

Just logged off mhw for the night.. Looks like I'm turning it back on to build this set lol

RTproductions Rollin twenties

Love the mornings where I get a new build with breakfast. Good stuff Wulf this looks fun. Thanks bro!

P.s. I finally got my elementless jewel now I'm a boss lol