Skyforge (Character Reset)(Gameplay)

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Skyforge (Character Reset)(Gameplay)

16 189 views | 18 Aug. 2017
16 189 views | 18 Aug. 2017

In Skyforge, players take on a larger than life role as an immortal with incredible powers, battling to protect their world from the armies of hostile gods and eventually becoming a god themselves. Character progression within the game is not level based; instead of a traditional leveling format, Skyforge features a “prestige” system, which allows a player to advance based on the sum total of their stats and progression. This allows players to develop and switch between multiple classes at any time, rather than being locked into an early game class choice as in other MMOs. As a player gains more prestige, additional content, gear, and followers are unlocked. Once god mode is achieved Skyforge includes an additional progression system which allows users to manage their followers to increase their character's overall power. There are a lot of adventures and locations the player can visit across the planet of Aelion. The capital of Aelion serves as a hub world, with three locations: the Divine Observatory, where the player can travel on adventures/visit locations through a hologram globe, the Research Center, where the player can train, try out new classes, and change the appearance of their character, and the Park, which players can walk around and occasionally hosts events, such as the 2015 pumpkin lighting and gift opening events. Through the Divine Observatory, the player can travel to different locations around Aelion. The Divine Observatory also allows the player to play in PVP battles. There are different locations, such as Dankit Island, Lander Forest, Isola Digs, and more. Each location often has numerous objectives, lots of enemies, and a thin storyline, such as having to defeat bandits who stole some scientists' research and more. A lot of locations are Squad locations, which basically means that the location is co-op. The Divine Observatory special missions (i.e. Invasions) often disappear, with new ones appearing frequently, although most locations stay on the globe. The changing missions and changing rewards happen during "Tactical Updates", although if a player started on a mission already, they can continue on the mission and not be affected by the changed rewards for completion.


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Zack King

That's what I did


how do you reset a charcter


I see that ESO intro


Hiw i reset

Zack King

Delete save data

Andre Sheckman

How do I delete my character?