Sun Darter Hatchling! Cave of Consumption and Gold Making Guide

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Sun Darter Hatchling! Cave of Consumption and Gold Making Guide

55 326 views | 18 Jun. 2017
55 326 views | 18 Jun. 2017

Sun Darter Hatchling Guide! A full walkthrough and guide to the Cave of Consumption in WoW and getting your own Sun Darter Hatchling battle pet. The Cave of Consumption was discovered in WoW recently by the WoW Secret Finder Community! This sun darter hatchling guide will walk you through exactly which consumables you need, where to get them, how to get through the cave and some gold making strategies you can use to capitalize on the exciting new Sun Darter Hatchling and Cave of Consumption discovery in WoW 7.2.5.

The List of What You'll Need

1 Major Frost Protection Potion

1 Major Holy Protection Potion

1 Major Arcane Protectin Potion

1 Major Nature Protectoin Potion

1 Major Shadow Protection Potion

1 Ethereal Oil

10-15 Pygmy Oil

1 Scroll of Intellect

20 Noggenfogger

1 Dire Brew

1 Gordok Ogre Suit

1 Perky Pug Battle Pet

1 "Little Princess" Costume

1 Scotty's Lucky Coin

1 Winterfall Firewater

The Major Protection Potions, Ethereal Oil, Pygmy Oil, Scroll of Intellect, Gordok Ogre Suit, "Little Princess" Costume and Winterfall Firewater are tradeable and able to be bought and sold on the Auction House. The Noggenfogger, Dire Brew, Perky Pug and Scotty's Lucky Coin must be gotten by yourself. I recommend also getting your own Princess Costume, Gordok Ogre Suit and Winterfall Firewater due to how easy they are to get and how rampant the price gouging is as far as getting them for gold.

The Sun Darter Hatchling is CAGEABLE, which means once you get it you can buy and sell it on the Auction House. It's lootable once per character, so presumably (I haven't tried this) you could get a second set of consumables, go get another Sun Darter and then sell it for major profit. The Sun Darter Hatchling pet is a Critter type, which is very unusual. You'd think the Sun Darter Hatchling would count as a Dragonkin, but it's definitely a critter. It's movest includes Blinkstrike, Sleeping Gas, Ethereal, Ancient Blessing, Consume Magic and Sunlight. That's a great moveset, and the Sun Darter Hatchling will likely prove useful in both PVE and PVP Pet Battles in WoW.

The Cave of Consumption is located on the very northern tip of Winterspring. If it's still snowy, you haven't gone far enough North. The Cave of Consumption entrance is not especially hidden so don't go poking for little alcoves- it's big. While you're inside the Cave of Consumption in WoW, you'll be Silenced and unable to use spells or most toys. That means you need to rely on consumables to get past the obstacles and get your own Sun Darter Hatchling pet.

The first obstacle in the Cave of Consumption between you and your Sun Darter Hatchling is a Fire Wall. Use your Major Fire Protection Potion and walk through. Next is a Fel Wall- you'll need all SIX Major Protection Potion buffs active on your character to safely pass through. Then, use your Noggenfogger to get past the Diligent Watcher gargoyle. Go Right at the fork in the path and use your Scotty's Lucky Coin to become a forest sprite and get through the bramble vine wall. Loot a Water Stone from the pool, and then go back to the fork. Use the Water Stone to pass through the blue wall. Then, use your Dire Brew to get past the Stone Watcher. Now, head up the ramp and use your Ethereal Oil to get through the purple barrier to your right. Once through, use your Gorkok Ogre Suit and Winterfall Firewater, then click the stone and Put Arm in Hole. Once you have your Sign of the Second debuff, go back to the fork (still at the top of the ramp). Spam drink Pygmy Oil until you enter Pygmy form, and pass through the gate. At the Wisdom Cube, summon your Perky Pug and use the Little Princess costume on it. Talk to the Cube and Put Arm Beneath Hole.

Now, carefully go back down the ramp (jumping down will teleport you out and necessitate a run back), and head through the open gate with the orange beetle over it. In this room, go read the Tarnished Plaque on the wall. After you READ THE PLAQUE, click off your Winterfall Firewater buff and use your Scroll of Intellect. Then, walk down the ramp into the pool and across the pool to loot your Oddly Colored Egg and get your Sun Darter Hatchling wow Battle Pet.

To make gold of the Sun Darter Hatchling/Cave of Consumption Consumables, there are many things you can do. Alchemists can make the Major Protection Potions, Ethereal Oil and Pygmy Oil. Herbalists should farm Mana Thistle. Fisherman can farm Glassfin Minnows and Pygmy Suckerfish. Anyone can go get Motes of Mana, Shadow, Fire, etc. Good luck!

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That que for the coin was unbelievably cool! kudos for it! :)

Bosco and Friends

This work perfectly!!! Thanks you do a great job w vids!

The RedEye Jedi

or you know briefly explain a pet charm for those who don't know so then they do know like damn


somehow the pet sells for a fraction of what the mats are to get it now. on Draenor EU today there are 28 of them on ah 25 of them for under 3000gold.

Rheanon Jasmyne

I hate to say this, but I can't bite my tongue any longer, it's NOT Townloong, it's TOWN LONG>>>>>>>>>>

Michelle S.565

the list above in the description is missing ,,, 1 Major Fire Protection Potion... don't forget this one too.. had to go back to get it

Derek Reese

thank god i'm an alchemist lol


Thank you very much for this video. Easy to comprehend!


This was fun doing it with a few guildies! Thank you for the guide!

Rett Bull

after 2wks of asking chat and running mechnar for recipe(never got the recipe- and am an alchemist) I got a major fire protection potion.

Carlos Spicywiener

gnomes are gross

Darlene Hasse

Great video :)


Thank you. According to WowHead: "It seems you have to do EITHER the Gordok Ogre Suit/Firewater OR the Pygmy/Perky Pug+Princess, not both". I propose to test this once I've gathered the other mats since I don't have Perky Pug (I hate Dungeon PUGs).


Haha I love your voice!

Jedipanda Legend of Pandaria

You mean sun darter not sprite.


Thanks! just did this.


really helpful i got mine watching this ^^

Aranius Prod

wow! that is amazing!!! what a criativity :D thank you for the guide


Thank you for the walk through. I did everything and accidentally picked up a dark iron ale instead of the transformation tool so I wasted literally all my mats except the coin and ogre suit. RIP 15k gold.

Jennifer Guyton-Bohlen

These potions now have a five minute cooldown. what do you do?


I got to the very end and I forgot to pick up a scroll of intellect. :(


Hey so thievideo show Major Fire Prtection Potion but the written list in summary doesnt, just fyi, if someone hasn't already mentions it, thx for the awesome videos


thanks for the guide Hazel.

Hugh McNaul

Would be really nice if you credited the people who actually worked out the puzzle

Valentina Kirilova

ty for the video <3 Got the pet today!

Tomáš Gulas

Thanx Hazel, another great video :)

Night Elf

Cave of Consumption location: fly OVER the snowy mountains in northern Winterspring, the cave is on the coast. No waypoint shows up so I can't give you one.

Sky Shoesmith

Now we need to see you wreck people with a team of Sun Darter Hatchling/Spring Darter Hatchling/Nether Faerie Dragon. Shiny dragons unite!

Sirong Huang

that line tho it's amazing!!!


Thank you so much for the guide! I just got mine. I don't think I've ever been so nervous doing something, I knew if I screwed up, 12k worth of mats was gone. After I crushed the water stone and walked through the water wall, I must have went too far through because it teleported me back to just before the gargoyle. Thankfully I was still a skeleton and could just walk right by, but then I had like 8 minutes CD on my scotty's coin, and 9 left on my protection buffs. I sat there until I had one minute on my coin (thinking I had to go through the vine again and get another water stone) and realized the water stone buff never left so I just walked back through the water wall to just beyond the other side, continued, and had no issues with the rest. This pet is GORGEOUS!


Saw this years ago and the mats were expensive at the time. This popped up in my feed again so I started picking up the items...not nearly as bad 3 years later. Of course is it still available or was this a limited time pet? How the heck did someone figure out these mats?


some heros wear cape others are in the WoW secret finding community props to them!


It's easier to just buy this pet from the ah...

mjc 427

My main is an alchemist since Vanilla wow days so I had the recipes and could get all the rest pretty easy, Scotty's coin was the hardest to get, unlike Hazels server, I'm on a high pop pvp server so I had to battle not only horde but Alliance as well to tag him, I finally got him, omw to get my new Sun Darter, Thank You Hazel for your all of your great guides, other than the fact I'm almost old enough to be your mom, we are a lot alike, I love pets both in game and out, try to help people, cook a lot, have very long brown hair and am sweet also (try to be anyway). I know your mom is proud of who you are, you make the world a little brighter. keep up the good work. =D


Thank you Hazel! I already posted this in my guild discord so everyone can watch it!


Thank you for this guide! I got my Sun Darter Hatchling this morning and made 30k gold on the extra pots! They're going for about 2k gold each on my server. It took a bit of time to farm the mats, but it was totally worth it!


Thanks for the help!!

hamster hamster

Hazel: Gordok ogre suits are going 10,000 on my server right now
Me: *buys one for 7 gold


Cool video but the protection pots have a 5 min cd now. So I am going to have to look up another way to do this. Need a video update.

Edit: So I found a fix. Take a potion, log off for 5 minutes, log back on and take another. Repeat until you have them all equipped. When you log off the consume timer keeps ticking and disappears, but while your offline the potion timer doesnt. So you still have to wait like 25 minutes just to get through the barrier, but it works I just got my darter :) Everything else works the same.

Emma lou westwood

I got It thank you

joyce miller

this was a real help thank you

Clayton Wolfgang

Can you please make a video about which addons you use and why you use them? I Use a few put i always feel that there are some i should be using but i am not

Weeaboos Hunter

very complex, thanks for the awesome video


Thanks for the guide ☺


Bought this for 20 k on the AH. I'm done

Pamela Jansen

Thank you, just got my sun darter hatchling :) I had to farm all the recipes tho, since a few werent in the auction house so i decided to just get them myself instead of waiting till 1 pops up overpriced.

William Atherton

You are missing the fire protection potion from your list! Arghhh! I printed out your list and it was missing.


damn it! i forgot one thing x(


I have done this on 3 toons and I can tell you that you DO NOT need to read the plaque at the end. I never clicked on it. I just took off the firewater buff then applied the intellect scroll then ran into the water and got the pet all 3 times. If it makes you feel better then go ahead and click on it, but it is not a requirement.

frank bobins

you forgot fire in the description D: i got so confused

Noel Dillabough

So to assist fellow pet fanatics I listed the potions for 499g a pop (which IMO is still highway robbery lol) and they sold in seconds lol...too low?


your explanation made the acquisition more realistic to me. I can't wait to get mine now

John Miles

What a major pain in the ass.

The Boneshaman

too much work. not going to waste my time with this.

Jenifer Alvarez

Wow! As always thanks Hazel!


WOW, look at your list, there is no Fire Protection Potion listed and the very first thing you say to use is: FIRE PROTECTION POTION, ITS IN THE VIDEO i SEE NOW, LOOKING BACK, but not in ur list below the video


Welcome to my Sun Darter Hatchling/Cave of Consumption guide! Here are some timestamps for you.
0:37 - The full list of every consumable you'll need and where to get them
4:42 - The Cave of Consumption walkthrough
7:10 - The Sun Darter Hatchling's moveset and stats
7:40 - Tips for making gold from the consumables (or making your gold back!)

Artun Ayata

You forgot to write Mahor Fire Protection Potion in the description.


THANK YOU. This guide worked perfectly!


I legitimately laughed out loud when I saw the "Scotty Line".

Colleen Frederickson

Thanks for this guide :) super easy to follow!


list doesn't say you need fire prot potion :(

cris bornot

so can u only get em ones a week ?


What if you don't have the Perky Pug pet?

paul bozikis

nice clear instructions on point, pleasant, you are probably the best addon for people like me that enjoy pet battles, and on top of that you are very easy on the eye and you have a sweet voice, thank you

Mario Sergio

You found a waiting line? What realm is this, let me grab my wallet...

Pam Haston

Thank you so much for this video! Add the Fire Protection potion on the list and it will be golden!


All that random sh*t for an average battle pet? He'll nah.

Noel Dillabough

anyone NOT touch the plaque at the end? I wanted to but Hazel said read it so I read it lol


hey thanks for the guide, just letting you know "1 Major Fire Protection Potion" is not listed in the video description

Brian Corvello

Wait, those pots have a 2 minute duration, wouldn't the first one wear off before you frank them all.

Kaffeejunky mit Gossenabitur

I really like the idea how to get the pet


wtf did they change it to dragon type?????whats going on?

Sujin Kim

does the egg thing respawn after you use it?

Noel Dillabough

still worth grouping up for Scotty; there's usually a dozen or more enemy gankers just waiting for pet people to come lol. My advice? Wait for 4 am :)


I just got mine today after finding this guide. I had no idea this even existed! Very happy to be an alchemist with all but 1 of these recipes. Thank you so much!

Linda D

Well made, well thought out. Thanks!

Rheanon Jasmyne

The cd on the potions is 2 mins, not 1 min, and the cavern is on the backside !


the moment when you get all the things on the list, get to the cave, and hear "click on your fire protection potion" only to see that because it wasn't on the list you have to fly all the way back and buy one </3

Filipe Lima

I love your guides! :D Thanks


um sprinkle is unfriendly to me. what do i do


Excellent guide, thanks. I will never understand how people can down-vote these videos.


Would love to get this pet unfourtantly i dont have and cant get the perky pug


You shouldn't have edited the walkthrough so much. It makes it far more confusing than it has to be.


In the video you say one stack of Noggenfogger which is 5 but in the list of ingredients you say 20. does that mean I have to go back and buy some everyday?

Samar Karazi

Thank you!! very helpful and detailed guide ^^

Villain Games

really amazing description hazel .. thanks !!

Pocket Universe

Wow, that's quite a project. I MUST DO IT! =)

Ervin Lathrop

The video list and comment list are different

Pecha Dee

1) Wonderful video! 2) thanks for including the gold making portion 3) That lineup for the coin gave me a warm fuzzy feeling ^_^

Don Wilkins

Thank Hazel, your guide was easy to follow. and I now have my Sun Darter Hatchiling. One issue I had was with the water stone. My video card is not the best and I had to go into my setting and raise my display setting to see the stone. Otherwise, it worked perfectly. BTW I farmed all the mats and recipes so now I can help guildies.

Dale Peltier

Watched several videos to be sure i didn't miss anything and your video was by far the most accurate and helpful. And one of the few to warn about not jumping off the ledges. Thanks!

Emma lou westwood

aww I loved the queue of players waiting for the rare. so nice


Hello @Hazelnuttygames so its now 2020 anf the potions dont last 17 min as u say in vid. but 2 min. wich wouldent work because u need to srink all 5 including the first one and after 3 potions the first will disapear. so what to do

Rob Bidgood

Thank you for your description of how to do this. Unfortunately, all I can say is "Fuck that!"


Sun Darter is no longer a critter - it is dragonkin.

yung cash register



Help. My fire protection pot lasted only 2 minutes instead of 17 (why?). I can't pass through the fel wall because my fire protection buff expired. I also can't go back through the fire wall for the same reason. And I can't cast my hearthstone because it's a toy and not an item in my bag. I'm trapped in here and I can't get out :(

Susan Sargies

Thank you Hazelnutty! Your guides are easy to understand, quick, and most of all fun! I also like that you put in some WoW trivia, lore or tips and tricks, for us lazy goofballs!!


This is awesome thank you very much, but you don't have the major fire protection in your list of things needed in the comments. But in the 4th paragraph you have it as the first thing your videos...i watch them all the time for my pet battles!!!