Bizarro Bakery #4: Coffee Cart Ban [Zoey 101]

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Bizarro Bakery #4: Coffee Cart Ban [Zoey 101]

30 633 views | 5 Jul. 2016
30 633 views | 5 Jul. 2016

I talk about an episode from the least Schneider's Bakery-esque show to ever be made by Schneider's Bakery.






All art is made by Erin and myself.



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Coffee Cart Ban is actually my favourite episode.

Vedant Akhauri

A day late for the review I guess smh


I think the perfect Bizarro Bakery counterpart for Christmas Danger is the movie, "Merry Christmas Drake and Josh". It has to do with Christmas, jail, and has Christmas cookies!


Who was Sam in Zoey101?


If you haven't watched a lot of this show (actually, had you watched this episode before doing it for this review?) over-the-top revenge is kind of a recurring theme. Though I admit it's often more logical than in this episode, but if you look at some suggestions you've gotten in the past for BotB, I think some of those were episodes where Zoey debatably went too far.
Now I want to thank you for that "laugh track defense" video you made because before, I had no idea why Zoey 101 didn't have one. I always assumed it wasn't trying to be a comedy even though I find it hilarious at times (Michael cracks me up) Also, out of curiosity, why didn't you watch this show much when it ran, considering it had nearly the same run time as Drake and Josh?


Nice job on this review. Zoey 101 is an amazing show and I loved the work they did on it from the cast, the premise, the craziness, and the intro. Also, do you know about the next Schneider's Bakery episode you'll tackle? If not it's fine, I was just curious.

Troll Breaker

Finally, a Zoey that isn't a redhead (looking at you Total Drama and Pokemon.)


I can't believe that of all Dan's shows you haven't seen the entirety of Zoey101. The single camera style alone is reason enough to see it. It is one of my favorite Dan shows. That being said, the last season of the show was by far the worst. Chase, the lead male, left the show in the season premiere so that in real life he could go to college. They replace him with some blonde kid who honestly blends into the background. He's not all that funny but he's not super boring either. He's just there. To top it all off he is a love interest for Zoey. The way they get together is very inconsistent with the show's overall plot. There had been a will they or won't they with Chase and Zoey for the entirety of the show's run and then the writers don't even give the new guy one episode before he's making out with Zoey. Also the other aspect of the final season SPOILER ALERT FOR ANYONE WHO HAS NEVER SEEN EVEN ONE EPISODE OF THE SHOW that really annoyed me was how out of nowhere Quinn and Logan start dating. Granted they date under the radar until the series finale, but it was well established especially in earlier seasons that Logan only thought of Quinn as a science nerd who was only an asset to their friend group when she could led her brain to whatever they needed help with like in the robot battle episode. The coffee cart ban episode is IMO a horrible episode. Nothing of significant consequence happens and everything goes back to the way it was at the end as if this episode never happened in the first place. Coffee was a big part of this show so I could see why the writers would want to make an episode like this, to show the dangers of being too consumed by coffee. The whole Quinn laser thing was a bit out of place in this episode. However, if you know anything about Quinn's character, you know that lasers are her favorite aspect of science. She even wears a zap watch every single day as if it were a real watch. In the episode where she finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her, Zoey forces Quinn to empty her pockets before she confronts her boyfriend and the girl he's cheating on her with. It turns out she typically carries about 2-3 lasers on her body at any given time in addition to her zap watch. In terms of the Sam & Cat episode, I have never see #Bluedogsoda so I don't know how exactly it resembles the Zoey 101 episode. That being said, it is one of the most annoying shows that Dan has ever created so I could understand your frustration with the fact that the episode was very preachy despite the fact that the characters didn't learn a thing in the end. That's just typical of a Dan show to begin with. Things that in real life people would be severely punished for go unpunished in his world. In fact, more often than not bad behavior is rewarded because somehow it furthers the greater good of the show in general. I'm glad that you FINALLY did a review of a Zoey show. One day soon I would like for you to watch more episodes and comment about your thoughts on the show as a whole compared to Dan's other shows. Also a while back you mentioned when reviewing iKiss that you wanted to make a video about your opinions about Sam and Freddie's relationship since you say you have a lot to say. I'm looking forward to whenever you decide to make that video. I have A LOT of opinions about that relationship too since I was a Saddie shipper from way back.

Cinderella Zuniga

AWESOME! Do you have the Bottom of the Bakery ep for the Seddie arc yet? o I know it would take a poooong time to review that but I'm so excited. Anyway, you rock! Byeeeee

RetroSeries NewSeries2ndPage

Also you can do Secret Safe from Sam & Cat and the Bizarro Bakery version is Drake & Josh's Tree House!


I just found out that Butch Hartman is subscribed to you and RebelTaxi



Jamie Benoît

i love this series. I mean, they are kind of two different ones but they fit together perfectly!

Lakitu's Camera

Great to finally see a Bottom of the Bakery/Bizarro Bakery episode for Zoey 101. I remember loving this show as a kid, and while the stuff with Quinn did get a little over the top at times (which I'm sure you'll find out if you choose to look at more episodes from this show), overall, I didn't mind the show at all. Anyway, what's the next Bizarro episode equivalent? iDate a Bad Boy? At the moment, the best episode I can think of that would fit that description would be iSaved Your Life, but I'm sure you'll figure something out.


have you ever seen "what did Zoey say"? it's kind of a sequel short thing done by Dan all these years later answering what Zoey put in her time capsule and I thought it was a really cool thing for him to make

ThatKidSyd 04


Ernst Junker

you know in schools teachers will ban things and the teachers are immune to the ban


I honestly knew from the second this came up on my subscribed to page that "Blue Dog Soda" would be the episode that this would be compared to simply by name alone.

Captain Imagination

PIEGUYRULZ did you grow up with Power Rangers and can you review Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce.


Does anybody know what the song in this episode is when Dean Rivers hears that they're selling coffee in their room


that intro is

Carmelo Cedrone

Go back to the old out tro theme

K Truhpeeze

I always get so excited when you upload a new video! :3 You're definitely one of my favorite youtubers out there and deserve way more subs. Keep being awesome man and keep up the incredible work <3 (And kudos to Erin for her art as well!)

John the Arminian

I loved Zoey 101, even if the finale was a clip show.

David Tosh

Teenager, Steve Allen used to wear his hair long 10 years ago, but he is now wearing short hair as of 2017.


I never watched this show...
Until Drake & Josh came, I had no interest in live action on a cartoon channel


Zoey 101 was kinda of the "girls" answer to Drake and Josh when I was a kid. I caught a couple episodes of it when my sister turned it on the available TV and I was waiting for something like D&J, and from what I remember, it was okay. A bit more "plot with comedy" than Drake and Josh kinda being "Comedy and plot at once" in balance.

As for the laser scene, I agree that it's a pretty random choice for the story's direction. My one question though, is when you say the laser is "shoehorned" in, do you mean the choice of the laser itself, or having something of that nature in general? I know you jumped into a late episode, so it's missing a little context. Quinn (the smart/nerd girl) does actually build very high tech stuff in this show at least somewhat regularly (even back in season one, she made things like a high frequency knock-out sound maker). She even has a wrist watch with a laser like that in this same season (or the previous one maybe).

So while it's a pretty clumsy narrative choice, her having the device in and of itself isn't too out of left field, even by Schneider standards.

Nickelodeon Fan

Zoey 101 should have more reruns

Ethan Oppenheim

So to add to your point about the laser beams, Zoey and the girls always do obnoxious things throughout the series and the show plays it off like they’re the good guys. Logan is portrayed as the bad guy even though all of the characters torment him. That’s my one problem with Zoey 101. Everyone except for Logan is extremely unlikable and the show portrays them as the “good guys”

Emerald Star Productions

I must's VERY refreshing to hear about Zoey 101. I thought it was forgotten xD

Anyways I used to watch the show & enjoyed it a lot but it did get pretty weak near the end of it's run (seriously it was special after special.) Despite that this was a great video! Here's to #5!


n-n-no l-laugh track? LETS CELEBRATE WITH PIE!


Chase's grandma has to be like the best/saddest episode of Zoey 101



Great vid btw!

evilcow 21

The laser beam is stupid, but it does make sense with the character and show almost every episode has a weird invention.*

Nothing At all

N-N-No laugh track!? B-But how do I know W-When to laugh!!?


IMO, the laser is in character for Quinn


You should do a Theory on why Dan Schneider never had a successful show after iCarly or Victorious.


I'm the 100 person to like the vid

Maxx Pheonix

how about anger management? Laugh track or not, this show had a pletheora of issues

Luna D

No laugh track? None? Anyone know where I can watch the show without worrying about viruses? I want to see this. XD
Also, I'm so happy to see these review series back. I missed them.

Andrea Cruse

coffee breadcake

David Tosh

It would have been the last episode of Zoey 101.

kitzen, useless KFP employee

no not first

Kovu 2004

I haven't seen all of zoey 101 but it's the best nick sitcom I've ever seen

Taylor Noren

Also Zoey 101 is waaaaaay more enjoyable than Sam and Cat


coffee cart ban was definitely one of my favorite episodes of Zoey 101

[χ] Nexus

Hey PieGuy, great video. Zoey 101 is one of the few Dan Schneider shows that I respect compared with his recent unrealistic sitcoms. Are you thinking about reviewing Victorious anytime? The quality of the show at some point slipped after the first season, and it would be interesting to hear your take on some early and later episodes.


There was this one hilarious episode of Victorious I would recommend for Bizzaro Bakery called Wi-Fi in the Sky. I couldn't care for the rest of the series but this one episode was just hillarious.

Diana Saucedo

Miraculous Ladybug review or thoughts please. You probably won't like it, but I still want to know what you think of it.

Super Gamer61499

Huh a Dan Schneider show that doesn't use a laugh track... Neat!

Though yeah I could tell right off the bat what this episode did right versus the Blue Dog soda episode. It didn't take itself that seriously versus the Blue Dog Soda Episode which was one sided and was pretty serious about it's said message.

Though yeah I think I might have some respect for this show because it didn't use a laugh track.(To me that's great I wish more Nick Sitcoms didn't use the laugh track I really wish they didn't.)

And overall great job on the video PIEGUY as usual.:) (I wonder do you ever think of reviewing some episodes of TMNT 2012 or Loud House? I have watched some episodes of the 2012 series and I find it good just good.)


you know I'm surprised I thought the icarly episode with pie was gonna be this episode

Pike L.

Hey pieguy! You still play flash games?


Attacking the customers? SpongeBob did that with the Krusty Dogs.


I'm glad you're finally reviewing Zoey 101

Steve Denny


Robert Santos

Looking back on it, Zoey 101 was an entertaining enough show. It was nowhere near as memorable or enjoyable as Drake and Josh, but it was good for what it is and is still way better than any Dan Schneider show after Victorious.


yeah what's with all the lazerbeams in bakery shows


hey pieguyrules Quinn is into wacky inventions because she's a scientist


Am I right in hearing that you haven't watched Zoey 101 before this? You must watch the whole thing! So good!

Joegan Bogan

oh god i always hated zoey 101

Ginger Snap

In some defense of the laser, it is a pretty standard thing for the show to have. Quinn is a,ways build weird and dangerous inventions and using them, so while no one seeing them is a problem, the fact that it's there is just kind of a Zoey 101 thing to do. I don't remember too much of the show outside of a few scenes, the episode where they go on spring break (which was their big special episode), and the short segment they made like, a few months ago about Zoey and the guy she liked possibly getting back together.

Quasar Pulse

Hello happy pieguy people! ^_^

Brian Kent Pirrie

I miss zoey 101.


it's so sad this show gets overshadowed by Drake and Josh, even when Zoey 101 was pretty solid by itself


I loved Zoey 101 as a kid. Heck, I still love it. The humor of this show was really good, even without a laugh track, and I liked the characters a lot, too. They all felt really interesting and had some cool episodes on their own (With Zoey of course having the most of those.). And the thing with Quinn and her inventions... Yeah, it's kinda weird, but pretty much every episode had Quinn making some invention that either fails or is there just for the plot. It's strange, but since it happened a lot, I was always okay with it.

Jiraiya Sannin

Victorious next plzzzzz

Quade Ong

One thing I do like about Coffe Car Ban is that you could actually make the point that it was the Deans' Wife's fault because she wasn't paying attention to where she was going and people were trying to warn her to get out of the way. Because of that, you could definitely make the argument that the Dean was being unreasonable, but in an understandable way.


I'm not sure who disliked the video but F U

Cole Belinsky

What do you think the least horrible bottom of the bakery episode, and are there more Zoey 101 episodes to recommend?


Oh woah. I was binging the bottom of the bakery and bizzaro bakery playlists this weekend thinking both, "man when is PieGuy making another Bizzaro" and wondering why you never addressed Zoey 101 and even if you liked it. Awesome vid man.

Nintendo Boy Ultra

I made you a pie!

Jack Perri

No substance should be outlawed because people abuse it.

Jared Christopher

Called it


Zoey 101 was, in my opinion, the WORST thing Dan Schneider has created. The lack of laugh tracks made it feel "alien". The characters were obnoxious because they were basically shallow, stuck up and stupid teens saying and doing stupid things. In addition, Dan's humor doesnt combine with this show's seriousness and everything filled forced and pretentious.

SCORE: 2/10

Tim or something idk

Also it helps that the Dean is a recurring character


I'm gonna say an unpopular opinion here about laugh tracks: I'm apathetic towards them. Yeah, I don't like them nor do I hate them. I equate them to a fan. I sleep with a fan on every night. Obviously I still hear the fan but my mind dismisses it as white noise and I can still sleep with the fan on. I kinda forget it's there. Laugh tracks to me are the same--I hear them, but I kinda forget that they're there. My mind kind of dismisses them and I wouldn't notice much of a difference if there were more of them, less or them, or they weren't there at all. I don't really care that Zoey 101 has no laugh tracks, it doesn't change my opinion on the show compared to other Schneider's Bakery shows.

Book Lover

I love Zoey 101; it was a good show with interesting characters; even if they were a little cliché, but the episodes tended to be pretty good. Although if I had to pick a Dan show I would pick Drake & Josh over Zoey 101 but it's still good. XD. (Don't really hear a lot of people talking about Zoey 101 that much now a days, which is unfortunate because it is a good show).

stanza g

The laser thing is part of Quinn's character. She's always making some kind of wacky or weird invention throughout the series but I can see how that would've come out of left field for you being new to the show.
All in all, though, as far as Schneider's shows go Zoey 101 is one of the better ones and it's definitely worth another watch for anyone who feels up to it. Having no laugh track definitely helps being able to enjoy it though. The comedy is allowed to speak for itself.

Hey Fandom Trash

I don’t think there’s any Zoey 101 episode I dislike. And this seems random to say here, but there is only one episode of Hey Arnold I dislike. (No it’s not Arnold Betrays Iggy. It’s not that good but I don’t dislike it)


Yeah, I agree with the whole single camera vs. multi-camera thing. Then again, Zoey 101 was the most expensive Nickelodeon sitcom to be made; It probably paid off though. I'm not sure if you've seen it, but they made a small reunion video for Zoey 101 called "What Did Zoey Say" and although it was nice to see the characters again, I didn't like how they filmed using a multi-cam setup. It felt confined and it definitely wasn't as good as the camera setup for the original.

Jenny Liebowitz

I love how Zoey 101 didn't have a laugh track. Shows without a laugh track are refreshing. I actually visited the school where they filmed it. Pepperdine University.


Another great review! Off topic, but I didn't find this show to be very funny. Maybe it was on when I was too young, but it felt very lacking in jokes--the only slapstick joke in the entire series was Zoey's love interest smashing into a pole on his bike. Yes, the setting, the camera angles and the crispness of the actual footage was appealing, but not enough that I'd call it a great show. I sat through the finale to the end and that was about it. I can't decide if I''d have rather watched this or Unfabulous.



Context Code

Honestly I must agree Zoey101 was one of the better Sitcoms out there, no laugh tracks and unique locations. I honestly do like this show, even if the comedy can be a bit stale at times. The only things I disliked about this show was Zoey herself, she's basically sort of a Mary-Sue and bland. And I also disliked the character of Lola after her introductory season.

I also disliked the constant treatment of the Stacey character. (Especially since most of the time the abuse is not needed.)

Strangely I sorta disliked this episode for some reason before seeing this, you made an interesting perfective on it though.

Also the reason Quinn has wacky inventions is because she's a scientist. In fact in earlier episodes before Season 3 she was actually seen as an annoyance by the other main characters.


This Zoey 101 episode was okay. But there are way better ones!

Brian Kent Pirrie

disney and nick sitcoms feel like cartoons nowadays.

Adam Baldwin

Nice job! Keep 'em coming!


Holy crap, I haven't seen Zoey 101 in AGES.

Tiffany B

Nice to hear you finally talking about Zoey 101. Loved this show when I was younger :P Not my favorite Dan Schneider show but looking back at it now, it was okay.


Instead of shooting lasers, they could have just had the girls sneak into the coffee shop after hours to poke holes in the cups (and possibly having to avoid being seen by the boys), and then the next day they would just be looking in through the window with binoculars, watching more or less the same scene, minus the improbable lasers. Do you think that would have been better?

Lesley Drakken

TBH all I remember about this show is that it got cancelled because the main character got pregnant in real life.

Taylor Noren

The would zap Matthew/Logan because he’s too obnoxious

Ricci Jacinto

I think Zoey 101 us the best show Dan Schneider created. Don't you agree? I hated how he undid Stacey's voice getting fixed. He must love suffering. Almost or maybe as much as karma Houdinis.


I loved this show I still do maybe not the BEST show but i like it. Or it might just be the nostalgia

Ava Carzin

You should review RWBY and The Amazing World of Gumball.

Jeffy Nation

I love both episodes


Zoey 101 was the Schneider's Bakery more "serious" show. It was a decent enough show to at least keep your attention for the time it came out. Yeah there's still the usual oddities that you would get in a typical Schneider show but most of it was reserved for comic relief in my opinion. I remember watching it start to finish because I was too lazy to find something else to watch or nothing was simply on at the time

Alexander Marc

Quinn has used lasers before so it isn't that random

Ahannamus Prime

I knew this episode would be talked about! I knew it

Christina Marie

The way he was celebrating Zoey 101 not having a laugh track was so cute to me