F2P Fire Team for Light Predator Boss in Ellunia! I Got Rank 34! Summoners War

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F2P Fire Team for Light Predator Boss in Ellunia! I Got Rank 34! Summoners War

57 081 views | 4 Sep. 2020
57 081 views | 4 Sep. 2020

F2P Fire Team for Light Predator Boss in Ellunia:

Verde Spectra Colleen Xiong Fei Baleygr

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Robert Waag

Ah the sound is Great again. What happened with the sound from the other video?

Christopher Bennett

I’ve tried this fight with this team at least 40 times and can’t beat it

Chara la cuchara

Doing predator bores the heck outta me

angelo avila

Would ken be a good sub of balegyr?

Cw Wc

could use ken now for replacing bale

Samarth Palav

I got rank 10 on EU, still waiting for the stream LUL

Thiên Tinh Phúc LOVE TV

Are you funny add friend in summoner war

Aᴅᴇʟ Cʜɪɴ

Me :being sad seeing SeanB having so much of the 2A and kof monsters.
Also me: realises I'm broke and all my accounts are free to play-

Antal Tube

6:36 scared me so much


almost shitting your pants but when it came out you said to do it with white runes.. hypocrite


100% luck on the 3rd wave, like always
if you're lcky and don't get a def break on your team you pass, if not you can just end and restart


is there not a complete channel on youtube with no copyright music?


This video needs a noise warning.

Marco Mata

Panda and Draco combo, if you don't have a Vela, is awesome


spent an hour and a half slamming my head against the wall trying a wind team that midboss is brutal

big ocean

I hate the Tian Lang stage

Jan Jansen

Shit i only have verde here x.x


you can use ken instead of bale


19th comment


Tried like 10 times with different comps and somehow still managed to get rank 6 on EU ! My team was verde colleen shaina velajuel bellenus. sorry not F2P :(


Can also use collen verd spectra bale and raoq :)

Total Overdose

I will pass this month predator dungeon. This is even more RNG than previous one and my lacking monsters and skill ups for them is not helping either.

Jude Mack

i just got brandia is she a good replacement for bale

Enrico Sesto

This content is so bad, I can't believe they haven't fixed it yet. "We WaNt EvErYoNe to Be AbLe tO dO iT" and in the meanwhile is a 100% rng based content except for Velajuel/Amarna-Illiana users.


i completely forgot that the month already started :D thank you for the reminder, i will try your team once my spectra is 2A :)


Chloe instead of fire panda made this so much easier for me, the panda speed tuning was always off to cleanse oblivion :/

Rasec aea

51 try and still ....second weave Dat twins kill both is so annoying

Jsh Tng

I like how the new maps and bosses look as good as in any new gacha but there are other parts of the game that look straight out of 2014. Here's hoping for another round of visual updates for next anniversary.

Omar Alwan HOLALA

I tried to do a dumb team and got to phase 2 1st try, definetly easier than last month lol
Anavel (L) kacey woosa Mihyang bastet, kacey is the only one on cd, didnt read the skills tho, should've brought in a damage dealer instead of woosa because the boss steals buffs in phase 2 lol
Next ill try a dark team, i have Beelzebub, so i wanna try him in there lol

Worldz Apart

yow sean thanks for the tip finished it on my 1st try but i use raoq instead of spectra


What about Ken instead of bale? I don't have neither the panda or Bale And I can't do Both in one month so I really need to make choices here Thank you as always Sean for all your content

Eldon Orlon

Looks like your videos are back up again !

Daniel G

Braucht jemand einen Acc? lvl50 Eu-Server 100+ 6Star 45+ Nat5 , Woosa, Perna , Tiana, Triton, Okeanos, Anavel. Camilla, Laika , Chow, Chiwu, Rica, Helena, Ethna, Harthor, Punkbeak und viel viele mehr, bei interesse freue ich mich über eine PN,


Fire light emp or brandia is def needed for the boss, that final burst damage at the end will save it. Great guide!!

Salman Haji

his mana reward matched his clear time lol

Thomas Jarvis

This is the worst content in the game

Anharus Sulthon

Bosses' AI are way better than ours

Abou Diallo

That's so trippy it's not September 4th yet here in Hawaii and when I saw the date you posted this I was like .....


I can’t even get to end boss with this team with better runes


lol in the speculation vid you said you didn't think fire would be viable. looks like its the best element for this one.

Ivan Daniel

will legend for collen and for bj 5 wew

taha khan

Use raoq instead of spectra :)

Jybi Nbltn

No shit , this is way easier than before.

KisukeHollow Urahara

Once again, ill pass on this content. Spent waaay too much time and tries on doing the last one to not achieve it and i dont have 6* Bale nor even fused the Panda or have the intention to do so. This content was BS and its still BS. I cant lose + - 15 mins per try when im not going to clear it in under 20 tries due to the high rng of the content. Spent 60 tries on the last month's and not going to make the same mistake again, that time is better used farming 6* runes on B12s.

Nada Raditya

men I don't have fire panda, f2p c3 though. damn


not safe team

Shave YT

Hey Sean, theres an option somewhere where you can record all your twitch stream without the music. I dont know how but I know its possible

Hail Astoflo

Thx for all the help sean

Ultra Instincter

is Bale needed or replaceable for something else?

febrian rifki

i am not doing this boss again. even last month i won. i feel the reward is not worth compared with the stress for failed 30+ times :3


ty for the video sean! This predator made me realise i didnt have a fire healer so i'm gonna have to build coleen. Thanks!


Last one titled me so much with all the RNG wiping your team randomly, this content no longer exists for me, I wish you all great free runes i ain't fighting that guy ever again

Xetolk P5

More than 3h trying it with that team, i always die in some point, it is really frustrating man

Peoples Reed

Can i use ziaros as damage dealer?


wow thank you so much :D, finally cleared it after 10 tries using ur team, but what rune do u recommend for mid game?


I haven't skilled up my panda, can i use him or what other monster should i use instead of him?

Ken Sei

SeanB: Don't be mad. It's RNG.
My Wife: Pikachu face


Dj_Magnus -Bane

What was last stat for the despair?

Bitch Ass

People were having trouble finishing the last boss. I knew someone who’s a c3 rank but couldn’t finish it. Now they literally made it harder. They even told us this content is newbie/mid gamer friendly lmao

Franciesco Rodrigues

I hate when Sean yells, i have neighbors who are hella annoying with sound problems. And when he yells the sound comes soooo much louder. And I always forget about that

Aryz choong

would you recommend devilmoning xiong fei? i have him 5 star unskilled, but im not sure whether i am going to use him in r5 too and it would seem like a waste to do it only for this month's boss. if need to devilmon, does it need to be fully max skilled?

J Free

once again it is mostly rng. i came here to see how you srivive vigor stage only to see that bothe of them used 2nd and not 3rd skill against u

3 Point

this is easy than before.

verde bale collen vela raoq

Samuel Dubois

Me: cool a f2p team
Me:*Sees bale stats*
Me: ok guess I won't clear it

Vinski Talvilinna

Thanks for the video! I did it with Verd, Raoq, Colleen, Baley and Velajuel.


4:54 Back to the future

Enigma Sage

Question. Does Mihyang get rid of the dots?

Alessandro Conti

you have to attack the blob turrets with the supports when you don't need them to debuff the predator, if you keep attacking it you stack up his grudge eruption (colleen and fire panda hits way to many times and stack it quickly), also, unless it's the final stage, there is no need to attack the boss with Verde, you don't have to rush the first 2 phases so have verde attack the blobs, since his multi hit skills will detriment you


Someone was doing it with Ken instead of Bale and I could not get that to work.
My team that worked: Verd, Vela, Raoq (not violent - vio would procc too much), Colleen, Bale

Tommy Vo

hey sean, too lazy to do rta, want to do rta for me?


Just a quick question. Is it possible to clear this dungeon without verde?

Tran Duc Trung

I am not lucky like this video. Third stage, two vigor's skill 3 destroy my colleen or verde. Even i can keep 5 monsters alive to the last boss, one of my monster will be killed by one combo of the boss

Sebastian Hernandez

Hmm i never fused bale or fire panda i now see i needed to


You should just use non copy right music, like Vexento music and so on ,-,


Use Panda to attack side minion if you don't want him to get stunned 2 turns.

der Gottesfürchtige Alfredo

Hey sean im just playing 300d sw and i dont have collen and fire panda since they are outdated units what i can use instead of these 2 units? Ah and btw my bale got no runes and is 5*

Dominik Bade

Dont forget you actualy get 2 ancient reapps a week which you could use for the will slot 2 to potentialy roll some cr/spd on it.

Kruegerr TV

I've got rank 41

theodore jackson

I'll check this video out again when I get home(at work right now). Thxs Sean!

YD# Emi

Verde perna raki harmo roaq ne teamm.. Easy win.. But not f2p


Ariel, verad, Bastet, chilling, Sig got me to the main boss, just couldnt finish it, im gona try swapping out verad for Molong and see if i can beat it,

skyline hob

I can copy the team, not the rune set


Everyone can do that dungeon they said... lie like always

Bradley Marchand

Do yo plan on remaking your slanderous misrepresentation of your copy right strike that com2us didnt issue. Yet you blamed them? Are you going to delete the video or keep using it for more clicks?

Blue Hooded Man

13:37 rip headphone users

Mattias Månsson

So I see now everyone gets the same runes to pick from? I had the same as you I'm pretty sure...

Brute forcegt

f2p min maxers will have to build a ton of units for dungeons such as dimensional predator


Hi Sean, what do you think is better in a full water comp : anavel or myhang ? good vid tho and keep the good work

Sameet Das

Islandgrown cleared in 1 try lmao

Pororo Kun

Rip earphone user


Ugh i need to 6* Ken already I need a god damn AoE lol


From this video i can make a conclusion, which is..

Com2us makes a perfect AI for the enemy, but not for your team

zero one

Sorry, how is this team f2p?

Just Chillin

It's not within my ability to do unless I 6 star and max out devilmons like 3 different monsters. Don't even have fire panda or baleygr. I have Velajuel, Bellenus and some not runed/6star fire nat5s. Doesn't seem very free to play friendly unless you have top tier extremely efficient runes but then it's not early/mid game friendly either. Basically there's a legend rune locked to people who don't spend all their day playing the game.

B Bird

My panda is still 5* lol any other options??

James Ramos

my panda isnt skillled but 6 star can i do it with panda?


already failed with this team easily over 20 times doesn't work unless max towers is my guess

Ruben Henriques

Nice!!, have to do 2 fusions just for a 6*legendary rune