Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Spectrograph Material Candidate Test P12

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Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Spectrograph Material Candidate Test P12

93 516 views | 12 Sep. 2018
93 516 views | 12 Sep. 2018

Spectrograph Material Candidate Test P12

Fernando Ferreira


dudee wtf

Thank you!!

Stuart Gammie

Thank you

Fenix Bach

Mil gracias


Thank you so much! I was trying for about 15min and still couldn't get it! Was getting do frustrated, since I was able to do all the others by myself. You are a lifesaver!


Thanks for the video help a lot stuck for 20 min

Marcin J

Omg thnx for the help i couldnt figure it out.


Somebody press dislike..really

yoav hmsh

thank you very much this video helped me get a platinum trophy


Thnx this helped me out so much


Most excellent!


Thank you!

Adithya Anil

Thank you soo much man

JR White

I probably could of figured it out but I got frustrated after doin duh rest all in a row

Jamar Roby

You the GOAT

james productions

I subscribed to you for helping me. THANK YOU SO MUCH


Thanks so much!


big help thanks dude.

Alex Eszes

Thank you


This is the only puzzle I looked online for! Ty!

thy luke

This took far too long thanking you kind sir

Shou Ali

Life savor really! Thank you

Danny boy

Lad! Nice one

Ash Ketchum

I've solved Zelda, Darksiders, God of War and even Uncharted, but I couldn't for the life of me solve this last puzzle...thank you.

Daniel Fernández

Tactical Pear



Yooo thanks

Thomas Johnston

Thank you

Fawcett Fresh

You've just saved me a hell of amount of time





New Perspective

Omg you're a lifesaver and a genius

Fearless Leaf

Thanks :3

Daniel Alejandro

thanks bro !

Blake Christensen

You, my good sir, just got me a platinum

Toby Reinhardt

Thank you!!!!!!


Thx finally got platinum before miles morales comes out

jonathan alcivar

Thank You

Giovanni Moloi

Thanks for the puzzle

Joshua Fraim

Thanks for these videos I was able to solve all the circuit puzzles and all but the last three of these on my own

Magee Aaron

Helped alot

MrBr 7

Merci pour les tutoriels, je galèrerais sur les 4 derniers

Jay Nakzee

Thanks dude:-)

Ritwik Sahotra

Thanks bro

Seagull KRDB

Thanks bro that really helped


Thx. I now have the platinum trophy.

Splitter S

Its fuckin annoying as fuck!!!

Brian Hastick

Thank you for helping me solve this nightmare

Chris Kioone

Thank you so helpful


I was staring to think it was a glitch and actually impossible at one point.

Ni Gga

Thank you

Michael Coultrap

I got every other trophy in this game legitimately except this last one just because of THIS puzzle. Thank god that’s over, and thank you for the Platinum!


This is the only puzzle ive had trouble with so far lol thanks

G. de Jong

Another great vid!




Thanks a lot

C00ler ThanCool

i wish there were more simple and short videos like this

Man with a Plan

You, Turtle Hermit WaspInatoR, are a genius

French Fryes-Chan

You're a fucken lifesaver for this ^-^