KODI - UMP (Universal Media Provider) - June 2016 update - install and review

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KODI - UMP (Universal Media Provider) - June 2016 update - install and review

3 143 views | 6 Mar. 2016
3 143 views | 6 Mar. 2016

UMP is a Fantastic KODI/XBMC plugin provides latest MOVIES ,SERIES ,ANIMES ,MANGAS & MUSIC in specific,

* The basic principle of it is to index your media through a globally accepted website (ie: imdb for movies) and then search your media in a link provider (ie: primewire for movies), and the then decompile this link and make a kodi playable media (ie:flv,mp4 for movies).


*SCALABLE: Eeach provider is independently maintained and developed with only UMP API dependancy. Since API has the very most necessary tools to scrape and provide the media, each provider is easy to develop, fast to run, reliable to watch.

*MEDIA VALIDATION: The other cool stuff in UMP is the media validation. The link providers are generally crap what UMP does is to first download the header of the media, and check if the media is really alive, whats the quality of it (ie:720p,480p) and provide a selection UI to the user. So user will never face a dead link or a link that claims it is hd but it is crappy 144p in reality.

* You can add movies and tv-shows to your favorites any time any where ,

Mohammed Al-shitwy

hi plz help me i need change quality channel i need quality low channel plz help me i need change quality the channel for 480p or 360p idont 720p or 1080 just 360p or 480p

Marko Stankovic

skin link for jarvis?

Brian Abreu

what song is that?


how are you getting the streaming quality option? most times i click a link it plays straight away.


How can we get UMP to work with Kodi 17.1?

jesus delgado

I can not find repo boogie any in any place ,how download UMP

Tony Whitney

have a new fire stick, can find UMP that i had before HELP please