Cloud vs Sephiroth - Final Fantasy JUS Mugen

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Cloud vs Sephiroth - Final Fantasy JUS Mugen

1 377 views | 27 Aug. 2020
1 377 views | 27 Aug. 2020

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Mugen edition of the original final battle of Final Fantasy VII. Credits to the authors of the chars and stage.

Big shout to OldGamer for helping me make the last stage where Cloud uses Omnislash. Subscribe to his channel:

Cloud - MGSSJ2, edit by me

Sephiroth - MGSSJ2, edit by me

Planet's Core[widescreen] - cldz

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It-Girl Ramona Perthel - Deutschlands schrillste Spielerfrau | taff

I love sephiroth bro

Ghost Carti

Amazing fight bro, my fav part was the finale, got me really hyped.
Keep going my G :)


I'm a little surprised MUGEN is still being uploaded these days. Glad to see it. Holy fuk it's epic!


link download?


Crazy match great video

Jthe Lightseeker

never thought I see FF7 mugen


How do you disable combo meter and health bar ?


damn I watched this a long time ago but didn't leave a comment.
I like both of these fighters.
But heck, this supernova ... that was the reason I forgot MG Sephiroth for a long time. It was a long time in childhood and it is long now. This sounds impressive for the first 10 times ... but after that, you would rather lose as a Sephiroth than use it. And you cheated here to win the cloud? Sephiroth is not vulnerable in this mode and it must take three centuries before he returns back =)


ayo this is fuckin' intense holy crap