Removing Charge-offs and Collections | YFS Academy Live Q&A | Dominique Brown

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Removing Charge-offs and Collections | YFS Academy Live Q&A | Dominique Brown

7 791 views | 17 Apr. 2020
7 791 views | 17 Apr. 2020

This is a Q&A session with the YFS Academy students.

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Patricia Long

One and two

lyn joes

I can't find a way to cancel

Rowe TV

I need you to help me please

Shadd Johnson

I have 9 credit cards with a $8,000 limit total but would like to get rid of all but 3, how would go about keeping the credit limit but loosing the cards with out hurting my credit score

Terrel Goldstein

Hello I'm new to this I joined the 6month membership how will this help my credit

Amanda Epperson

What happens if u Don’t have student loans and told u do and also What happens When Your hisband has a loan on a vehichle he defaulted on and vehichle was repoed in illinois Where the tag and title is Put in Both parties Name and we have been seperated just not legally for five years

Rowe TV

Please give me a text

Tracie Mines

Will you answer my questions via my email. I was on at 7pm with you


Very informative.

Dorothy Emerson

I was on the last class, but i couldn't chat.

Judy Pennick


Annette Yarbrough

How do you remove a charge off

Rowe TV

I need your help now now now please please help me. Thank you

Jasmine Hunter



How do I build my credit

Tracie Mines


Kris Castillo


The Speakers Of Truth

He read and answered apparently for the state of Washington instead of Washington D.C.

Tracie Mines

If you still owe debt and it's been place on your credit report should you still pay it off if it was sold to a collection agency?

Enrique Martinez