ESSENTIAL Finishing BADGES IN NBA 2K20 (ALL BUILDS) FULL BREAKDOWN! best Finishing badges nba 2k20!

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ESSENTIAL Finishing BADGES IN NBA 2K20 (ALL BUILDS) FULL BREAKDOWN! best Finishing badges nba 2k20!

57 888 views | 3 May. 2020
57 888 views | 3 May. 2020

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simply simple

Fyre intro brodie

AlbirzaPlays [] Gaming

@Familien Vangen  do u know what is the best finishing badge for interior force (post scorer)? Btw i have 30 potential upgrades

MikeGeez 23


Nick Roscoe

Brut I’m thinking of making on of your builds which one do you have most fun with


Brut really does give good tips; no cap

Prince Jordan

What about 10 finishing badges?


I only have 6 bruh im a shot creator

Joshua Montgomery

Is acrobat really that useless

Oh We Like Tht

Keep it up


I have hof badges with a 92 driving and get no dunks and ihave all these badges

Official Jay

Brut squad




Good tips bro, just subscribed

Jim Da Judge

Gonna work these to my builds for sure. Salute

Sam P

I'm sf 2way with 11 finishing badges


brutalisim is for the people

Rod Wave

Best 2k youtuber actually helps the community


Yo I have a Perimeter lockdown with a 84 driving dunk. I only have 2 finishing badges though. What badges should I put on

Lil Steve

Giant slayer not even better then consistent finisher slithery is also way better then fancy footwork and contact finisher is great for contact layups to!!


doesn’t giant slayer make u do layups?


You not messing with relentless?

Galaxy The King


Jimbo Slice

I haven’t watched a Brutus video since 2k19 and bro still got the WORST intro of all time lmao wuduup wuduup wuduuuup heads ass


Why is it a double rep event in park and it’s dead. That’s sad on 2k’s part nobody is playing their trash game anymore. If you want to rep up you gotta hit rec and play against Bots

Luke Oja

Thoughts on Fancy footwork Hof on 7'1 paint beast?

Raphael Leonardo

If I am 6’8 speedboost with 85 driving dunk, I got 4 finishing badges, what should I equip?


I got only 5 badges and I’m a playmaking shot creator what do I do?

Jarvis Reed

Brut you dont suggest consistent finisher at all?


Yo Brute Those Last Dunk Packages You Gave Out Wasn’t It At All

Prime Time Nation

Talk about perfect timing I feel like recently my interior finisher can’t get no type of contacts he jus goes up for layups and gets swatted

marquis watson

Brute squad in the building maaannnnnnnnnn!!!!!

Derek Ciszek

Why contact finisher over consistent finisher?

Chirpy XC

How do you ha e your elgado setup to record so clear because my recording look alil bit blury

King Ali

My boy Goated no cappuccino

ManMade Ruckus


Marcus Holmes

I have a rebounding guard with a 78 driving dunk, what 4 finishing badges should i use

Ben Hood

Brute Squad ....even in rec you dont mess with relentless finisher?....i thought that was how ppl get the contact joints lol


apuerto ricanlife

Sick beat


Brute Squad noti gang

Planetfresh Tv

Your voice makes it borderline impossible to watch a full video

Its Haz

I have 10 badges and I have 9 right now Idk where my last should go into
I dont do contact dunks

Jalen Thorpe

Brute Squad!!


if you’re gonna be finishing with contact and want to do contact dunks a lot you NEED NEED NEEEEED relentless finisher, it makes the biggest difference for my finisher (2 way) and when i used my slashing playmaker (pure play) even on bronze it helped me make so many more layups/dunks and helped me get more contact dunks

Emory Wright

I have a SF Well Rounded wing and I only get 7 badges for finishing...what should I put?

Santiago Cafaro

What badges should i put i have 73 driving dunk and only 3 badges for finishing available what do I put

Nut Nutrition

Who else liked Bc of that mascot dunk

S Dot Carter

22 no Hof badges??


Needed this


i’m a 2 way slashing playmaker with 11 finishing what do u suggest

ben L


4 Seazons

U the goat

King Mula Gaming

Brut Squad

Gen CatMan

Brute squad stand up we in the building


Yo I noticed when I took my contact hof badges off and switched to slithery I was dunking more. To me Contact dunks search for
it instead of trying to avoid the person

Jake Schenck

My dunks get blocked so much, any recommendations on animations!