Baker Mayfield Mic'd Up vs. Bengals: Extended Cut | Cleveland Browns

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Baker Mayfield Mic'd Up vs. Bengals: Extended Cut | Cleveland Browns

1 668 890 views | 28 Dec. 2018
1 668 890 views | 28 Dec. 2018

Watch an extended cut of Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield mic'd up for the Browns 26-18 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

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David Ash

Four shadowing at 4:44....

Salmon GAMEZ

Happy birthday Baker

Captain Huff

The pride of Cleveland fans goes unmatched. Glad to be a part of the best franchise with the best fans!


Who else thinks that the orange in this video looks dull?

Donald Sebolt

Who would think this season would turn out like it did


I think I’m part Browns fan.

Jason Young

I just love Baker i hope he balls out & has a great 2020 season we've waited so long!! So long dum dum dum bumbumbum for a qb see what i did cause of the song

Ryan Voiers

This video makes me want to have a Baker Jersey

Combat Vet Gaming

He's having too much fun- colin cowherd

Gary Gordon

YOU HAVE TO PLAY THIS BEFORE EVERY GAME!!! Apparently it gets him hyped!


Theresa DeLeon

Watching this for upteenth time. @5:30 - Hilarious how Jarvis is rolling on the ground like he's the red carpet unwinding for Hollywood to strut upon. Love it. Love the Browns.

Robert Smith

That was a magical season. Fun to see this again.

andres husk

The demonic support psychologically smell because desert microscopically practise besides a powerful helicopter. silky, alike siberian

Mlbon Fox

act like a pro mann......i hope he gets his bell rung this season


the fact that the Cleveland browns has more subscribers then any other football team

im not a clear brown fan but
W o W

jaime tonche

Im from Texas...i like the guy...he will clash with OBJ...theyll get to the playoffs. That's it....

Jonathan Hardin

songs in real life

Jerred Finch

The Game Where Philly Collins became a legend in Cleveland


Baker is just crazy

Diss Gummy

“This is really hurting my rushing yardage”

Alex Kooper

people might think baker mayfield is just another soft white qb, think again bro.

Adam Smith



This is who Johnny wanted to be


Lmao "they better pack a fucking lunch"

Scott's Tots

A crowded stadium. I miss it so much!

Barry Sakr

What's this guy so excited about he couldn't even take his teams to the playoffs. Brady who goes to a Super Bowl every second year doesn't even act cockeyed like that. Maybe if he took his football serious the browns might get somewhere.

josh kirby

Reason Odell got injured


4:30 what a deny xD

Myles Maciag

“Guy an idiot” lol I died

Karmic King

damnit, im supposed to hate you...

Partick Trout

Can't get enough of Baker and the browns can't wait to see what they can do.

Mlbon Fox

yes.... @ the the 8 min mark he finally shut his pie hole ( ty defense

Troy Huynh

The receptive zephyr uniformly settle because freon algorithmically dust circa a sassy goldfish. sloppy, best hexagon

A piece of hair

4:40 “that guy is an idiot”


ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is a BAKER JERSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!…….I would trade 10 of my jerseys for a BAKER 1!!!!!!!

Tobuscus Ziggy

4:36 Completely Right


Some quarterbacks have IT, most do not. Baker Mayfield has so much IT that he could ship it in an oil tanker...

Joe Onemanteam

Need to stop being a cry baby QB and the D needs to step it up to help him needs a mentor

Dan 1031

The new Brett Favre

Roy Martinez

Imagine...your team being ass ever since entering this century...and now potentially a dynasty...I'd cry.


Can I send him a copy of the Tarzan soundtrack?

Johnny Johns

Not only his talent but the way he makes his teammates believe in him. Look at the way his teammates immediately come to his defense when he got hit on the sideline!! His teammates will run through a wall for him


I love these so much. My favorite part of this one is when mayfield was knocked down on the sidelines and Landry runs to protect him

Braeden Courtney

Hulu has live sport

Paul Tomczak

Won't disrespect phil collins but calls him philly



Andy Blevins

This guy is a reincarnation of Brett Favre....same classic sense of humor and good times in a game. Good for the Browns becoming fun to watch!


#81 looks so joyless lol

Jason C.

So immature. Not a leader at all.


yea we know baker

kyle barta

4:42 words haven’t been more true

Kellen Neal

How do u think the browns will do? Records: 8-8 or 9-7 or 7-9 or 10-6 or 11-5?

Jacob kirby

I'm from Brazoria county

Sho Hustle

Baker 6!!!

Aaron Robledo

“ Oh my god what the fuck is wrong with us” I don’t know Baker you tell me

Vermont Trout Hunters

Circus clown

Fightobserver 1903

Mayfield's pu,mped fr this season. Go,, Brown's,,

Xzavier Washington

Baker Mayfield.....

who don't wanna play for a quarterback like this ?
this would be a legit reason to want to go to work
everyday.. like, he bring the energy and grit every play
and seem to have your back, win , lose or draw....

Manny Avila

Whole time I was watching this, couldn't stop thinking of how much he reminds me of Bret Favre. They both seem to have so much fun playing the game.

Cleveland might have found a keeper. Think he would do good with ODB (and that young team in general), in regards to chemistry

Teaghan Finks

“That guys an idiot”

Eric Roberts

Looking back at that season it's still crazy to think they broke up that coaching staff. They should've kept the momentum going into the next season and kept everything the same. Dorsey overthought it. When in doubt just remember the word KISS ( keep it simple stupid)

door man

He seems like a genuinely nice guy

Josh Ryan

Baker Mayfield is a douche bagggg

Patrick Enriquez

love this guy, its hard not to.

Joseph Alan

God I love baker

forreal pat

Go get it. BM


8:28 when yo bro got yo back

Bilal K.

I hope he has the same chip on his shoulder this season


baker mayfield is just the shit dawg lmao, he’s a good qb and he isn’t a dick. keeps everyone motivated and has everyone’s back. and they have his because of the type of guy he is. i’m not even a browns fan but i’m low key rooting for them

EWA Wrestling

4:38 HE KNEW oh god he knew the whole time

Aaron Robledo


Zakul Sesay

Faver, 2.0 in Cleveland, the only guy who can call his coach an idiot an get away with it

TrillMatic 187

1:58 Baker Knows

Frank Grizza

Worst air drum performance ever

Ben Weaver

I actually just laughed out loud when he hugged Kitchens at 6:19


His 3rd year is comeback season !!

Joey Cole

I miss this, watching this after the 49ers game and the browns just aren’t the same team as last year. I miss the old baker who had swagger and was always getting hyped up.


No one baker mayfield when he scores a touchdown woo woo woooo wooo

Matthieu Induni

„How could they cut off philly collins?“


I thought celebrating touchdowns was banned?


Baker: I guarantee this will work
Also baker: how did that work?


Those were the days

Kellen Neal

The greatest win this season with the browns is when they were facing the Baltimore Ravens (HOW THE HECK DID THEY WIN AGAINST LAMAR JACKSON??) That's how you know...they might make it to the playoffs this year.

Luke Pinson

1:44 you’re welcome

Linda Birdbike

I've never been a Baker Mayfield fan because of his poor choice in colleges, but this video might have me changing my mind.

c B

Those uniforms on point

Robert Harvey

Cleveland browns

Blake Grice

I am not even a NFL fan and I like watching this guy. He seems like a great leader. Well liked by his teammates.

Robert Harvey

super bowl stadium new Jersey

Donny Willis

Baker is a funny guy

Maury Avendaño

1:15 name of the song ?

Dan 1031

I miss these unis

Hunter Villegas

Baker Mayfield the type of guy to get an injury from excessive celebration.

F.n.o Sweatykxd_-

YouTube is getting way to comfortable with these double ads


Born leader.

nick stanford

Even as a Bengals fan, this dude is exciting

David Ash

You know he called it at 4:40

Dan 1031

I’ve been waiting for this moment

Brandon Miller

Don’t cut it off before that beat drop. Never disrespect philly collins