Salt and Sanctuary Lore-Enhanced Walkthrough - Episode 14 - The Dome of Devara

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Salt and Sanctuary Lore-Enhanced Walkthrough - Episode 14 - The Dome of Devara

5 120 views | 5 May. 2017
5 120 views | 5 May. 2017

Welcome to Cyberphile. You may know me as Asuko_XIII on Reddit, the author of the Salt and Sanctuary Analysis: The Drowned Tome, and this is my long anticipated lore video series on Salt and Sanctuary, titled: From the Depths.

On episode 14 of From the Depths, we make short work of most of the Dome of the Forgotten, talking about the Old Pantheon and Devara's Light in general along the way, and give the Untouched Inquisitor quite the touching.

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Very awsome videos. I just finished Salt and Sanctuary this past weekend on the Vita. My son and I have been playing multiplayer on the PS4, finally to the last boss. I really enjoyed learning about the lore that I have been missing. Keep up the awesome work.


Congratulations on hitting the 100 subscribers milestone. The lore stream sounda pretty awesome, I tried a few times a hardcore, no blocking, no healing, no armor, oar only run, but have yet to pull that off. Looking forward to the challenges you will tackle.


Great episode as usual bud. Cant wait till the live stream to get a chance to pick your brain for info.

Stove McLovin Stoves

I love the lore surrounding the Dome of the Forgotten, I feel like it fits the world of Salt and Sanctuary perfectly. Keep up the good work

Severo Males

We can see the first and third lamb? Is Lania or Lady of light also somewhere in the game?

soph ☄

i'd have to assume that Orange was a place. imo, it seems pretty inspired from real history, notably the Principality of Orange, which was a feudal state in France that produced William the Silent and William III of Orange, who were both major historical figures. my personal theory would have to be that Orange being mentioned here is a reference to the real life principality and the house that formed out of that principality, but I may be wrong.

jack chester

In a church setting a rite is usually something do with preparations for a funeral. Maybe these rites were devised by this person.

No Body

Very nice videos Cyberphile I'm really interested in hearing the lore as you go through this amazing game, oh and btw I heard in an earlier video your favorite boss is the Queen of Smiles, mine too ^^ I find her so awesome and love how you went into depth with her hopefully more on her will come

Shady Gamer

I must say amazing work on this series I found the lore of this game its very interesting, and congrats on breaking the 100 subs mark. I look forward to seeing more of this series


I find it very disturbing that the lore seems to imply the inquisitor was right, it casts Devara on a very sinister light. But I have a theory on that, just as the Duke in Tristin, he may have been a Betrayer. Think about the geography, what is the Dome connected to ? Bodies above outside the Dome, bodies in a pit below, spirits suffering above, a mage that teaches you how to use their desperation below. It makes me think they are trying to fulfill their prophecy by creating strife above, without taking credit. Curious how the Great Unification Decree had the most impact on Devara , isn't it ? Or how the Red Hall spread suffering even to the jailers, a pointless fact or working as intended ? When they did find shelter, the rightful king died and a cursed sword is given to a frightened queen as her symbol of office. Curiously, Alasdair was respectful, he placed a mantle where the victims were killed and even made a grave in the center of the Dome for Lanea. So was he perhaps being manipulated to slaughter ? Just as the other knight was ?


I'm curious about one thing...given that the Dome, like myriad other locations on the island, are apparently copies given life and form from the memories of the shipwrecked victims that fall into the Nameless God's clutches, do you believe that the Untouched Inquisitor (and, for that matter, the Third Lamb) is the actual Alasdair, or merely another of the Nameless God's creations? (I wonder since we know that certain bosses like the Kraeken and the Forgotten Three and the Architect are, apparently, genuine denizens of the island, but whole environments and their residents are equally, apparently, not...)

Lord Vaust

The order of Azredak, the Betrayer was the second creed I completed the game with. I did a pure magic build with the goal of using the betrayer’s dark magic which is supposed to be the strongest in the game. Which I believe is, although it is risky to use...


Oooh! The headsman's voulge! Ive had my eyes on it before, with its slick design and that sweet sweet S scaling. Great choice man!

Nero Delacroix

Omg I can't believe I missed out of the twitch chat!