How to do the "Maintain maximum crowd affinity for 2 minutes" challenge - CoD Black Ops 4 Zombies

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How to do the "Maintain maximum crowd affinity for 2 minutes" challenge - CoD Black Ops 4 Zombies

62 837 views | 13 Dec. 2018
62 837 views | 13 Dec. 2018

Hey everyone

Here is another tutorial showing how to complete the "Maintain maximum crowd affinity for 2 minutes" challenge in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 zombies in the map IX.

I hope you will enjoy the video :)

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Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 Level 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
Mr. Shades

What does it do and how do you use it?

Jeur Daniëls

Will you also do gameplay of cs go


Cwowd? Lol sorry had to.

Quay DaGod

Dude What Can't Even Understand You

eman tsriF eman tsaL

thanks now i can finally do that challenge!!!! (≧∇≦)/

Jeur Daniëls

More cs go

Johnny Paloyannidis

The timer wouldn’t start for me? Tell me if you know about this issue that I have


I have no idea what u said smh

Isaiah Watkins

Ok guys you have to kill gladiators then not take damage for 2:00 that’s basically the whole thing your welcome (2 minutes)

Jennifer Fagan



How do I enter the key I tried doing it I have the key and the gold bowl but it won't let me put it in

Ivan Chavez

I learned nothing from your fucking video


Why not tell people how to start?

Matthew Blanco

What is the crown

LJ ZeniT JenseN - Gaming and More

By knifing the ropes on the banners to the left or right when you enter the arena. The challenges are random each time tho :-)

Jahwain Bush

How do i start the timer

David pearson jr.

dude all due respect not trying to be rude at all but the point in doing a tutorial video is to explain what the fuck ur doing i still have no idea how to maintain the affinity or how to initiate it. but thank u for your upload

charles atkins


Emma Manson

What is the crossed swords, that you pick up??