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196 views | 28 Jul. 2018
196 views | 28 Jul. 2018 SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM;unproxyban

Bitcoin Forum Remove Proxyban

Your IP address has previously been used for evil on this forum, or it is a known

proxy/VPN/Tor exit node, so you are required to pay a small fee before you are able

to post messages or send PMs. You can still use all of the read-only features

without paying.

Your account contains 112.85 units of evil. To atone, you must pay a total of

0.00031816 bitcoins (0.31816 mBTC; 31816 satoshi). Pay to the address

3C56W1YhWpB4GxXBEBUdmDSkqhuqUXpjSB. Once you have paid the full amount, wait a few

seconds and then reload this page. If the fee is so small that your wallet is unable

to send it, you can send any larger amount, though you will not be refunded the


Alternatively, any forum staff member and some other notable members can manually

whitelist you. Paying the fee is probably easier/quicker, though.

If you don't have any bitcoins, you can get small amounts of free bitcoins using the

sites listed here. It is recommended that you give the free bitcoin sites the

address listed above. Do not collect money in your own wallet and then send the

bitcoins to the forum -- this will likely result in significant network fees.

If you find any bugs in this system, email [email protected] For

example, send email here if your payment is not registered an hour after sending it.

The mere fact that payment is required for your IP address is never a bug. You will

be permanently banned if you send email here requesting free whitelisting.

People commonly say, "I haven't posted anything before, so why on Earth am I

banned?" You are not banned. Your IP address was previously used for evil, so

everyone who uses that IP address has to pay this registration fee.