Last Ditch Innovation: The Development of the Gerat 06 and Gerat 06H Rifles

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Last Ditch Innovation: The Development of the Gerat 06 and Gerat 06H Rifles

823 468 views | 19 Nov. 2012
823 468 views | 19 Nov. 2012

I'm very happy today to present a video we did in cooperation with Oleg Volk, which I've titled "Last Ditch Innovation". It is a look at two late-WW2 German prototype rifles which are the evolutionary grandparents of the CETME and the H&K series of roller-delayed firearms (91, 93, MP5, etc). Thanks to some very generous friends, we have examples of both guns to disassemble and sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


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I love how when looking at Ian I think 'Normal American', when volkstudio reminds me of the guy hoarding fifty weapons in his two room flat for the next war.
Luckily, the studio is written by amercian german, so it's all fine.

Ivan Adame old film of G3 production.

Ulrich Vogt

This was so familiar seeing you disassembling this gun, Sir
When I was trained to do so in 1974 I didn't know the whole procedure was invented Thirty years earlier

Gary Bauer

To many parts for in combat take down

George M

Thanx, I have a CETME C. Can see the evolution and the roller system. The Spanish did add some wood. Nice touch. LOL


well that was awesome presentation. Never seen the works explained better.

Skye Walker

How do you guys find these super rare weapons?


2012 bruh

Alberto Gonzalez

Increible que enorme legado ha dejado la Alemania del lider aleman.


Russian ak47 is the copy of German gun

Loanword Eggcorn

Well done document. Thanks. The Geraet 6 gas operating system is nearly identical to the later AR-18/Enfield/SAR-80/G-36/HK-416, etc.

Andy Anderson

The USA had access to all this technology and the best they could produce is the m14


Der Gerät, er schießt.

History Buff

Same hair & facial hair for at least 7 years, I at least play with the width and length of my sideburns, & occasional fumanchoo

Daniel Newton

The Germans certainly had their act together when it came to gun design!

Peter King

Very nice pronunciation of the German.


"Gerat", damn as a German I was asking myself who this Gerat was and why did I never hear or read of him.
Then I realizes it is "Gerät", which is best translated as "device". Experimental is the same word in German as in English, though pronounced slightly differernt.
Anyways, thank you Ian for another great video.
PS: please don´t confuse our little German minds by relpacing the ä, ö, ü. ;-)

Bobby Booshay

Looks like the grandfather of the Schmeisser 47.

Mesh Frequency

@ 16:16 is that the right way to pronounce Heckler & Koch?

J.David España Urbano

the granfather of CETME C


Gerät or Geraet, never Gerat. And it only means device, not experimental.


Just curious why none of these were fired in full-auto? Aren't these select-fire rifles?

Michael Matthesen

I just saw Ian and that specific gun today

Jose J

El cerrojo es casi idéntico a los modelos CETME, con rodillos pero con varilla por delante.

Robot Bjorn

Always 15 years ahead

Mr. Gunzaku

This was the rifle they should have gone with, but with full auto capability. My favorite gun of WW2.

ignaci asd

You were so young Ian

Fernando Escudero

the Ak' Grandpa

Bill Smith

Cool. Where did you find the rifle with the original bolt design? Are they making reproductions?


Basic safety should be an integral part of any gun handling. Starting to disassemble with the magazine in is not setting a good example.


Heckler & Kousch


he looks so innocent and young

Roland Scherer

Very intresting for a German, too! A small tip: if you can not write an "Umlaut" (ÄÜÖ), then you may add an e behind the to-be-"Umlaut": Gerät can be written as Geraet, but not as Gerat.
The ä sounds very simular (a little more open) to the ea in the English word "bear".

Jürgen Haflinger

Super interessant


good show ………………………………….

Javier Walberto Soria

Gracias por los subtítulos en español!! Desde argentina . Hay infinidad de videos que no puedo entender debido a la falta de subtitulos

Terry Stephens

An excellent presentation, thanks



Ari Ari

voorloper vande ak 47

kirk stinson

So THIS is the father of the Cetme and the grandfather of the HK G3

Brad Pox

whos watching this in 2020? Gun Jesus is bae, no homo bro. you've taught me a lot on these once forgotten weapons.

Mårten Angner

Oh, Ian, you were so young... :-)

João Soares

Do you have any videos on the G3

Christoph Bronko

Good evening Ian,

i know im Pretty late on this one but im a native German Speaker and offer to provide some help on pronounciation Problems. Please let me know if you are interested.

There´s always something to learn, i guess :-)

Kind regards


Xander Gross

It was a raise of the HK I believe

Ken Sydow

Der Gerät eine Legende

᳅᳇᳆᳄ ᯽

the.L.A -The Liberation Army-

Another one right out the park... Keep up the good work... K-9 0Ut...

Mongo Aurelio

i want my mp15/22 to FA -_-


In germany we call it Gerät and not Gerat

Mattis Körner

It's Gerät, not gerat

Nikolai Hanson

Oleg Volk is the real OG

First Name

I enjoyed watching this stoned

Benjamin Totallynotalt

Is this the thing from the second intro?

Ladislav Antal

This channel is gold. I'm not even into guns but I'm interested in engineering and history. Great production

Manuel Olivares

Yeah spanish subtitles, gretings from méxico Ian

Robert Smith



Jazen Valencia

I feel like Ian should design guns. He could have a doctorate in Gunology for all the guns he's studied.

Joe Thompson

Thanks gun Jesus


He was so young then. He's baby gun Jesus.

Benjamin Davidovich Waals


Paul Popel

Nice Video, but the Title is not correct.

First of all: It's not "Gerat", it is "Gerät" with an Umlaut. There is no such word as "Gerat" in the german language. We do have the word "geraten", but that means "guessed". (You could also spell it "Geraet" if your keyboard doesn't have an "ä".)

Second: "VolkStudio" is also wrong, it doesn't make any sense in german. Correct would be "Volks Studio".


Gerät it must be written its a "Gerät" not a ä like E by Egs !

Adam Williams



Who are you? Is this forgotten weapons?

Vincent Law

Tbh I like this gun more than the StG. Such a slick design

Wu Wei

Es ist aus Holz und Presspappe!

Diego Cristian Polastri

I think StG44 looks better than the Gerat series

Wes Wolever

How many ejected cases went down the back of your neck?


Back in the day when I wondered who this longhair with all the cool guns is.

Thomas Van de Velde

What you forgot to mention, and this was a Decree dated September 1944, is that Germany simply no longer COULD afford to set up another production line. The Total War effort began, on paper, in 1943, but it wasn´t until the 20th July Bomb Plot that Hitler would actually sign the necessary papers that gave basically total control of society and the economy, factories and training facilities to members of the Nazi Party: Goebbels was the ´Fuhrer´s Representative for Total War´ and Speer was obviously also given considerable increase of powers. And sadly enough, on the long run, Speer would lose this battle versus Goebbels, because Goebbels had played a crucial rule in the 20th July Plot being thwarted, while Speer´s direct access was cutoff. One can easily state that these weapons brought Germany closer to defeat than to victory, because Speer (and everybody else with an understanding of technical facts) wanted to focus on 1 type of every weapon, and retool every assembly lines. Now, by September 1944, this is really... Impossible, because the German industry has been dispersed entirely by Speer, to avoid (by that time) daily daylight bombing raids to leave entire production facilities ruined. This meant that all parts for weaponry were made in smaller machineshops and such, while only final assembly took place at the original factory. This created 2 other major problems: 1) Soon the USAAF would discover that bombing marshaling yards did hurt the German War Economy, despite dispersing, and 2) tolerances were much wider. And especially on U-Boots, automatic weapons and development of radar this had a highly detrimental effect. The phenomenon even got a name, a ´Zulieferungskrisis´ or ´Delivery (from subcontractors) Crisis´. Just painting a bit of background why they stopped putting in more projects, no matter how fancy they were. Speer was also opposed to the whole Emergency Program, since they often at best generated low-quality, low quantity dead-end prototypes, albeit these guns/planes/subs were nice....


...and they let you SHOOT them...jelly, VERY jelly...

Benny Hill

woe huge difference in the camera work between 2012 and 2020!

Michael D.


Bernd Kasulke



G E R Ä T 06 - so ein bischen deutsch soll ja hilfreich sein englisch device

K. Tomlin

Heckler and Koch= Maser

Peter O'Donnell

With the recent hopes, and ultimate failure, to recreate the StG-44, I must say I'd rather see the 06H revived. Perhaps it's just the looks, but it could maybe also be easier to manufacture.

Andrew Jasienski

As always excellent presentation - love it-he knows the stuff.

aa bb

It seems that this rifle influenced the M16. Many things are similar, the mag release button, selector, buffer spring in the stock, firing pin, the bolt's overall layout. But the operation is totally different as M16 uses gas impingement and uses cam mechanism instead of expensive rollers.Should have been given to Korea instead of the useless rechambered Type 99 rifles(still in a Korean armory) and then mass produced at the Incheon Arms Depot (now location of Camp Market)

SuperSix Delta

I just watched one of Ian's latest videos (August 2020) and then this one from 2012. The man never seems to age.

Door Fan

It's interesting that they created the first submachine gun and also created the first true assault rifle

nancy barnes

thank you for doing another great job. even at the age of 70 after a lifetime of appreciating firearms, you give me more to think about. also since ive always been low key, observant and reflective it gives me an opportunity to listen to others who i would otherwise never get to meet by reading the comments. i had a nice hk 93 w/ 3/9 scope for several years, shot many varmints out to 300yds w/ black hills. had to sell it in clinton gun ban. i will keep farming,....and i bought something else. god speed.....rgw

Duarte Simões

Excellent video. You remembered to show and mention everything that was relevant. Perfect.
Just remember where the camera is!

Jon Miner

Hi, Ian. Hey! This is a very good presentation. It may be the best one you have done. But, of course, I am exaggerating based on my limited views of your videos and my enthusiasm over this particular effort. Anyway, You did a great job in this one. Thanks for sharing! Stay healthy!

Martin Smith

I thought this was the the VG1-5. Thank you for clarifying something which might seem minor to a non history buff. I knew the G3 was descended from the STG44 but not the exact story.

Hannibal Lecter

Los rusos también copiaron de los alemanes este diseño para fabricar su famoso AK-47. Alemania da clase.

Alexander Kesper

Gerät ! The word is Gerät.
„Der Gerät schneidet Dönerfleisch schweißfrei“

Vincent Law

This weapon really earns the name "forgotten weapon". There is not very much to see of these guns in movies, games and even on youtube even though it looks super cool for the time it came out.


I'm 8 years late in writing this but I feel I must correct the word "Gerat" it should be written "Gerät" (with 2 dots over the letter "ä") Making the pronounciation."Gerate". Otherwise great video.

Senior Iltis

G3 Bolt

Ryan 2727

Fascinating! Great video. Thank you.

Kevin Sullivan

This is the updated version of the video

Dylan Lines

Very Cool!

Roda Gila

alus mang bedil


Interesting ...

Blitz Fritz

Impressive how much advanced and far ahead of Allies the German engineering was even under such difficult circumstances

shane moore

German engineering, is like art

Steffen Conrad

"VolkStudio" wo ist das Fugen-s?


Look how far you've come, Ian. Congratulations!