Flashlight Review: The Awesome Nitecore EC4S 2150 lumen torch with Tripod Mount

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Flashlight Review: The Awesome Nitecore EC4S 2150 lumen torch with Tripod Mount

33 151 views | 28 Jan. 2016
33 151 views | 28 Jan. 2016

If you're looking for a nice versatile, ultra bright LED flashlight that has that classic flashlight feel- look no further. Nitecore EC4S has all the basics covered with a Cree XHP50 emitter. This rugged versatile light has 5 modes ranging from 1.5 lumens to just over 2000. Plus it has strobes for all your tactical needs. Then there's that handy standard photo tripod mount in the tailcap so you can use it as a super compact work light. Yes, this flashlight can basically do everything. It made me a steak dinner last night. If you'd like to buy the light head over to Tech Tool Supply and use the coupon code HANLEN10 for a discount and free shipping. This could expire at any time. I just make the videos.




Nice one buddy!!
I have plenty of sparebtime for ur reviews man, great stuff. Would you consider making a video of your favorite edc items? knife, multi-tool, keychain, lights etc?

Would love a edc video made with your input. Also plenty of dick jokes to be done if reviewing several phallic objects.

kudos from sweden.

Daniel Bull Runner Lamb

Can you blind someone with that if they are trying to rob you at night time?

Levi H.

Thanks for the review and the quality commentary.

Lolo Leela

Hi there thanxxx for sharing this video with us ...
i hear theres a fault with it ..
it turns off and on again if you keep it on for a minute an a half
then it turns back on again a couple of minutes later on it own
does that again an again ... can you please confirm if that fault is fixed yet ?
Kindest Regards ... would appreciate a quick reply ... as need to get one soon , Cheers


Very powerful light! Nice review as always :)

This looks like it'll come in handy for photographers with that mounted tripod tail and diffuser.

Lolo Leela

you shuold do stand ups man ,..... this is a waste of your good talent ...just kiddin

Mike Cola

4:46 Cool pic. Would put that on my wall


Love your reviews man keep 'em coming lmao

Heede King

Looks like this is the one for me.


Now I know what to get my epileptic friend for his birthday!

Marion Spell

Just beginning my venture into the world of tactical flashlights and high-end lights in general, and I have a question. First off, I'd like to say: great video and funny. I can appreciate that you took the time to test the runtimes yourself.

You seem to know your stuff, so can you recommend a brand or a place to start if I want a long-distance beam light? I'm talking something suitable for spotlighting up to at least 200 yards or in that general area.

Dirk Fuhrmann

Very good review, all thumbs up!


I know its 2 yrs older now. But this will get spanked with the new Zebralight mkiv

Madcow Computer

Hei YouTube Fan, Pls Speak to Nitecore just when will Nitecore release the Nitecore TM16GTX Titan with 4-XHP-70 at 9000++Lumen & 1600m Throw range. We Know Nitecore can do it & Built it. That what you want & what we All wants too. Pls be Serious, Built it Diver Proof, Tiny & Flawless.


Wow - FANTASTIC video! I have this light as well - didn't realize 2 things you showed about using the tail as a tripod mount and holding the on button for it to flash blue so its easy to find. I knew about hitting the mode button so the blue flashes how much power is left in the battery, 3 for full power and so on. I love the light and this series of uni-body flashlights- however I had an issue with this one after a week in. For some reason when cycling thru the power modes now, I cannot get to Turbo. It goes to that next level, but you can see the light of the flashlight does not change at all, stays on 1000 lumen level. Odd - I still need to contact Nitecore about this. Well done - I can't imagine how long it must of took you to put this video all together - this is one that should get 100K views, and that is being conservative. Well done!

Tamayura Lauresta

am i hearing that right? that an 18650 flat top battery wont work here? like LG choco HG2? and how about the nitecore ec4sw? cause i"m planning to buy a ec4sw with 2 LG choco HG2 3000mAh battery with it... hope you can help me.. thanks..


Nice vids dude! Almost like therapy! I must stop buying music equipment for a sec and get some quality flashlights. I used to buy alot when i was a kid, few have survived over the years since most were crap! I need a quality one for the car and a headlamp. Now you know!


jacob manalang

totally thought it was gonna melt the snow. i saw this light on another guys channel but didnt watch the video cuz the light is ugly and unappealing to me. i knew your video would be entertaining. im still not interested in this light but its pretty cool to me now. still ugly. and im an eazy e guy. sleazy


Strobe dudes


Anyone know if this light will take the protected panasonic 3400mah cell?

Thanks for the review take care and God bless.

Tom Thomas

Debating on this light or the Fenix pd25 or nitecore p12, kinda apples and oranges

Nacho Loza

Do you have a link to these batteries? Appreciate the vid.

Feed Us Fetus Fajitas

You're doing God's work, Skater McGee.

leon green

Another flashlight fetishist. What is it with you guys. Are you all just afraid of the dark?

Phil Mac

Hey man! Just watched this one like you reccommended. I love the brightness and ease of access. I think I'm just looking for something a little bit more rugged as well. Similar to a "sure fire" design or "pelican" I suppose. Sticking to LED. Thanks for your help so far!

Radoslav Gulik

Man, you are sick.. :) Drinking beer an enjoying this rewiev. Btw, thanks for these, I already bought my own LA10, partialy thanks to your review.


will 8000mAh Battery works?

justin forlorn

Best flashlight i ever got.