BEST Crystal Shards? ALL Methods Tested (OSRS)

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BEST Crystal Shards? ALL Methods Tested (OSRS)

69 081 views | 28 Jul. 2019
69 081 views | 28 Jul. 2019

►►► With the release of Prifddinas and the Song of the Elves came a new "currency' called Crystal Shards. These Crystal Shards are used for many new things such as the new crystal armor and Blade of Saeldor, enhanced crystal keys, new skilling tools, etc. Today I'll be doing one hour of all methods that give shards to find the best rate, including the Gauntlet, Zalcano, Agility Course, Mining, Thieving and more!






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BEST Crystal Shards? ALL Methods Tested (OSRS)

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higher brothers - 88 rising. they are from china

David Gomez

runescape is my drug too ! anti stress ! XD

Kabir Bariana

100k subs incoming baby!!!


I didn't think of the house tabs, that's really good. You may have just saved me several mill on that tele crystal.

John Matera

What are the rates for cutting mahogany and teaks? Do they not provide any?


Nice video but you gotta see a doc for your vocal cords mate. Might have some knods on them

Joshua Haymes

Ultra compost gives you 15+ shares a sapling

Red Warrior

Why haven't they made crystal shards buyable... such bull shit


Subbed bro, helpful youtube guides + 10/10 twitch stream


20 shards per hour from iron ore? Funny bcuz i just did it for an hour only got 7 shards...

Jay Pee

Another cheater via runelite... nothing but idiots buying those teleport seeds seeing as there is a spirit tree in priff...


Tool seed is 30m atm lmfao!


Any chance of doing a mass enhanced key opening. Maybe 100 keys?

Slayz z

They should not nerf zolcano because its only high gp per hour if your tick manipulating and getting mvp every kill. They need to just ban tick manipulating in the cave

2007 Lagscape

never tried hardwoods >.>


Don’t you get shards for chopping teaks?

sharky stinks

Great vid bro, 100k subs incoming!

Puppy Puppington

I love me some OSRS and doing some opioids and chillin


1 hr 48 minutes a speed run? My relaxed normal run of that quest took 1 hr 58 minutes lol

World Wide United

he says for free, she charges 150ea lol

Skay HitDaLotto

Ya voice sounds like its givin up on you jesus lmao

Price Checker

8:11 enchant for for free as 150gp per crystal is subtracted from gp stack


What about woodcutting?

sub_zeroV67 osrs

wtf seerz


Keep up the vidz man

World Wide United

is there a specific zalcano world?

Edmakas TV

Still works???

kaylem elphinstone

7th and just subbed

Michael G

You always give your opinions on things as if they're facts, really annoying.

Roger Strack

All time legend man! Love the content as always

Rico Rodriguez



Good god they’re talking about needing zolcano? I get like 200k an hour from it.

dont worry about it

The market place is where I do my elf slayer task.


So uhh.. no 2 tick woodcutting testing?

Royce Runes

Gz on 100k Subs mate! Been here since you got 25k subs ;)



TD Gaming

I made 6m in one hour!!!
Next clip, I made 7m in an hour!

It’s like you want to stick out by how you pronounce things.


"Are these guys Chinese or Asian" - Seerz 2019 lmao




1:48? i did it in 1:39 lol. best quester

stephan duinker

6:38 its unlimeted teleport.. in the longrun it is cheaper to pay 3m for the enchanted crystal i think :) because its unlimeted teleports :)

Gridd da kidd

Anyone else read the title fast and saw crystal just me ok ...

Manuel Garcia



If you’re consistant with your trees you can combine a lot of stuff to get max crystals.

Anthony _________

so they ruined crystal shields ??? u need to do hours of grinding to get shield to work/????????

Gabriel Esparza

You don't even post anymore???


Seerz is so hard to watch

Alex B71

Gauntlet can be 40-50 in the normal mode


"for free" 8:09 every time eluned enchants takes him 150gp lmfao, but yeah, its nothing

Ascended Hazard

Too bad im too lazy to do the quest line

Graham Blossom

You keep saying relevant when you mean equivalent and it’s driving me crazy

rasmus antola

gosh ur stupid sometimes. 3m for unlimited teles not worth? meanwhile unlimited glory is 30m and unlimited slayer ring is 6m

willie millie

u did a great job with new update! congratz bro. u deserve more subs!


Zalcano drops double if you are MVP(ashes drop), you can also tick manipulate


Thieving was affected by rogues... so its half.


Oh shit, I didn’t know you only had 100k subs lol


if u ultracompost ur crystal tree u get 9 shards...

907 250r

<-- that 70.7%


What is the chinese song?

Ravlar RS

Did you have Ardy hards when pickpocketing?

Tony The Truck Guy

Even though I'm "dumb" for buying an unlimited teleport crystal, this was a good video since I was trying to figure out the best method to get shards

Andre Benoit

You couldnt even speed run the mirror part in an hour 40.


Crystal tree got updated to 13-20 per harvest. Somehow deleted the clip of the mining. 24 shards/hr via iron ore.
I've become a Full-time Livestreamer, come follow me there!
Also, just made a Instagram ► ​​


dumb man it cost to recharge

Cody Heisler

Fun fact, crystal tool seeds are like 30m now lol


congratulations on 100k subs. thanks for the awesome guide I'm going to see how I go getting shards on my ironman

fur king el

worst update.

Justin Teekah

I think the should not nerf the zalcano boss because the higher level you are the more money u could on the boss cuz low levels can't make as much so it show the it's worth leveling up

Lost In Time

They were Chinese, def not Asian tho.

Billy Zhou

Great video bro! Can you test out the xp rate for crystal tools compared to the inferno dragon pickaxe/axe/harpoon


You noobs i play rs3


"Enchant for free" as the coin stack goes down.............. GG

William Rose

i suffer fibromyalgia rs is my drug 2 <3


They need to give more crystal seeds man this shit is ridiculous

steve gill

Is the elf city skilling city like in rs3?



Justin Symela

when are you doing the keys?


Didnt see you doing any woodcutting for shards???


Thanks for making this homie


"Do you think these guys are Chinese or Asian...wait..." lmaoo