Lets Max - Balla Dagger: Lich DESTROYER, New BEST single target melee!

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Lets Max - Balla Dagger: Lich DESTROYER, New BEST single target melee!

43 951 views | 5 Nov. 2019
43 951 views | 5 Nov. 2019

So with the impact of melee 3.0 on our builds, its time to try and figure out what the new top of the tree. Well, here it is, the Balla Zaw dagger, the Lich slayer!

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Also IMO that arcane that does damage on status effects has always been absolutely terrible. Maybe it was buffed if you are having it be effective as it was only just fine against unarmored targets. Since the thing only goes by damage and not elementals (or even crits if i remember right) it's very mild. It's like adding a firecracker to a nuclear explosion, kinda pointless.

Vahn Black

been using that dagger ever since zaws came out. in fact, i have two of em, one focused on crits, another on status chance.


For Kuva lich in 2020, is it possible to replace primed pressure point for something else, like primed reach?


This is my zaw on console right now. Good to know I'll be good to go when the update hits.


I have a riven for it comment if you want to buy it

Michael Müller

Basically all of my weapons still shred lvl 200 enemies (jat kusar, arca titron, wolf sledge, silva&aegis prime, plague kripath (ekwana jai 2, seekalla) and gram prime). We lost a lot of dmg potential but by no means are most end game weapons irrelevant, you just have to know how to stack dmg. Base damage mods and CC mods are basically worthless now thanks to how CO and bloodrush have been changed, instead CD and attack speed should take their place, also thanks to the 5s combo duration you dont really need a combo duration mod on fast weapons.

Haru Kaneiashy

I had that exact dagger before the update dropped. Well this was unexpected.


will homing fang works?


silently and evily chucles in redline gauss


Zaw Nikana seems to me performing even better
SEPFAHN + PEYE + VARGEET II JAI (Arcanes: ZAW: triumph, Arcane strike, Arcane Fury) + Amalgam Daikyu
34% base crit, high damage, insane attackspeed .. and the best thing ? 3% lifesteal all the time :)
You are welcome

Lord Dracul

I have a riven for the Balla high critical chance

Nex #kek

Could you please revisit Dokrahm? Would love to see your builds for the current patch (:


What is your zaw build like?


I might have completely missed something but why does he have condition overload on a weapon with 10% status chance?

Andrew Osier

Least I have a reason to use my riven now, was about to transmute it some weeks ago.
Thanks for the build man, definitely looks like a beast in full flight.


My fucking Lich keeps running away. At maximum rank and hatret level. 10 minutes of bulletsponging and gone - so much fun... Still a fan of the Shaku as malee with a range riven.

Im not gay but

I had one of these before 3.0 for pocket sand good to see that i can still use it

Riggidy Raggedy

what do you think keep my balla riven at 150dmg 50atk spd or roll crits?


Daggers are good, Tatsu and Orvius are nerfed, Prova vandal is good. What is this crazy world.


dont understand what peeps are so gussy about, its decent not godlike, try a dehtat high speed crit polearm, better range ..


I made one of these a while back, but I made it to be fast attack speed with 100% status.. I really don't want to build a new zaw because of these melee changes..

alexandr sultanov

nah still like revenant the lich troller/killer the best. chase away when not needed. chase away allies lich to troll them . kill lich with ease. bestests. Dat weapon is nice tho


I've got a balla riven so I can't wait to get rich

Da Mede

I don't understand why someone would convert a Lich, like is there some benefit besides having them fight beside you (also don't really understand how that works)

Dominic Haertig

I just build this Zaw after this video, thank you so much this really helps against bosses

Mage Aramil

Nami Skyla with riven for +100% crit chance, crit damage and damage build for Viral kills 160 lvl corrupted bombers in less than 3 seconds without any combo :) amd has better range than dagger ;) i love it

Il Giallo

why no quickening? yes berserk is faster , nut u will get those red crit a lot before

The not so Mighty FL_3

The fact that a dagger is the strongest weapon in the game at the moment just shows how broken things are. Lets hope for improvements soon.

Eluminary Xarrais

... the base range and riven disposition isn't bad on this with a riven and prime reach I have it at 7 m range and still doing ridiculous damage but too rooms of things


I agree that attack speed is now more important than damage per hit. That said, there's a limit. If you have an attack speed riven, I really don't think it's worth it to go for a speed grip and link. It just ends up being TOO much attack speed. You can't click that fast, especially not for a full mission, so I still think the zaw you showed off in the Index video to be more than enough.

Carson Farquhar

Its so good, just built it


I just got a riven with status chance, status duration and crit damage, boi do I'm looking forward to building this

Jackson Fin

Did any1 else get a ballas riv from the alert?


@Hedsh0t dude.. Check out the OHME! Dual Aprex Sticks!

The Magic Conch

Quick! Take this down before they see it and nerf it....

Chaz Castillo

I've been sitting on his Riven for weeks >:3

Kylze polaczkowaty

Can I have this litch?


15 secs? Give mine about half that if they don't spread out with a heavy attack into execution. tears through weak mobs with a combo, then 90% combo efficiency heavy attack one shot, or if not, delete with covert lethality execution finishes it up. Nox who takes crap all from execution? just layer a few heavy attacks into him (like 5?) and he bleeds to death.

Dave Mariñas

Naming your Zaw with names like "DING DONG LICH IS DEAD", will give you hidden op bonus stats. Don't tell DE I told you this.


Uhm somebody can explain me why is condition overload is a base dmg now?
Condition overload still dealing dmg as many status type on the target. But pressure point is give your weapon more base dmg. So pressure gives u, i guess 155dmg and condtion 120 dmg/status type but what if is ur weapon having 34% chance to proc status? Thats mean almost every 3hit gives one status type proc. Somebody explain me please

Aldre Jose Manalo

If this is one of the strongest melee weapon in the game with the max crit then why arent people recommending vargeet 2 jai on kripath and instead recommending vargeet jai 2

Ony Xerxes

@H3sh0t such a damn bummer how they butchered the forward combo of flailing branch. It feels like it basically has no forward momentum anymore so it feels horrible to use your old favorite sepfaun zaw. (Which I loved as well) let's hope they fix the fucking stance

Hernan Coronel

the name should be "The E breaker"

David Johannesson

Something fun to try for a video: No combo max damage charge builds. They're crazy strong atm.
Also something specific, Try the buffed Twin Basolk with Rift strike, life strike, corrupt charge, killing blow; then gas, status and raw damage. Nothing else. No attack speed, no range, no combo counter mod as your main source of damage is through charge attacks. Which now deals a fuckton of gas damage in an aoe, with 25m instant teleport as the charge speed is sooooo high. + life strike heals max hp every charge :)

Socorro Rocha

Is It good with viral? :^

Karcist Vahlae

Yeah, pretty much works exactly like this. Lvl 5 Lich goes down under 5 sec. Well, is fun until party poopers notice it.

Amer AlMutawa

Time to make a new zaw... sigh

This Guy

100000 dmg non crit 20 meter AoE, 300k-500k crits on single target with Arca Titron/Crushing Ruin. DE will nerf this soon but have fun with it for now :) ( hold/toggle block then press forward and spam E for Nuclear Hammer)


Damm, I forgot about the Argonak's mod

Thanks much!


This combo was godly before too....the question is whether another dagger can be even better because of the stat changes...

Jo 4318

Been using this dagger since poe with ash and pocket sand dude it was pretty strong will try it soon ™

Matthew Martinez

Wow, I've been wanting to make this zaw for a long time just for the fun of it. Never thought it would be anything more than that.


I've been having a hilarious time using the Fragor Prime as my Lich killer. 40% Crit and 2.5x multiplier is real good with Blood Rush and Organ Shatter, Primed Fury and Berserker gives it really fast Attack Speed once Berserker is up, and Crushing Ruin gives some fantastic attacks. It was tearing through enemies, though I don't know if it was as fast as your Zaw in the Simulacrum test. Either way, fun times.


Pretty sure its weaker than Nikana Prime, will check out tho

Wolf hunter 189

Just gotta say...this isnt news for me. Since zaws came out my firat zaw was balla jai 2 and cant remember the handle. Its the long dagger one so theres that. Its sexy and balanced. My favourite zaw. Not used it for a while but i revisited my build and didnt realise i never had primed elemental mod. And as lvling it again LOVING it again. And i gotta say im in console....so ya


Are you going to do a lich guide video. I've been playing other games and I am out of the loop. I somehow created a lich yesterday, didn't even see how it happened guy died so fast... So I have lich that says stuff on my ship here and there. Kinda funny. No idea what to do next or why I'd do said thing. Like why are you "hunting" a lich and why do you need a lich specific build?
Warframe/DE are shit at explaining anything unless you watch 2 hour dev streams.

King kobra

Good to know my melee stays viable in the melee update(console player)


I don't get how you tore through lich that fast. Mine was barely taking any damage from just about any weapon or element with buffed up Chroma. Maybe mine had some uber-armor or I dunno...


I have a zaw like this that i build for covert lethality but made it max status for condition overload as a back up. It's nutty how strong it is. it could do things my other zaws could not prior to 3.0. vid kinda makes me want to build a new one.

Jonathan .T

How are the rapiers? The vulpine mask gives 100% slash proc per poke. And does relentless combination still work with it?


Why bout use the vargeet 2 ruhang link


bruh this was best single target damage the day plains of eidolon launched. but no one would use them because daggers weren't meta

Local Man

Built it.

Aldre Jose Manalo

Can i replace peye with plague akwin or will it make the weapon weaker?


(New to building zaws)Why vargeet II jai vs. vargeet jai II?

Amoral Support

Try Tonfas with Gemini Cross, the nuetral combo, relentless combination, Bloodrush and weeping wounds!

Nathan Brawley

I shit you now I had a nightmare where they nerfed condition overload to 7% and blood rush to 8%


Seer, my first litch had a fucking seer.

Babeh Ryy

For gods sake ... You just had to reveal it didn't you.


when u do the practice run against those 4 heavy gunner, try doing it without invincibility on... gotta make sure ur not dead before u reach them. Otherwise, great dagger


Exodia Brave, lifestrike and amalgum organ shatter.


I got a mediocre -70% puncture riven, wonder if this melee would actually have a respectable armor strip
Ohh, and daggers being good for single-target seems like a good way to balance them after the loss of covert, which achieved just that.

Mariano Paramidani

balla was always a AS weapon, as you had covert lethality + forced finisher on stinging thorn.

also, bala, not bola


I love using my dagger Balla (named Peshkatz) with a ~+45% atk spd riven, it hurts my fingers like hell, but god it's fun, especially while using Ash.


I knew keeping my balla crit riven was a good idea

Eryan Ferdyatna

We cant aplly status to lich right? So apparently CO would do nothing to lich right?


dusting up ol' Balla Tempanada Riven
Soon, my friend.

Bianca RoughFin

I have been maining a Dagger Zaw build just like yours since Plains came out tho my build is different since i have a Riven giving +Crit Chance, +Combo Duration and +Range.

It has a base Crit chance of 83.1% with Sacrifical Steel + Riven. Before the Melee Rework i used to reach 494.4% Crit chance with BloodRush when at 3x, now after the Rework i can reach 681.4% Crit chance at 12x which is much easier and faster to reach.

I use Exodia Contagion and have managed to do a 44KK crit on a Grineer in the plains but that was before it got nerfed.

Also, Arcane Fury (40% Chance on Crit for +120% Damage). ♥

Ember Hydra

Why use corrosive if Liches are immune to status effect?


I feel like there's a massive problem with this one. It's a combo-reliant build that has no range.
You can take any AVERAGE melee combo build and the time you save on clearing missions + building combo will more than make for the ~10 extra seconds you save once every 4 missions.

Vordigon Silverwood

Nah, I'ma give it a few weeks B4 I start rebuilding melee weapons juust in case de decides to pull out with melee 3rd phase....


I've been using a balla dagger since the POE update, and I have a really good balla riven, might use it again


Really appreciate the video, not very good at making Zaws and I'm keen to try a new one out.


I bought a extra of all the infested zaw pieces... Should I Use that since I have one? (which ever would fit/replace one of these pieces) for this or stick with the pieces you used?


Works really nice!

Eduardo Souza

My old heavt status bala still bust up anything so crit is optional

Blitz Attacker

Wait... That's my dagger... Neat

D3L7A Z7R1K3

Everyone gangsta until DE decides to revert changes.

gaby vr

I have this but in staves form with a groll riven, its nasty

Eládio Nogueira

I'm building one with my last Plague Akwin instead of the Peye grip since they are similar. I'm curious about how much they will differ.

Flying Scorpion

I originally built one of these for my zephyr so she could melee slam the ground and get moving again really fast. It's nice to see that it's been buffed to be good at damage.

Diego Nevado

With the changes of new mainline on the status and other things, this still works?

Joey D'Agostino

Lucky me I made one but never used it


I really hope balla becomes op cause I have a balla riven which does me no good since on console balla is ok


Im so happy to see someone using this amazing weapon, I've been using it a long time now even before the melee changes and boi I was having so much fun, it easily became my favorite melee :)


I’ve got one with the same link and strike but with the plague akwin. Should do the job or not?

Karl Lee

Almost any weapon is super OP now after the update. You just need the right modes and heavy attacks or OP now


I still use basically this build today. I use it to kill conculists without void damage

Marvin Maassen

uhm well… still got ma dokrahm zaw from melee 2.0 and that weapon isnt really that much of single target… xD
but hey, it does as much dmg as yours with About 8m range so gg


All you have to do is use Gauss with the dagger...even more awesomness....⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈⚡⚡⚡⚡