NBC World of Dance TV Show is Rigged|Winner Already Decided!?! TV Show Review and Discussion!!!

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NBC World of Dance TV Show is Rigged|Winner Already Decided!?! TV Show Review and Discussion!!!

7 441 views | 13 Jun. 2017
7 441 views | 13 Jun. 2017

Hey everyone! With the NBC releasing their new TV show 'World of Dance' I thought I should give my personal review on the show. Please note that the opinion in this video are my own after doing my own personal research and was not intended to offend anyone if it does. PLEASE STAY OPEN MINDED! Also, my goal is not to call out the show or judges or anything like that, but to discuss a topic based directly from the dance community on social media. If you disagree, please feel free to give your opinion in the comment section. ENJOY!!!



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Diane Johnson

Just my thoughts... 3 judges who are looking for technical dance moves thrown in with some personality, choreography and synchronization. Now factor in relevance and marketability. Its a contest we can never agree on appeal.

Schneider Amelia


Spicy Tuna Roll

I know something is wrong.... the jabbawockeez and kinjaz elimination was a big hint to that


no way that group was better than the Jabbawockees


I havent seen the show, so, doeseverybody compete with everyone? i mean, i know that there are different categories but at the end, is it a free for all? like a solo dance has to battle a dance crew, etc etc...


I understood that it was a dance show for the already professional dancers, they said it's like Olympics for the dance world...so in the essence it's the best of the best.

S. Murchison

World of dance is a joke !!! The rating is unfair I've been watching the new show and jlo clearly understands shaking her butt I just watch her give an amazing group a low score and these were really amazing dancers I will no longer be watching this show it's corny and their not well known dancers keep it

Keoni Huihui

I agree, and my opinion is that it was rigged once i saw who the winner was. I think if they do another season the people should be able to vote for the winner vs having the judges do it. I think Eva Igo killed it and should of won, but my favorite was Keone and Mari who probably got shafted the most because Les Twin is to well known to drop off the show. The networks needs those ratings!


Im a fan of wod and i agree it can be rigged sometimes

Kalandra Hendrix

I completely understand and agree to a certain degree of what you have said. I also have been watching the show and have been puzzled by some of the scores certain dancers and the groups have received. I'm really hoping this isn't one of those rigged competition it would truly be a shame if it were but I would like to believe that Jlo would not have herself associated with that type of dishonesty. Just my opinion.

Raph Sherman

First of all neyo should have picked a better song for Iva Igo. Secondly who had to sleep with who to win the million dollars. Something going on there. Didn't Beyoncé recently drop les twins........didn't she recently HAVE TWINS.......hmmmmmmmm

Bergs Art

I feel like Jlo shouldn't be a judge??? She speaks a little to over inspiring and is not there to actually highlight and critique their dance.

Miikey RPH

They know the winner because it was made in januari

Cris Bahena

Hey that's my house

ESENTL Apparel

Whats to prevent judges from whispering what they are scoring....there is no way to protect the aspect of legit scoring, they can advance whoever they want at any given time by cheating the numbers purposely .....live voting would be way better and eliminate favouritism from the judges which we are already seeing with Jlo favoring the lil girl dancers.....which in the begining my wife and I already called and said was gonna happen with them vs each other.....so that seems rigged already since momma Jlo got her lil dancers in the end because they said they love her lol
Also.....how the heck did Jabba end up in a 3 way battle with a dual elimination? With no explanation as too how that process went down to create that situation?
Lastly I think the fact that the contestants can battle who they want is wack cause they can easily challenge a lesser component.....perfect example was.. Les Twins vs the tap dancer, that was the 1st biggest easy cheat I saw first I love these guys but they took advantage of a loop hole, thats not competitive imo....thats enough for now lol

Frankie villa

Basically what your trying to say is les twins are don't deserve to win... I agree with you. They are weak compared to kinjaz.


I kinda like the grading system, it's more precise because they have a lot of criteria (performance, presentation, choreography, technique and creativity) and each is out of 20 BUT they don't show grades details on tv. That's why we don't understand why this group got such a high score or such a low score.
I think the show is a bit overproduced and too edited, it was hard sometimes to really get into the performance. I read a comment on Les Twins performance video, which said that he was in the audience during the show and the emotion and presence of Les Twins were incredible but you can't feel it through a video. Maybe it's a fake but we all know that watching live is 10 times better than video. :)
(I hope I was clear enough, english is not my first language)

Cade Hebert

kinjas just lost to swing latino... wtf...


Jennifer Lopez is a terrible judge