SCP-2764 The Eldritch Antarctic (SCP Animation)

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SCP-2764 The Eldritch Antarctic (SCP Animation)

938 763 views | 16 Nov. 2020
938 763 views | 16 Nov. 2020

Dr Bob brings you SCP Foundation Keter class object, SCP-2764 Animation.

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SCP 2764, also known as The Eldritch Antarctic, is a massive biological entity of unknown origin that will telepathically communicate with individuals nearby and the size of SCP2764 does not appear to follow Euclidian geometries; that is, one cannot distinguish the organism's true size based on simply looking at it, as the creature will often appear to be many times smaller or larger than estimates determine it to be.

Watch TheRubber videos if you like these, this video was inspired by The Rubber animation style:

SCP-096 The Shy Guy (SCP Animated)

This video, being derived from written by Choiwel, is released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0.

Narrated by Joe Cliff Thompson

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【ゆっくり茶番劇】『可愛すぎる件について……』幻想郷創夢 籠の中のカゴメ 七話
Pet Channel

Scp 2764 just as me playing cyber punk 2077


There is not even physics in the SCP universe

K Muturi

Damn, of all scp videos I've watched, this one is the most interesting!

That Jedidiah

To not be stuck in that time loop is just do nothing

Kleever DeLeon Guzman

This some hard math to tell what’s going on

Spasz M


『One Sad Peanut』

POV: Dr. Bob changed the thumbnail and you’re watching this again


This scp is so confusing i love it

DragonBoy 32

So tentical monster that will do not so good things to you?

Michael Murphy

Wow.....I didn't realize this channel is only months old. I love Dr. Bob, you have my subscription. Your presentation and music used really makes this a series I hope to watch for much, much longer. Keep up the good(hard) work. I'm rooting for you. I've watched all your videos in the last few hours......I'll go back and upvote them.

Irfan Azmii

What if this scp came from the 4th dimension it make sense how it can change it's size and can flickered to other places.

Matthew Keen



I saw this on Tiktok, I’m so glad I was able to find the original

rosalina Douglas


Gaudium Felidae

380 meters tall and weight 150000 tons this thing is almost floating it should have a density index of roughly 3 and water is 1000

The Science Man

This is by far the most interesting, unique, and fascinating SCP yet.

Quarian Pilgrim

Ha it’s old Herma Mora

D.I.S .C.O

Welcome to the true man's world.....

Brent Troy

Hey isn’t that scp mobile task force named after an alchool that’s also called yagah bombers

Darrin s

These are confusing times

Amazing Andy 007 YT

This is the definition of "Always Has Been"

Thick cat

You changed the thumbnail

[Insert good name here]

Wait.. So doesn't that mean his other members also got affected in a infinite loop? Im guessing it all started once his other members disappeared. Fascinating!

bazel bay

Scp lovecraft potato potato

Luxury Løsers

I would like to see this fight Godzilla

꧁SHADOW 2265꧂

"The Yeager Bombers"
Attack on Titan intensifies

Ambika Manda

3700 is cooler

rosalina Douglas

Dr BobCool

Jotaro Kujo gun

Scp 2662: who tf r u
Scp 2764: I'm you but more confusing

Lisa Lafferty

SCP 049

bazel bay



Random victim: W-WHAT IS THIS
SCP 2764: This is... Requiem

Alex Bear

What a bitter

Noah Green

it's a spawn of cathulu


Wait, if he is forever trapped in the time loop, then how did the SCP foundation get his story on what's going on and what happened to him?

The Soul of Cinders

SCP-2764: "Korega Requiem...Da"

Saif King

Show us you face

Baylor Loney

this kinda reminds me of the 33 second man

William and attila Xiong


Aurora Cardoso

SCP 2764 monster


I've been binge watching this shit man.

Stefan Baraniecki

What an outcome!

Dr Bob

Wow, I am so humbled by the response to these videos! Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would grow this big, and it's all thanks to you. Almost 70,000 subscribers? I can't believe it. It makes me so happy to see you enjoy these videos and it's what keeps me going. And please keep letting me know which SCPs you want to see next! I look at every single suggestion.


Did just the thumbnail just chage

Dazzle Michelin


ethan banks

Hp lovecraft would love sco foundation

Mr Orc Shaman

So it can alter the fabric of time, perception, and has telepathy. Interesting concept, but is it something that wants to screw around with people, or wants to be left alone.


"Commander Man", How original.

Exotic Butters

So basically its existencial crisis cthulu

Tahir Sultan

Natrual scp :
??? :

Jared Bonagua

Why does he have zechistoprhenia

Pichit Thongchampa

Is This was in our universe I would seriously be terrified


So basicly you could trap the shy guy there

Onin Dela Cruz

You will never reach the truth.


I wonder if it’s related to scp 1529 or 096?

Elemental Games

Why is this like a Bendy And The Ink Machine theory?


Tenet reference 7:45

Foot laziness Messel

It would be cool to surprise us with a face reveal

William and attila Xiong


daniel bernardo pedreros inzunza

Give this story to Nolan please, the time warping elements are absolutely his thing.

A stick of gum

this is the most confusing scp i ever seen


Pause at 0:46 .........tell me you don't see a Guinea Pig with tentacles?


So he technically got put into an infinite death loop.. Korega. Requiem. Da.

ClassicalFrenzy !

I think many people were trapped in a time loop set by the entity so that it can flicker in out of locations where the people are trapped in a time loop. The creature might use it’s victims as way to flicker back into existence since the time loops repeat and result in people becoming the creature.

Boomimin Bonkers

who else thought of Lovecraft's creations and other stuff in the Cthulu mythos?

noah saldaña

This is so trippy Iamma watch this a couple times


Reminds me of the last part of the game "Stories Untold"

You’re gettin nervous, man!

Wow, it’s almost as tall as the Empire State building

Alex Pendleton

This is actually really well written, reminds me of the Lovecraft short stories

Connor Jordan Ng

I think You should Make A Video About the chaos Insurgency because It would Not be the SCP Universe without the Major Antagonist of the foundation.


''that makes it impossible to count how many tentacles it has''
me pausing the video to count em: yeah its big brain moment


My mom when I don't do my homework

booom gaming

Look at the guy on the left at 4:43 BRUH


My head hurts

Frederick Lazo

Show your face!!!

Jennifer Mitchell

Hermeas mora is that you

We play Games

Yeager bombs


Its a Quantum object from Outer Wilds!

Lea A

Dr bob how about SCP 682 or SCP 87 or both?

amril mamongcara

Cool video

yamanjeffery 25

Hi keep going these keep me entertained for hours

David Sprinkle

Are SCPS real because I dont know anything about these creatures or anomalies


"Its size does not follow normal Euclidian geometry"
Guess HP Lovecraft never got the memo that Euclidian geometry is just any geometry on a flat plane, and is still making that mistake while writing SCPs

7ill120 YT

Korega Requiem Da...


So how does the foundation know the details of this SCP if he's stuck in a time loop, and unable to communicate what happened to him?


Researcher: You will be examined.
SCP-2764: Human, I have come to bargain.

Darkyh Red

My theory is that it is an SCP capable of giving allucinations effect to its victims, which would explain most of the time and distance confussions

And which can switch places/change forms with people + control the time.




after a secessful op JAGER BOMBS

Jese Gyani

SCP 2764: Bro whyd you attack me

Comander man: Its for research bro

Solena Isaac

This is amazing. Like honestly crazy. If you want a super cool recommendation, I'd say "I can not stop screaming" or that one torture phone. That ones cool too.

Shubhra Das

Umm bob are scp real


This looks like that horror terror fefori has from homestuck


Look for El doctor bob in youtube. he is a imporstor

The crimson_1 Benton

I’m gonna tell all my friends about you

Abhishek Vishwakarma

Wow this was actually an interesting one

pumpkin gamer epic

So this scp has an equivalent weight of 150000 cubic meters of water

Zach Sirianni

Call me stupid, but what's an SCP?

Travis Griffin

That creature is fucking amazing. I wouldn't be able to come up with something even half as good as that.


Eldritch terror time