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375 479 views | 23 Jan. 2020
375 479 views | 23 Jan. 2020

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Dabunny Rabbit

I have had one, it kicked my ass lol.
the gut bomb was epic and it lingered for hours.

josh griffith

Can't shit right for a month

Biggin 1982

Milk dont help. Eat a peanut butter sandwich. It stops the heat almost instantly

Randy Lamb

I'm going to try to do 3 of them

Brock Jameson

I love good ol boys an girls like these 2!! Keep it Country!

Michael Lepore

Wow!!! That big ass box for 1 little ass gummie bear??? How much is one of dem???

Kentucky Beardsman

Love ya catfish

Cross Brantley

Enlightened Poltergeist

Catfish I love u brother for the laughs thanks man

john jacobson

The toilet ain't going to like you


im so glad im not your

Ray Parker

Moved to south Florida from EEEEAST Tennesseeeeeeeee! Do not miss that mouth full of sh*t slur in the least.

Captain Howdy

2:12 whos peeking?

chad smith

Just think what it's going to be like when it comes out the other end hahaha.

Clayton Doll


Ash Taylor

Your wife is beautiful. Also, who defaq eats 18 000 000 Scoville units and still be able to read?? I missed you man.

Ray Parker

Does any other animal intentionally injure themselves. Man is the most unintelligent animal on the planet!

Charles Carron

Try a spoon full of sugar and press it up on the roof of your mouth and let it dissolve. That should take the heat out.

Tavish Hammond

I subscribed and liked before watching the video, I knew it was youtube at first site.

fun and family

What happens when you both need the toilet

Hunt The Urban

2:12 the blinds.

zumspeed 26

My nose is running just watching this lol

Ernie Padgett

Dude.. How did you find her

Steve Bogan

Quite the love story, eat your heart out X Mrs. Cooley.


Fake for sure!


If this dude got married aint no reason for anyone on the planet to be single


Gotta give her props. She's braver than I am. I wouldn't eat one of those things. I had a hard time just eating one Jalapeño pepper a long time ago. These things would put me into the Hospital. Hell no!

Michael Shannon

Watermelon takes it right away

Eric Brown

Sugar water

Johnathon Chaney

You are so funny

Simon Taylor

HAHAHA i cant believe you ate 2 of them!! that is bruuutal

Stay Positive 2019

You gotta pretty hot lady on your side. Its gotta be a fun relationship


Lucky man, got himself a real woman xx

Jesse Benware

Ther s a tweaker peeking out from the blinds

John Voelker

Always a joy watching the catfish!!! That looks tortuous

Michael Moll

I would make that sneaky fellow hiding behind the blinds eat one...

George Tapia

You both are awesome

Gerrit Jager


Stay Positive 2019

Where do u get those from

David Paul Fox

She done good

Terry Dobbins

If you can't handle doing a little nitro challenge and reacting like that. You either shouldn't be doing spicey challenges or you're hyping it up way to much.

James Carlin

who was in the blinds at 1.45 scary...

Scott Hall

LMFAO! You gotta love catfish

Ysidra Rohde

My daughter and her friend tried that gummy bear. They both took a bite. They were coughing, screaming and drooling! It was funny! Both downed the milk too!


Guy Devinney

This can't be as bad as the time he ate three carolina reapers and drank a 5th of fireball. Lol

Chris Middleton

Which was worse... These or the Paqui chips?

Johnny Garbin

LEgend :D

Keeton Epps

Love how positive you are! Inspirational. Love to laugh. Rock on Catfish

paul collins

Chase with a beer

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Fred Stemcovski

No disrespect your wife is gorgeous congratulations

Robert Romig

Worse than the "one chip?"

Michael Lepore

The fastest way to knock out that burn ! One glass of water! Plus 4 tablespoons of baking soda! Mix well , swish and hold it for a few seconds! And bang!!! No more mouth on fire! Merry xmas from me to you! Mike from Philadelphia...

Michael n

From 2:14 to 2:25 someone was spying on you guys through the window

Retard Squirrel

This guy's a moron

Luis Villarreal

@ 2:12, The Grim Reaper laughing as he peers through the window. LOL Just breath in, keep goin'. Yes girl you got it goin' on, hooo, not me though.


I only saw you eat one at the beginning

Jeff Mutter

Catfish, She's Purdy

fofingaring gaming

him; that's my wife
her: nodding head in the back ;i'm not i'm trapped.

Leroy Shipp

Man..ever since you cannon balled that bottle of fireball along with the're a wild man!! But gummies?

Savannah Johnston

Did you see the person who opened the window???


I really like you and her......I think y’all make an awesome team!!!!

richard Turk

Put a shirt on those are some bad tattoos

Fish Stix

Hot wife too!!!


She ll mistake jalapenos for sliced pickles after that

FJ. V.

I would luv to hang around with this guys he's a riot. Your the best

Big K Tv

“Never again” until you see the views!! Hahaha great job you two. Funny

Sandra Nicole

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Jimi Foxx

Two of my favorite people ❤


think of growing up with this dude living next door


Catfish.....u tha funniest! Yo wife sho got her hands full with u! Yall great!!


ICP kids gone wild

Taten Bassett

Dude you are so freaking funny

Yanito 850

Youre fucking crazy man HAHAHA!! And i love it

This is Jesse

Seeing that this guy is married, gives me hope.....

Dave Stump

You guys are Awesome! BE SAFE,GOD BLESS!


Can you repost the video where you jump in and attack alligators in the water.

Young Boy Baljeet

1:04 is when he knew shit was bout to go down lol

Corey Sheets

Is it just me, or or is Mrs. Catfish hot as Hell?

Jonathan Swinford

I'd be willing to try 4 at one time


Just saw this guy on an old Tosh 2.0 rerun. I am glad he is still kicking! What a personality. Kudos on his wife. Cute and tough.

Matt D

You got you a tough one there BROTHER...she took it like a true champion...keep making people laugh...


You guys should do more videos together


Your supposed to take a mouth full sugar miss catfish

JG Hudson

Bruh loved how dey ate it den read da box

Shawn Humphreys

Lmfao....he’s used to it, she’s not.

Rollie Candelaria’s

Get it catch fish ever want a tattoo I’m out here in Beaumont Texas black Cadillac tattoo parlor check out my Instagram .still_he_tattoos

DJ ANOKE - Deep Art Berlin

Man,you reminds me a little bit of Jim the Anvil neidhart!
your laught is beautyfull!!! you must come to wrestling! AEW!

War Room

Catfish... you are the fucking man!

Jake Is Cake

2:12 blind pops open wondering the fuck are these two doing making all this damn noise

Chris Fuller

I respect you so much I know where you are coming from good luck in life my friend.

Chas N' Chucks Didn't Suck

Great video, would love to do a collaboration sometime!


This guy needs to do a collab with trailer trash tammy....OMG!! That would be hilarious.

Chas N' Chucks Didn't Suck

Great video as usual. We did the Lil Nitro on our channel yesterday, would be so pumped if you gave it a view Catfish!

Micah Cryer

Did y’all see the windows blinds open

Tony Greco

You didnt spit out the chew first?

robert fletcher