The Nature Trouble #10 - Corrupted Nature - Albion Online solo PvP

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The Nature Trouble #10 - Corrupted Nature - Albion Online solo PvP

45 835 views | 18 Aug. 2020
45 835 views | 18 Aug. 2020

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For the 10th episode we are getting into the corrupted dungeons! After an unsuccessful druidic staff build, I've climbed up to slayer with the great nature staff! I will upload more videos soon. Here are my first fights - more incoming in a few days!

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Pour ce 10e épisode, on part fans les donjons corrompus ! Après un build bâton druidique qui n'a pas bien marché, je suis monté jusqu'au Slayer grâce au grand bâton naturel ! Je mettrai en ligne plus de vidéos bientôt. Voici quelques uns de mes fights - et encore plus à venir !

Merci d'avoir vu la vidéo ! Abonne-toi, like et commente si ça t'a plu ! :)

Musics used during this video/stream:

00:00 Intro - Albion Online OST | Jonne Valtonen - 01 - Main Theme

00:10 88 MPH Disco - StreamBeats by Harris Heller - Synthwave Renegade

02:20 Symmetry Pulse - StreamBeats by Harris Heller - Synthwave Renegade

04:50 Rush - StreamBeats by Harris Heller - Synthwave Renegade

07:18 Because the Night - StreamBeats by Harris Heller - Synthwave Renegade

10:19 Welcome Anarchy - StreamBeats by Harris Heller - Synthwave Renegade



Best background music. You fight with honor. Subscribed.


Great job! Thanks to the author. Very interesting.

OAV 481

nice video


Oh no... Someone out there with the same build as me... Hopefully we imortals never meet xD

edit: almost my build lul

Perviz Kyazimov

Haha I was the fire staff :) mrhotsauce

NICK Senpai

which nature staff is good against 1H Dagger?

Bernd Keschner


VjEJOLOKO Entertainment

Great Video, Good gud gud Music!! :)


Nice video, except the music. I feel like I'm a gay person

Gran Ribeyro

Why you kill him?...

Matt Msao

Go jouer avec une vraie arme enfaite nn ?,j'aime le pvp ou sa ce tape !

Matt Lorival

Ton build druidic est moins bon que ton build great nature apres nerf?


man the kill on the dagger guy "did you think this was PVE game?" im fucking dying that was so perfect of a response

Raclette Fondue

Ta guilde recrute ?
Sinon GG tu les a éclatés XD


so 2 of the most played builds are really hard for nature

Javier Alonso

100% please, be realist

Plunderer - PUBG Mobile

Cancer braindead build


I fought nature user too but because im newbie, i only realize that he use nature cuz of your video, you have same skills

Blacko Dallas

Why people keep atacking when you used your E ? Noobs

Isaac Oon

Hey bro thank you for your video, just a quick question. Wouldn't pork omelette be better in fights? cus most of the time u wont really out run the enemy and u have a lot of heals already?


La débilité du reflect, c'est un plaisir à regarder :))) j'vais p'tet Switch sur ça vu toutes les fois où j'tombe sur des mecs qui te chase pendant 3h alors que j'ai pas un Build pour aller me fight mais juste speedclear les donjons xD
Super vidéo, hâte de voir les suivantes !!

Maw Viette

J'utilise principalement ce système pour fame quand tu dépasse les 150k infamie ca devient ultra intéressant pour solo fame solo même si tu te fais insulter par ceux qui veulent combattre rien a foutre xD

Italo Rodrigues



Im doing corrupted dungeons with holy lol

Máté Kovács

Hide your auto clicker bro

Ramon Gonzalez

Nice video, I'm rolling druidic with some other build and it is pretty good till I meet 8.3 users - I was even able to 1v1 1ogic using deathgivers and win using druidic. I might try your build soon, looks dope! Btw new sub, ure a God with this xD


What changes would you make to this build if you were planning on doing PvP in a small group rather than solo? And what builds would pair well with it?

Diranu Kun

Cette tune que tu te fais

Lone Wanderer

Keep the good stuff coming our way man ♥️

mr. Vander

Hey, how is Curse in the corrupted dungeons?

Living Armor

Make sure to use me always. But beware of the purge and interrupt :) - From Button "E"

Thomas Thomas

Est ce que c le mieux de prendre chaussures d'assassin parce que la je joue avec sandales d'érudit donc je voulais savoir


i love your goat cry ! <3


The narute need be nerfed

Greenchili Studioz

Not surpise, thorns ability is super good for solo dungeon farming and 1v1 in arena if one knows how to play nature staves well

Jimbo Dee

Great video, I have been following you since Feb 2020 and got 30 ish in great nature staff specialisation, b4 my friends insist I go pure dps for pve dungeons. I thought they nerfed iron skin and hunter's hood so it not viable but you still using? what have you changed since feb just your demon boots in loadout?

Dennis Bogdanski

Viable in 2v2 or 5v5? or even 1vs1-3?
i like it


This is it chief

Juan Albarracin

Try Rabanne build. That one wont do shit in high infamy dgs

CJ Panganiban

Is it worth to use Nature staff when gathering while getting ganked by someone? I havent use that weapon yet but planning to use while gathering in redzone xD

dead shot

Awesome vid men keep it up. What is ur nature spec ?


Ben mec gros GG pour tout ce PVP, continue comme ça !

Jeff Jeff

before I thought ones is a god, but now I think he's more than that


"you thought this was a pve game?", nice line, but if he got executed by the boss you'd just have to leave him alone, cause you can't kill that


This is gorgeous and alluring mate



Paul Lin

Loving your work!! I was going to ask what were the strengths and weaknesses of nature... this video shows it!

Mathias Gomez

Druidic staff or great nature? And why?

Orçun Ersol

what food do you use in corrupted dungeons



Abhinav Adhikari

o hlo onesimme

Ivan Schick

Why are you now wearing leather instead of cloth armor? Do you recommend faming in t7 green dungeons to make money? thank you


Revitalize est archi nul mtn c'est bien ce que je pensait .

Edgar Badillo

i was waiting for this video. i use cleric robe and rejuvenate to get full hp again. but i will use your build


what passive you're running on cap and robe? nice video btw, i'm main nature bc of you, cheers from Brasil


In my Next video y kill all this nubs with Nature staff

Jaden E

Is clearing the mobs painfully slow with this build?

Victor Machado

What if the enemy dont attack when u use ur E ?


Scam your stuff is easy to counter


Nice to see a fellow greatnature user :)


Trash build


Its so unfair how nature staffs only got a nerf while holy staffs got almost totally destroyed for 1v1s


You haven't met Blackhand.

ha vi

Im a staff usrr too, so far the most difficult enemy for me is a staff too with higher tier with me.


Tes francais

Mr Zekito

OMG please more videos with Nature


How the hell!

Wander EER

great video man, what would be a 10/10 dificult?

Max Lucas

That makes my eyes hurt.

Mike Van Dyke

Love this so much


how do you counter black hands


TEACH ME ! what build are you using

dylllaan 22

why no scaling against 1handed dagger


What's your spec on great nature and armor?


Whooo c’est magnifique et ce sont quoi tes paramètres ? (Commande)

Began Buster

Wow you make me love great nature again after they nerf our W

Zachary Stinchfield

Thank you for proving everyone wrong that nature is dead for 1v1 <3

Aditya Kumbhari

@Onesimee what are your thoughts on the ironroot?

Mike Kedian

Didn't a black hands beat you?

Trammie Surprise

What armor passive abilities do you use? CDR, Attack speed, or Heal/Dmg buff?


is this build up to date?

Abhinav Sharma

Yeeee I bought this weapon set today after watching a guide for cheap weapons,now I think I did absolutely good,thanks for the content man,u got a sub

Bates Suzuki

Bro thankyu for the build as a beginner i enjoy it alot

Nayerbany Ziom

F noob stfu

Bruno Sousa

mmo's is always this same bullshit on pvp... you watch and can't understand a damn thing of what is going on lol it seems a total mess.. i mean how can anyone learn anything with all these flash things happening so fast, so many skills and attacks happening at the same time, i wonder.. if ever there is going to be a decent and fair pvp on any mmo game

Gabriel Friid

what is the sandwich`s name

Tobias Luc

nature is just too op, i mean like whats the chance to win against it?

Kristian Correa



so big onesimee's staff isn't dead? :O

Kurokitsuki Nishida

if the enemy is a blackhand user or a claws user you'd die so easily well lucky there's no bh or claws enemy user on your vid abd all are just either range of course they have rapid fire like bow which boost your counter to them that will easily kill them by their own skill but i bet you'll easily die from blackhand and claws btw nice vid


Has 50% win rate with druidic and 100% win rate on greatnature which is not as good as druidic for 1v1 xD

Thomas Hellecke

Damn, thats some great content

Andreas Staufelberg

Graceful work you have here

Simon Rojo

Hello I'm a nature staff user, OMG your so good at using it like hell bro I'm gonna copy that build lol

Νικόλαος Σεργεβίδης

am currently trying a fire staff ... fuck it nature then ...

Saki Saki

Lets talk about your macro to pickup loot

Eduardo Amodante

Nice build bro.. New subs here.. I like ur build I play this game 5days.. Can I copy ur build. Can u pot what gear u use. In reply section please.

Jokr Mdr

Ils me rendent fou c est bâton naturel lol. j imagine que ce n est pas si facile à jouer que ça mais je trouve ça tellement fort avec la régén et les dégâts que ça mets. Gg bonne continuation à toi .

Maykon Araujo

Nice bro

proz prod

Salut juste une question un peu tardive mais comment tu a fait pour stopper le E de la crossbow et aussi autre question comment tu fait pour conter un cursed staff ? Avec sa combustion lente