Gnomoria: Castlegoat - Episode 7 (Artistic Pursuits)

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Gnomoria: Castlegoat - Episode 7 (Artistic Pursuits)

20 533 views | 12 Nov. 2013
20 533 views | 12 Nov. 2013

Seventh day of Summer, Year One:

The summer merchants arrived with little pomp or ceremony, though I imagine they knew how important this caravan is to our fledgling Kingdom. I think we did well not to rush them as they set up their wares, painfully slowly mind you, in the stalls we had built to accommodate their greater numbers in the warmer months.

But it was all for naught. The prize which so many of us lusted after, the precious mushroom spores that would allow us to begin brewing tea were nowhere to be found. Initially, not trusting my own feverish attempts to look for them, I had other Gnomes search the stalls, item by precariously balanced item, for the spores. Even one would do, we would nurture it as carefully as we nurture our very own lives... but no.

These bastards chose to bring only worthless jewels. WE CAN'T TURN JEWELS INTO TEA.... at least I don't think we can, if we don't get any mushrooms soon I may be forced to try.

Dejected, I did the best I could. I purchased some grape seeds in the hopes that maybe some grape wine would soften the blow for my companions. I know it wont, but they'll smile weakly and try to reassure me that it's just as good, bless their tired, tea-deprived little hearts...

The days since have been sombre as we all try to come to grips with this grim reality. We've done the best we can to distract ourselves from our woe, we've begun an expansion project with the hopes of moving our woodworking in doors, and over the next few days I hope to focus our efforts into aesthetic projects.

Even if we can't quench our thirst for tea, perhaps we can at least quench our thirst for art.

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Bernie Dadoof

Ball-peen hammers come from mblacksmith shops. Anvils come from a forge, quite easy to start a metal industry ones you find a load of ore.


To think, it's been over a year since I first watched this episode... ah, good times, good times.

No goblin hordes. No taunting goblins... and Shelab still has her arm for the moment.


luv dis muzak

Waltzing Worm

There is something beautiful about the entire fort falling upon the invaders like a swarm of ants.

Perpetual Cowlick

So glad I looked back to watch this.... But to think, a dapper gnome like aavak, t bagging the corpse of a dead goblin, of which is likely to become part of a nutritious breakfast? I approve!

Alexandria Lloyd Skjæveland

Aavak can i be a gnome in the next gruppe of gnomes


Always nice to wake up to some Castlegoat. :)

Though it seems like it might be time to specialize the gnomes, spreading out the jobs is keeping people from skilling up as much as they might otherwise. I've found a few skilled gnomes are faster than everyone randomly doing jobs slowly.

Also don't forget to rebuild that market at a later time. You'll eventually get more merchants than the starting two during summer. Just takes some kingdom worth I believe.

Lord Dynu Kin

Gonna be streaming more today?

James Heuer

Aavak, it's good to see that I'm in good company when it comes to my near obsessive demand for aesthetic's my forts! I wonder about myself sometimes...


Love the Diary in the description, it's very interesting to read! 


you deserve more viewers 10/10 interesting shit


Looking pretty nice sir. :D


You are the reason I bought this game!
Love your take on Gnomoria.


Well I just played a bit after the update. The combat system is so much better (and deadlier). In the first battle a goblin has his right hand, right arm and left arm sliced off. Torches seem to also be much more effective as combat weapons now (burned the heart), as well as unarmed combat being faster with stuff like biting a guys throat. Or am I just being very lucky/unlucky.


Been watching your gnomoria series since the beginning, amazing videos every time. Just wanted to know if i could have a gnome named Cobalt.   Keep up the great series.


When you make a dedicated army could you give the captain of an archer squad my name?

Stanislav Pugach

Can I offer a couple of notes?
1. You may want to increase the groves, especially for coal purposes, and any sort of balcony will prevent the growth of the trees.
2. Same with the wheat farm. Yaks will eat through the supplies pretty quickly in winter.
3. For the mushroom farm you will need some sort of irrigation system, as the mushrooms grow only on mud. Given the pain that is water acquisition and management, you may want to start early.


I do hope more gnomes show up soon.


can u generate a new map that has no copper?
I just made a new map and ive been digging all over the place and cant find anything other then 3 types of stone and some coal

Not Legato

so, uh, am i right in assuming that each workshop has some kind of internal storage to it, because it rather seems so, so far? or do the items just get immediately stored into crates and other assigned areas?


hey ive been using this series as guidelines for my fort what do you do if a goblin loses a leg i would love the assistance thank you


great hall is looking.......great! ^^


Very nice Aavak! This is the first of your vids I've watched  (coming here from Revocane's page) and its the best Gnomoria LP I've seen.  Excited to see some more.

Lord Dynu Kin

The Great Hall looks like it will be quite nice. Looking forward to the next episode as always! :D


Just wanted to let you know I'm really enjoying the series. Thank you for posting it, it's very entertaining!


Castlegoat, also known as the 5-(straw)bed kingdom ;)
Might be an idea to deconstruct some troughs to recover some straw to make beds. Each yak only needs 1 straw per day, so those 91 are more then plenty.