How to play "SAVE ROOM" from Resident Evil 2 | Smart Game Piano | Video Game Music

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How to play "SAVE ROOM" from Resident Evil 2 | Smart Game Piano | Video Game Music

7 249 views | 30 Oct. 2019
7 249 views | 30 Oct. 2019

Learn how to play "Save Room" from Resident Evil 2 by Masami Ueda

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play/speak - 00:49

play/count - 1:30

right hand - 2:11

left hand - 2:41

performance - 3:56

rhythm exercises - 4:30

♬ Sheet Music. Find the sheet for all the pieces on our website.

❤️ Share Love. Leave a comment. It took me about 3 hours to record this. Please let me how I did ;-)



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Vaas Montenegro


I just found your channel and I'm loving it! Subscribed also.
I'm learing how to play keyboard right now, and I started with classic Resident Evil pianos.

But you should record also Resident Evil 2 RPD Theme, it's even better than that one, and Resident Evil 3 save room theme also.
So here's the challenge for you to record
- Resident Evil 2 RPD Theme
- Resident Evil 3 Save Room Theme

Answering your question, my favorites ones, are Resident Evil 2 RPD Theme, Resident Evil 2 Save room theme, and the most favorite Resident Evil 3 Save room theme.
I already can play RPD theme, and RE3 Save room theme, I'm tryna learn now Save room theme from Resident Evil 2, but that's not so easy for me, I guess these two was easier to learn and play.

Btw. That always was my favorite moment too "Bwa, BWAM!" HAhaha, and just because of you I learned my favorite part!

\The J Bird/TM

Can you do the main theme from the game Scribblenauts? I wanted to know how to play it on the piano

Respect those Who deserve it

It’s funny how most of the comments aren’t about their fav save theme... Anyway mine is the one from re2 remake


Beautiful work your websites the best!

Ashish Verma

For the last part I disliked the video

Nico Scarpinato

good work ,very very super...i love this soundtrack of re2...thanks for the tutorial

Daisja Ainslie

Where can you find the sheet music for this?

Carlos bm

It may be the simplest song in the world to play, but it has something that is special.
thanks for the video, I enjoyed it a lot and learned from it :)

Soaring Phoenix

Super amazing! <3
Can you please make another one for Resident Evil 3 Save room? ;-;

Resident Evil Player

Which Resident Evil save room theme I don't know they are all good.

Jay Moto

Thanks Sydney!! I loved this piece playing Resident Evil as a kid. I'd say this is my favorite one with the save room from Resident evil 3 being a close second.


Youre a boss , ty

Akatsuki Sasuke