D&D 5E Lore Yeenoghu: Deities and Demigods - The Dungeoncast Ep.171

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D&D 5E Lore Yeenoghu: Deities and Demigods - The Dungeoncast Ep.171

10 456 views | 9 Feb. 2020
10 456 views | 9 Feb. 2020

Will and Brian are back in the Abyss with another Demon Prince - this one worshipped by the exceedingly evil Gnolls! That's right, it's Yeenoghu - and you'll need to nat 20 your perception check to see this blindingly fast beast this week on The Dungeoncast!

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Lance Ward

Brian kinda sounds like a super chilled-out Jack Black

Will looks like a young Shia LaBeouf

Nuke Narwhal

Happy you guys addressed the GOAT Graz'zt


Hey can you do a video on the Empire of the imaskari and deep imaskari ? Great episode by the way!

Patrick Smith

Long before this episode I always thought of yeenoghu when listening to lion Kings "be prepared"

Jason Burroughs

My dudes lion king is just a kid version of Shakespeare. Hamlet if I remember correctly

Atypical Games

I thought it as Yee-No-who

Kal-El 702


Kyle Ellis

Demonic Diatribe. the 6th level spell version of vicios mockery.

Loren Leonard

Badass! Thanks guys.


Early epispde from my favourite D&D boys! The perfect listening on my walk home from a long ass backshift. Thanks for all you guys do! Shout out to Yeenoghu


Does anyone know how to spell Krokektoak? I’m trying to read up on him and I can’t find him anywhere. That’s some obscure lore, he’s not in the BoVD or in the Fiendish Codex as far as I can tell.


Great show. Are you going to do an Archfey episode?

Yang Xiao Long

Yooo Ive been waiting for this for hella long!! Thanks for this dudes!

Matt Rondeau

Yeenoghu is like if the game Doom became a demon lord. RIP AND TEAR!

Also I get the feeling Brian might have found his side piece next to Demogorgon. You can't fake that kind of joy and excitement

Thomas Rasmussen

A day early what? Dungeoncast bois coming in hot with a fresh episode on a relaxing sunday thanks :D

Laughing Hyena

I pronounce it "E-No-goo".


Cleric enters plane : lets get this unholy creature down.
After one hour in the layer.
Cleric starts laughing in heyena...

M Wil

“Regular Gnoll! Regular Gnoll!”
For any Dungeoncast fans that are also Critical Role fans.

Life from the Loamly

How convenient, I was about to start prepping for my Yeenagough campaign for tonight

Ashen Wuss

Yes! For some reason, this Sunday is stacked with uploads, plus the usual highlight of my YT week in the form Dungeoncast

Hope all is well, Dungeoncasters and my Dudes


Need Pazuzu!

Great podcast as always

Kamarri Watson

Dope, a Yeenagough episode to listen to at an early shift?!?! Merry Christmas all over again! Thank you guys


So human Baphomet used his science to turn Yeenoghu into the demon he forced Baphomet to go thru the same transformation. They fought and fell in the river styx hence they dont remember the origin of their rivalry. So explains why baphomet likes science and why they dont remember.

Baphomet is probably daedalus since he built the labyrinth. Also hints at why he allied with the succubi queen because of his fondness for "wings"

rodney turner

His statblock sucks.... a party of 4 level 10 pcs would slaughter his ass.

Damir White

Imma make a Yeenoghu cultist who’s just a hedonistic nihilist


Yeenoghu, if the Mad-max series made a Demon Lord.

Bryant Van Miller

Yeenoghu's appearance terrifies my deeply. I have a story as to why and it may not be something for some folks.

As a young boy, 'bout four-six years old. I was playing in my backyard when a whiteish-grey dog came out of somewhere and attacked me, biting me and cracking my skull, really hurting me.
I think it also broke my right hand, nearly taking it and my fingers off. Still got the scars across my hand and my skull to this day, along the backside. Still shows signs of it.

And with how Yeenoghu looks like. It immediately reminds me of that dog. And boy.. With how he is in combat, I'd freeze. I would be completely unable to cope n fight. Let alone fight a knoll.

Jason Axiak

Thank you Will and Brian, you guy's are awesome at your work, channel deserves more attention. Keep up the great content thanks again.


Need an episode about Juiblex, my squishy oozy boy.

Eric Mattingly

Yeenoghu's final paradise seems like the death of his paradise when there isn't anything left to savage and brutalize. Which is very thematic: the Abyss is self-defeating in its goals. It's a cancer that will ultimately kill itself when it achieves its goal of corrupting and consuming all reality. I wonder if the Demon Lords, especially the really brilliant ones like Orcus, ever have doubts about their endgame.


With how a demon lord should have perfect knowledge of their own turf, him having teleport really means you can never get away, unless you plainshift.

Carl Kiehne

Is the short rest really just an excuse for a smoke break?


So Yeenoghu is pretty much monokuma in his final form

Jeff Cook

My favorite thing about you guys is the dynamic when you get funny content and banter back and forth.

I’ve watched it 2 times already to chuckle. Great info but very fun conversation!

Travis LaFave

Y’all had me DYING with the Scar/Gnoll jokes

Fry Davis

Its Wild-mount. I do respect the Wildermount pronunciation tho


Please do a video on kas and his sword‼️

Kristopher Huff

Yeenoghu's always been my favorite demon Lord



Lazy Cacao

M Wil

What happened around 7:30? What joke did Brian tell?

Dan Johnson

OMG when you come back from break maybe get to it within oh... Say... 10 minutes or so? Newbies...


Waking up to Yeenoghu! It’s going to be a good day


Demon price bro, not lord

Reclusiarch Almaliki

This may have been my favorite episode yet. Cant wait for my dude Dagon to show up!


This episode is out early! Not that I'm complaining, he's my favorite!


I'm sure someone said this, but The Lion King is based on Hamlet, so I think the character Scar was based on did come before Yeenoghu.
But I prefer the version in which Scar is based on Yeenoghu. Lol

DORIAN Robinette

I have liked and commented! I continue to serve the manic dungeoncast!
An episode so early in the day? What have we humble servants done to deserves such a gracious boon! Well I shall accept this gift with surpassing gratitude before I head out on my gnoll extermination quest.

Surprisingly like yeenoghu much more than I thought I would, he's awesome. I'm adding it to my head canon of all the dnd deities being college kids that yeenoghu is that metal head kid who goes to concerts to hop into mosh pits and fuck people up.
Also another yeenoghu scar comparison, both have black manes and green eyes. I think you guys said his eyes were green at least. My attention was split at that part lol.
Also making it my head canon that yeenoghus lair of the abyss is the pride lands from an alternate timeline where simba didn't beat scar and a hyena deposed scar. This hyena then turned the pride lands into a wasteland. This hyena became yeenoghu.

Wow, episodes for the whole year planned out already? Well what else would I expect from the lord of knowledge. I'm just going to hope that one episode is going to be gem dragons and another will be beholder kin.

Ezequiel Ramos

20:35 The most intense "shoutout to demogorgon" yet

Nick Etter

Love the quantity, intensity, and suspiciously accurate Lion King references, noice!


Extra viscous mockeries lol. Shout out to Demogorgon! LMAO A giant yurt what? lol