Escape From Tarkov - Ammo Guide ; Updated For Patch 0.12

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Escape From Tarkov - Ammo Guide ; Updated For Patch 0.12

103 080 views | 22 Jan. 2020
103 080 views | 22 Jan. 2020

There is a lot of ammo types in Escape From Tarkov, and arguably the most important part of your loadout is the ammo you bring, because it more or less determines what fights you have a chance of winning, especially in PvP.

In this video, I go over every ammo type in Escape From Tarkov and point out the best rounds in each class, and the best rounds to use when running on a budget. Hopefully this video will help give you a good sense of what ammo you should and should not bring out on your raids!


Twitter: @J_DogTh3WiseTTV


5.45x39: 1:10

7.62x39: 3:31

5.56x45: 5:26

7.62x51: 7:44

7.62x54R: 9:48

9x39: 11:37

12.7x55: 13:19

9x19: 14:28

9x18: 16:13

9x21: 17:32

7.62x25: 18:33

5.7x28: 19:18

4.6x30: 20:35

.366 TKM: 21:57

Shotgun Shells: 23:00

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From a new rat raising, this video is very usefull, thanks man!

Deeznutz42o _69

Thanks for the vital info man


Where do you find that ammo chart that you show in this video?

Matt Turner



I actually use the Toz-106 as a disposable gun, got the idea from Tweak, and it works really well, cause nobody picks these things up. You insure it, find a scav/player, kill them, take their shit, dump the toz and get out. And your gun's gonna come back because nobody picks em up.


9x18 - SP7 leg meta imo for budget


I like it man. Really nice and chill

Nero Claudius

Ofz is my fav round


Hey! I must say I liked the previous format more, it was very clear and included all of the relevant info in a convenient format.. Great job nonetheless, really appreciate these guides.


Anyone else just watching the mouse cursor move along each weapon and then stops at the border?


Thanks for making these videos its great to link my pals new to tarkov to your channel, they learn quick and have been doing great in raids!


that makarov tho


M61 is best, me: I thought M80 was best?



iClapMaster Yeet

Snb or 7n1


TL:DW Never skimp on ammo. Always run the best. Ammo is the one thing that will make or break you.

5.56 use m995
5.45 use bs or igolnik
7.62 use BP
9mm use ap 6.3
7.62x51 use m61
7.62x54 use 7n1


I've seen so many people using 5.45 PRS lately and it's kinda sad honestly. I feel bad for them, because they black out my arms and legs, but do nothing to my armor besides slightly scratch the paint, and manage to annoy the fuck out of me. Of course I've not been killed by someone using PRS, but it's just sad to see a level 3 with a pimped out AK, a Kiver, PACA, and a full vest of PRS ammo magazines and pockets full of cheese.

Verbose Mode

I'm a newer player and ranking up quick, but I wanted to ask if it's a good idea to pack a mag or two of high AP ammo. I usually just use cheap ammo and subscribe to the "quantity is a quality of its own" method, but if it's better to sometimes switch...?

Faqih Jakha Juantomo

i still using Vepr Hunter beside the ugly shape of it, only because its cheap on flea market and suited on my "scavenger priority only" play style.


Well..... .366 tkm rounds aren't really "rifle" rounds, as much as they are "shotgun" rounds.... They are just confused smooth bore slugs being used in ak's


Tarkov God’s messenger

Mehmet D

Bro, i think the solo dude you sniped after those first guys was me...., good shot...


just a little feedback, when you're talking about the buckshot/slugs options it would have been nice to see the different ammo types colour differently like red for buck and white for slugs or something along those lines, given you talk about them separately but have both on the table. This was especially confusing when you start with buckshots but the very first ammo in best ap is AP20 slug followed by flechette buckshot on the graph you showed.

Mate 2017

Well now I know what I need to start running.


ap 6.3 is now $5 all ammo seems to be going up in price as the wipe goes on .


16:19 bro what happened did the devil hack your account and make that PM


Is fragmentation still bugged for low penetration rounds?


Amazing vid as always. What’s your intro/outro song?


Man i wish there was a short barrel for the shotgun, then i could make a space gun look like thing lol and i could snipe with it with AP20


이런거 좋음 굳굳


Excellent video!


You know what'd be cool? the AR-57 upper receiver for the M4 converting it to use P90 mags with a longer barrel.


J Dog The Wise: Now we move into some speciality russian rounds
Me: Heheha 12.5×55 ST130s, ASh 12 power, i really want to see the big suppressor on the ASh 12, ive heard it was quite silent

El Gringo Feo

I hate jagears quests cuz I suk so I just craft ap20 slugs at the hideout with 1 hawk (red) gunpowder and 2 hdd for 120 rounds, started to craft waves of them after 2 tapping a guy with killa armor at sorta long range, I've got like 500 rounds in my stash and since u dont need a big rig to carry ammo and the mp-153 is ez to get off scavs I now main that gun


SP-5 is the best 9x39 round and you cannot change my mind.
"what about the pen value, its GaRbAgE hurr durr"
at 900 RPM you won't know the difference. it might take a fraction of a second longer to kill somebody, while cutting down on prices hugely. SP-5 is so cheap, and has no buy cap so you can buy as much as you want.

De_ Order

Honestly tkm weapons are great for scav killing missions, they deal decent damage and the weapons and especially the suppressor are generally cheap, so when you die players rarely pick them up

Lynx Antarcticus

For 5.45x39, how can you recommend anything other than PP for "best budget"? It's literally less than half the cost of the BT and nearly as good as BP. For a light self-defense load of 120 rounds it makes the difference between paying 18k and 43k for the ammo.

5.56x45 doesn't even have any "budget" ammo that's worth a damn, imo, but if I'm going to use it anyway, FMJ is the way to go. Nearly the same stats as the M855 but it costs fuck all and change. Overall, though, I don't see why I'd ever even use 5.56 as it currently is unless I'm going to spend so much money on my kit that I might as well use M995, or unless I set up a bot to buy M855A1 every time it becomes available.

7.62x51 BPZ FMJ is my bread and butter. It's my favorite round, currently. The reason I say this is that the M80's benefits were price and the fact that if armor doesn't reduce damage, it kills in one chest hit. But BPZ FMJ can still kill in one chest hit if its damage gets reduced a bit by the armor. If you're worried about armor penetration, it makes more sense to use M61 or M62 anyway. Against scavs and most players, the BPZ FMJ is as good or better than M80.

You list 7N37/7BTI as best 7.62x54R AP despite the fact that SNB is better than 7BTI. In any case, 7.62x54R is as simple as "use 7N1 always, every time". You're never using enough ammo in one game to justify using LPS instead of 7N1. And the extremely rare cases where you see someone using lvl6 armor aren't worth having to shoot twice all the rest of the time.

9x39 has a great crafting option for SP-6 which makes its effective price 360rub per round. Given the 20rd capacity of the affordable magazines and the huge cost of the 30rd magazines I tend to take the extra penetration for that price. SP-5 is definitely viable, though.

Miles Hawthorne



i wonder whats like a uhhh decently modded vepr/ vpo-136 that like sub 75k? (including gun cost)


died so many time early in wipe because i was using 5.45 T ammo instead of PS , thought it was still better

Josh G.

That snipping at the beginning was a dope opener. Wish you showed the loot ;)

Colton Wallace

Great video with timestamps and links. I subscribed and also added this to a tarkov playlist and it'll likely be my go to for any ammo confusion since I can just find your timestamp and have the answer in 60 seconds. Good shit

Ed Randell

Great video dude, especially for newer players. Nice work.

K-plus tunjevina

Your ammo is PS. You are lvl 5 and you will like it.


Don't listen to him saying that some ammo is "great budget option". You either roll with ammo that can punch lvl 5 armor (more than 45pen) or other PMCs will eat you alive


Can you make a list of all of these ?
So i dont have to go over the video every time ;)
Yes i am a lazy bastard *

Christian Prieto

Tip for new players. I watched this when I was brand new but I couldn't remember a single bullet since I had no context..come back when you have used a few guns, or just save this video for when you want to learn one or two ammo types instead of all of them

404 Error Not Found

Fuck ammo prices.


Hey, I just wanted to ask if you would be okay with me making a chart based on your research for new players for remembering what rounds to buy? Great video btw!


Thank you very much for your effort.
When you would do a excel table, it would be really helpfull! For example we could print it out or put it on another screen :)!

Rowan Skea

Don’t get me wrong but I’m pretty sure you can buy m995 from peace keeper lv3. I could be wrong but last time I checked I could buy it and I don’t have peacekeeper lv4

Chaos Factor

So far my favorite round is 7.62x51 m61, shit claps


What is the name of the silencer with clothing wrap on the AK 104 at 4:08? Looks so sick.

Alejandro Báez Dávalos

Thank you


This is my go to place for ammo knowledge. I can't remember how many times I checked this video. Thanks for all your work JDog :D

Cole Sauter

Amazing work, as always.

Joe Blixem

Isn't ps ammo also good for 5.45 39?


JDog: Let's move away from the AKs for a moment...
AK101 & 102 laughing quietly in the distance


Ammo guide... wtf is he talking about... lvl 5 welp

King Albby

My opinion. Use M80 in bolt action rifles because it still has ok pen but will 1 tap to the chest so if you land a thorax shot you can still 1 shot people the m62 and m61 you can't do that. 7n1 is my preferred because it pens well and is still a 1 shot to the chest making it a good sniper round because again you 1 shot kill to the chest. So with that said I would go with M61/m61 and 7bt1/snb/7n37 for anything semi auto or full auto because you will go through level 5 armor rigs and if you don't kill him with the first shot a fallow up is quick but the damage you will do to the armor with the rounds that can one tap to the chest is so good that those fallow ups will kill as well. So in reality Use the Cheapest or what you collected of any of the the fallowing rounds, M80/m62/m61/7n1/7bt1/snb/7n37. because if you don't kill them with the first shot to the chest the second will. Also with some guns with magazines feel free to throw the lower pen/cheaper rounds in the bottom of magazine and pt better pen at the top. the first rounds will pen/do damage to armor and it will allow lower pen ammo to pen and do damage when the top of the mag does not kill him.

Q does Review

Your video is greatly appreciated

Hachi Riko

IMO your better off going for 7.62 AK with PS rounds then any 5.45 AK

John Cravenor

We don’t talk about the vepor hunter here, guess I’ll go hide all like 10 I’ve been stock piling


Was trying to make a note of some of these, your font makes it hard to distinguish between 1/I/L, fyi.


Best Tarkov guid channel I ever seen


5.45 BS is a two shot chest kill


Awesome video, great info delivered in a great way, thanks!

Butterfly Enthusiast

Keep it up guy <3

Coraz Satos

Whoot it happened!


lol i actually use this video alot when i do my runs and buy ammo.

Mohamed Farouk Elewa

shotgun section needs a redo


How do the first 3 guys not see you?

Jinlin (Jack) Jiang

Vepr Hunter: cries in M80


I mean, in what other game can you customise ammo down to its position in the magazine. Ty battlestate.

J Dog th3 Wise

For some reason the timestamps in the description don't work on mobile but do work on desktop, just youtube things I guess!!

Devin Schreiner

Would ya look at that, fuggin minty


Love ya bro, so nice to still see you posting videos to keep us updated


i keep watching these vids while stuck on "Matching..." for 20 minutes at a time

The Closet

I don’t even have tarkov why am i here.

TF2 Solider main

We need a new guide


This video was useless for us newbies who are at lv1 with all the traders.
FMJ or M855 are the options we can get consistently.


Ap 6.3 cost 5 dollar not 4,they have increased it. It is even worse cost effective now

Wheneggsdrop ⸻⸻⸻



Excellent presentation mate! Very proffesional and enjoyable, perfect choice of background music and the idea of showcasing different custom builds make it so much more interresting to watch!


Justin B.

one of the keder can use the PMM/PBM. there is 3 version of them