How To: FIX Razer Synapse NOT DETECTING mouse/keyboard in 2 MINUTES! [2021]

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How To: FIX Razer Synapse NOT DETECTING mouse/keyboard in 2 MINUTES! [2021]

54 458 views | 8 Apr. 2020
54 458 views | 8 Apr. 2020

This video illustrates how to properly remove your device from your machine, so razer can successfully re-detect the new non-detected peripheral.

IObit Uninstaller:



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Martin Commins

Didn't work for me October 2020

Emil Happy

Thank you bro.. You really helped me out

Bot Kid


Sean Kelly

Can anybody tell me how to get back razer keyboard on device manager?? Oh my godddddddddddd

Arthur Morgan

I just restarted my computer and everything worked. Lol

Aidan McGreenie

this didnt help me at all. all this accomplished was removing my new keyboard from my device manager

wu chao


Nasser Alotaibi

On mac ?

jcheese lol

Hey I have a problem, when I start my PC, and try to type the password, my keyboard doesnt work, so I have to use on-screen keyboard. It only works after typing the password when Razer Synape boots up, can you help?


My mouse isn't showing up in device manager

Neal Liu

you fucking saved my life

Megan Axelía Carrington-Ráðvarðardóttir

Thank you!


am sad dis dont work

Sean Kelly

u destroy my keyboard dude

hasan palabiyik

You disappointed me bro


How do you fix synapse 2 not opening on windows 10?


when i open device manager there is no "razer keyboard" options or anything. Just HID keyboard

WhyDoesGoogle LetYouHaveSuchALongName

It pisses me off that I even have to do this


Does my keyboard have to be a Razer keyboard as well for this to work?

bannian 1

After doing this none f my devices are showing


how do u download razer synapse 2 in 2020 i have 3 so do i have to delete 3?


HI, Hi my gaming mouse is being detected as a keyboard by my gaming pc. How can I fix this?


thank you, this video helped, and the uninstaller really helps, I uninstalled so many spam apps, AND IM ALL CLEAR NOW!! You earned a like, and a sub ;)

Beast Awoken

tnx bro

Brandonsty2 jubie

yo she had a virus capper

George Milligan

i did it without using the iobit thing and it still worked but thank u for putting me on the right track


Thanks bro, still working, i didnt even need the IOBit uninstaller


Hey dude, so I have a razer ornata v2 but currently it’s been saying please connect an enabled device on synapse 2, but I was a bit worried and was asking you if I need a mouse to continue on with synapse. And secondly I’m worried only because I have a iMac and I’m not sure if that’s the issue. So please help it would mean a lot


i dont even have the box that your supposed to tick


Does it work with 3.0?

Ovidiu Zakarias

This worked. Thanks for the video. The uninstaller is pretty neat too


i will kill myself

D o 2x G Y

it took me a minute to see that you have a facecam wtf


doesn't even work for me. Wtf is going on with razer? Like Idk 3.0 makes my sound quality like that of a cave man and 2.0 doesn't even let me do the bling bling -.-

The CreatorGaming

Could you make a video on how to do it on a mac, I can't detect my Ornata V2, could you help me out pls? Thanks.


666th subber :)

Toby B

Like you ... this didn't matter for ages ... but mouse and Ourobos recognised again ... think the "delete driver software" option was critical as un/re-installing Synapse didn't work for me ... FWIW I also deleted everything left behind in the Razer folder in Program Data ... anyway ... thanks!


i cant download the unistaller cuz it sais that i dont have a licence for it can someone helo please


I used driver booster and it updated the drivers for the razer mouse and keyboard and then it didnt show up so i uninstalled the drivers and plugged them out and in again and restarted synapse and all good

Game Trix

lol my keyboard does not even appear in device manager

AGENT 9147

not working

Max Pad

doesn't work

ʌǝʇǝɾnʌʍ ınɟǝɾnı

First things to do if you have a gaming pc:
1. edit the power settings: "USB Selective Suspend Setting" -> Disabled
2. open Device Manager and check out all the USB device properties of your USB devices and uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".
Those can be found under 'Human Interface Devices' and 'Mice and other pointing devices' and 'Universal Serial Bus controllers'.
I had a persistent problem with Razer Mamba Wireless. Every single time the mouse woke up from sleep mode Synapse didn't recognize the mouse any more. I had to restart Synapse in order to see the mouse in the app and use its all the features. When I did the procedure above this problem was gone for good.
If that doesn't solve your problem then try other ways to fix them.

stalker saijayin

not working on my razer blackwidow elite :)

Dominic Bunn

nice one, helped a lot, cheers mate


thank you man

Zijia Lu

I have a question do you have to sign in to razer to use their products?


hey man, I wanna say thank you for posting this video. I've been annoyed at how my mouse is at random colours and my setup is all red for a while. Now I can finally change it and make my setup look complete. Oh and btw the uninstaller is great too :)

Jakub Unčovský

Didn't work :/

Begotten Whale

hi, i tried doing this with my razer mamba elite and now my mouse does not show up in device manager. so, i can’t edit my mouse or anything. do you know how to fix this?

Efendy Hasnan

I Have a MacBook.. how does it work on that? CAn you please help


Hey my rob for mouse I connect it to my pc and change the colour and it changes normally there. But when I disconnect my mouse and plug it into my Xbox it turns to red I used razer synapse 2 once and I currently use synapse 3

Josh Picard

It's not detecting my headset!!!


Do we have to press uninstall or cancel?

Trinity Sounds

damn, even this doesn't work. i guess i have to give up on my razer obweaver chroma. luckily my other razer devices work on 3.0


Not detecting my headset


i guess i have to buy a new mouse