Where to get the Black Blood Tools Isle Of Siptah | Conan Exiles 2020

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Where to get the Black Blood Tools Isle Of Siptah | Conan Exiles 2020

6 292 views | 30 Sep. 2020
6 292 views | 30 Sep. 2020

Where to get the Black Blood Tools Isle Of Siptah Conan Exiles 2020

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[3.10] Winter Orb Post Nerf: Less OP, but definetely playable

ooh, i got bumped down the list :'(

Heaven there

Funcom must really hate us players to make it this hard to kill a monster in game to get special weapons. They really want every thing to be harder then heck to get so you have to play for weeks just to get one chance. I wonder if they have any clue how much this makes players not want to bother lol 63 times like hours of work for tools. I am finding the RNG in the Isle is just way over board, to be honest it takes away from the fun when all it is is a grind for hours.

Freelancer Studios

Any one know if you can get jerbal sag religion

Toversnol EU

Any way to grind repair kits to repair these precious items?


Who's voice in the beginning

Cam Oakley

hey man, how did you get the addons for numbers on your HUD please lemme know

Grim Rabbit

Makes me wonder how many bombs I'll of farmed by the time the victims rng gave a tool.. rng=X bombs lol

Ben Trieschmann

Lol, that was perfect and such a Wak moment.


Is there a way to repair these tools, and if so what are the materials you need?


been watching lot of your videos lately... good videos! Just that its always "this boss" and I'm like "uh-huh.. killed it multiple times." and then u reveal the drop rate and I just facepalm "but ofc...". Siptah, the isle of RNG.

I gave my 2 cents into the official forums. Actual person from the Funcom team notified my post and told they gona take it into consideration. I recommend others to voice their opinions, they seem to listen. Just need to be in official forums. :)


Not 69 times? Just 63 times!! Sigh. So close.


I'm fine with some rng, but they went way too heavy in siptah


We cant take the black blood :(


Why are the drop rates so annoying? I tried to get the Healing Water skin from the shale back in that area. Killed him 3 times....no drop....killing is also only possible with abusing the AI (Solo + Thrall) ... keeps me from playing this game any longer....


what do the blood tools do?