Tool Box Tour of a Youtube Certified Mechanic

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Tool Box Tour of a Youtube Certified Mechanic

8 889 views | 6 Oct. 2019
8 889 views | 6 Oct. 2019

So this is a quick look thru of my tool box. I completely rebuilt an engine, and do plenty of mods with these tools, and honestly these are kinda overkill for that work. It just goes to show that you dont need the super expensive tool truck brands, regular store bought stuff works just fine for the home mechanic.

IG : @kryptonnyc

Need parts for your car?

Enjuku Racing has you covered

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Would be cool to see that professional harbor freight tools

Brian Zech

That is a reasonable box. There is nothing wrong with buying only what you need and from the brands that meet your requirements.


“Old Subaru”

Slow_Cars Garage

Nice video.

Wayne Shanks

Awesome box and tool's brother

John Duff

Outstanding and easily accessible for everyone. Awesome, liked and subbed!


About time bro!! Need my video fix !! Lol

Mechanic Gio

My wife hates my snap on guy he takes all my money

All-Star fishing with Noah s

What kind is the utility knife?


This video was just “uhh” ifykyk


No Snap On??? Looooooooooserrrrr!!! LOL!!! JK!