Can the Vixa V12 Actually Replace Your Driver? (REVIEW)

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Can the Vixa V12 Actually Replace Your Driver? (REVIEW)

44 274 views | 3 May. 2019
44 274 views | 3 May. 2019

New Product: Would You Ditch Your Driver for the Vixa V12?

You Can Purchase the Vixa V12 HERE:

Is there anything more satisfying than hitting a long, solid shot with your driver? The creators of the new Vixa V12 would say there is. The Vixa V12 is a low-profile fairway metal designed to hit great shots off the tee and on the fairway. This new golf club seeks to replace two of your clubs: your driver and your 3-wood.


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This, of course, would mean the Vixa V12 has to launch effectively from both the tee and the turf. According to its engineers, this fairway metal can do exactly that, specifically because it corrects the design shortcomings of the standard driver. Moreover, the Vixa V12 claims to help amateur golfers make longer, straighter golf shots, launch more easily off the turf, and get more accuracy off the tee. 

Sounds like another club that recently took the golf market by storm.  Or another fairway metal that has had continued success the past 2 seasons.

But do these claims hold up? What makes the Vixa V12 supposedly so effective? And why mess with time-tested driver design?

Vixa V12 Versus Your Driver

First, it should be noted that when the makers of the V12 talk about the failings of driver design, they’re referring to the ways in which drivers fail to serve amateur golfers.  That is to say, they point to the design “flaws” that allow limited room for human error.   And they’re not wrong. There are plenty of ways to screw up a shot with your driver. The long shafts of most drivers compromise the amateur golfer’s control over their swing. The low loft and large clubhead require a perfectly-executed angle of attack, catching the ball on the upswing.   In fact, it’s the angle of attack that the minds behind the V12 seem particularly interested in. They make the interesting point that your driver is the only club you learn to hit on an upswing. When you swing your driver, you have to adjust the very shape and timing of your swing.    

Why does this matter?

It’s a matter of consistency and practice, really. During a round of golf, you spend most of your time hitting the ball on a descending blow. The Vixa V12 is designed to help you maintain that rhythm, even at the tee. The clubface of the V12 is about 1 inch shorter than that of the standard driver. This alone makes it easier to catch the golf ball at a downward angle.

Moreover, the clubhead features a super low center of gravity and a loft of 14.5 degrees, both of which promote a higher launch from a low tee or even from the turf. These high-launch elements are also where the Vixa V12 excels over typical fairway woods.Now that you have a clearer picture of the philosophy behind the Vixa V12, let’s dig into design.

The Design of the Vixa V12The team that engineered the V12 golf club was headed by Golf Digest “Hot List” medal winner Josh Boggs. If you follow our product profiles regularly, you may recognize him as the mind behind the Square Strike Wedge and the Moon Wood 8.

As we know, the objective behind the Vixa V12 was to hit the sweet spot between driver and 3-wood. The design team wanted something that offered more control than a driver, more launch than a 3-wood, and more consistency all around.

A lot of these solutions can be found in the dimensions: The V12 measures 43.5 inches in length. That’s a little longer than the average 3-wood but 2 inches shorter than the standard driver. This abbreviated length gives amateur golfers a greater sense of control in their swing. At 145 cubic centimeters, the V12 clubhead is less than a third of the size of a standard driver and 25% smaller than a typical fairway wood. The 14.5-degree loft is 4 degrees higher than most drivers and similar to most 3-woods.

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SS13 - Lifeweb #3 (Miserable Slaving)
Jerry Mister

You talk to much and drag shit out way longer than it has to be. STFU and get to the point.


Thanks for the post. Be nice to see a lower speed swing - shorter distance player hit this club - and see if the design really might help them replace the driver.

Luis Fernández

I got the Vixa 12 commercial before the video hahahah

Peter Staines

The vixa is a great club for short Par 4's, gong for Par 5's in 2 (off a lie that sits up well v a tight lie ((prefer 5 wood))...or if you have the ball sitting up a bit in the rough...great go-to club when the driver is misbehaving...get 240-245 meters max from my driver...about 220 meters from my vixa...never miss a fairway...easy to fade the ball and I'm an army golfer...left-right, etc...recommend...A+

Gary Myers

I found the video very interesting

rich diorio

How would you compare to the mwood?

Edward Brant

A club will not make you better dont believe this nonsense. This sounds like a joke


Guys and GALS

Doreen Howes

have you got a video for the ladies Vixav12

Joseph Angulo

Just bought this on amazon bcoz of your review

Scott Brewer

I hit up on my driver and down on the rest of my clubs and this club works either way for me. I purchased this cub at the beginning of the year and m very happy with it. I'm a 12 handicap and find this club very easy to hit. By the way, it does not replace your driver.

mac swimfan

I was more impressed by the reliability of the strikes with the slice or hook

Jeff Christie

jesus does this guy take a breath when he speaks !!!

John Marchioni

thanks for the info taking a look

Robert Burns

Great video, great info. Got a VX12 last week and have hit it a few times (courses and ranges here in Mexico are closed, so had to be sneaky). Initial results are interesting - ball flight is far more of a fade than I expected, not the reliable draw I get from my existing 3-wood (Cobra Baffler, 16 degree, Voodoo SVS6 stiff shaft). Was eventually able to get a draw off a tee, but off the turf everything fades. Distance is good - probably flying 10+ yards further than my Cobra, and it is easy to get quite a lot of height. Last item of note is there is very little sound from impact - nowhere near what I get from my driver or 3-wood. A little weird but not a problem. All in all, I think it's a good club, but definitely need some range time to figure it out and get comfortable.

Mike B

Thanks for the review. Club is definitely on my radar. Driver right now tops out at about 260. I'm 58 yrs old and have about 100-102 mph of swing speed. My ball does fade and tends to be spinny. Low lofted drivers don't help as the club face opens and the fade becomes more pronounced. Heavy shafts slow the swing down and I use a Matrix Ozik in x-stiff now. Do you know what the torque numbers are on the Stiff and is there an X-stiff?

Dennis Dixon

Nice Video. Needed direction on how and where to buy.

john donohoe

I’m interested in this club and it’s great to see an in-depth review. Thanks Troy!

Harry Knuth

Nice to know, however it is a hughe miss not to include the senior shaft. Because that's the group that really could benefit and market.
Cheers, a senior golfer!


Good job, Troy. A very good review from an East High grad.

Keith Lee

any major brands has 3 wood. This is nothing more than a 3 wood

Astrid Bodart

Is there a ladies Viva v12 and can you buy it in europe?

Edward Kirchgessner

Thank you for your analysis, I at 6 feet 4 definitely hit down on the ball. I hit all my clubs well but the driver, so this was great information for me. I generally like a softer shaft, so I'm going to buy a regular shaft and add an inch to it.

Rand Lee

Thank you. Your review was exactly what I was looking for, and you provided some great information.

Niklas N.

This Name is funny if you come from Germany

Gregory Curwen

Troy outlines the principle swing path issue that plagues 90-95% of weekend golfers: They hit from at a negative attack angle with their drivers, with an ecessively steep swing path, and need to flatten their swing plane and play their driver further forward in their stance to acheive an slight upward swing path on contact. Troy however, while not listed as a PGA class A touring pro, has swing fundamentals that suggest he is a very low single diget handicapp player. Note the fluidity of his swing, his rotation back & through the ball, the ball poaiton at contact, and his ability to hit the V-12 between 230-265 yards and a his driver over 300 yards. Players with these refined skill sets do not need gimick clubs because they possess very strong fundamentals in the game. The real measure is whether or not this club will benefit a 15-to 28 handicapp player ??? Most of those players do not drive the ball great distances and lack directional control. If the V-12 promotes an upswing contact with a low tee height or off the turn on a tee box, it may benefit mid to high handicapps. As for Troy, he's certainly a sub 5 handicapp, and arguably would not benefit much if any from the club as he obliquely admits. While you cannot magically buy a new swing with any one piece of golf equipment , a low profile head on a shjorter shafted "wood": played well forward in the stance should result in an upward angle of attack.
G.B.C, Esq.

Kym Stock

I thought you said you were going to compare this club to your 3 wood . As a fairway finder I use my Cobra F7 3-4 wood set at 16 degrees off the tee. I give up 20-30 metres of distance compared to my driver , when I get a centred strike that is. Confidence is the key to clubs like this. If it inspires confidence that the tee shot will stay on the fairway compared to a driver shot, then a high handicapper will be better off with a high lofted 3 wood length mini driver. I wonder hos this product would compare to the premium brand mini drivers?


I don’t get it... 3W length, 3W loft, 3W face. Then why is it called a driver?

James Wilding

Excellent review, thanks Troy. I have been using a Callaway minibertha, and the Vixa is certainly easier to hit off the turf straight. All in all, jusry is still out - in the summer I guess I will keep the Vixa in the bag, and in the winter add the minibertha, because I can hit up on the ball in the winter and not find the draw or slide I get too destructive. The 3 wood is now out the bag, as is the 5 wood - I have Vixa, 7 wood and 9 wood to give me 160, 190 and 220 length.

Nutty 253

Is this like the gx7 driver?


I feel like you guy fell hook line and sinker for the infomercial. They made it 14.5 so it not 13 or 15 and then people would think oh i see its just a 3wood, which it is. It's just great advertising to get players who can't hit a driver or have such a slow swing speed that their driver does not go further than their 3wood. But can't handle just leaving the driver at home and just using the 3wood. There are also a few similar infomercial "drivers" which are thrivers. half 3wood half driver. 13-degree driver with a short shaft.

David mullis

Hmm not sure where this guy gets his facts from,if it is better to hit up with a driver why do the majority of tour pros hit with a decending or level swing ?

Roy Farley

This club might be the best 3W on the market.

Trevor B.

strange that the youtube ad said NEVER pull or slice your tee shots again but you're hitting fades and slices. Marketing is such a gimmick. If the path and face to path isn't aligned, shots will be skewed. A club can't fix that.

Collin Kendall

This video Sponsored by Vixa V12.

scott mcallister

It looks shit.

Terry Holloway

Great going guys I laughed every time I saw that commercial about taking your driver out the bag how ridiculous thanks

Hugh Rider

I love my Vixa V12! What a great club. It does everything that the video says, plus more for me. I am 83 years old and it immediately replaced my 3-wood, because I'm getting at least 20 more yards than my 'old' 3-wood. I have had the Vixa V12 since Sep '19. Of course, I use a Senior shaft!