Kerbal Space Program 5 Advanced Construction Tips

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Kerbal Space Program 5 Advanced Construction Tips

40 619 views | 24 Sep. 2014
40 619 views | 24 Sep. 2014


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5 Advanced Construction Tips

#1: Understanding Decouplers

#2: Struts

#3: Landing Gear

#4: Ladders

#5: Radical Radial Attachment


Spaceplanes Plus


Environmental Visual Enhancements

Relwood Music

Bro, all your videos are pure gold. Short, simple, informative. I don't like tutorials that tell me exactly what to do, but these short tips open up a whole new world for me as a new player. Thanks!

Benjamin Clemas

how do you duplacate things like copy and phase

anger birb

i dont think this should be labeled 'advanced'. beginner or mid-tier tips maybe.


This is way too advanced for me

Hayden Lau



I decided to buy KSP after a month and this will help

Tom Bateman

hey how do i place multiple parts at once?



Dom B

How to you pull up the option go rotate stuff and move it in any direction via mouse when building?

maskedgraph5006 3

I heard a animine in the background


This is vary useful thank you :)

Harry Needell

at 2:26 in the top left what part was that and what mod is it from