Chillswitch Engage

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Chillswitch Engage

1 481 112 views | 23 Jun. 2019
1 481 112 views | 23 Jun. 2019

00:00 - My Curse

04:42 - Take This Oath

08:50 - The End of Heartache

14:42 - When Darkness Falls

18:42 - The Element of One

23:05 - Rose of Sharyn

26:50 - My Last Serenade

30:08 - Reject Yourself

35:38 - The Arms of Sorrow

41:04 - This Fire Burns

46:22 - And Embers Rise

51:26 - Always


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Paul Gorham III

Mastercraft musicianship. This made me long for the past and for a few friends I havent seen in a long time. Thank you for taking the time to make this friend.

Andres Paris

This sounds so good! Would be awesome hear something similar for Iron Maiden!

Durv Viswanathan

in 2006, if you had told me, 14 years from now...this and many KSE songs on piano will move you and many others....i would not have understood. So many people have passed since, good friends, loved ones, thousands during a pandemic, some fell to drugs or accidents, mishaps and goes by fast. live. today.

Senai89 Anuna

What a masterpiece

Keivan Valamanesh

This is awesome

Armour Gamer Squad

This band has helped me through shit for years! And now I'm getting older this is also exactly what I needed to hear. I love it. Absolutely Amazing brother. KSE FOREVER!


41:04 CM PUNK IN AEW !!

Un Wey

This shows that KSE is not only Distortion Guitars. They're good composers.

Lee Peters

The power of one man and a piano.... :) The sounds of a soul being shared...

Matt Dudley

Is this available for purchase? Great work! Love this!


This is absolutely phenomenal. Thank you for creating this beautiful piece of art. Another drop in the ocean, brother.

king lau

My God...


Perfect holiday music...

Ethan Hoffman

I’m still here I’m still touched thank you Sean!

Hellscream Games

Never thought Metal would sound so good in a piano. Congratulations!

julien charbonnier

Insane.. Strength to you all in this difficult times

Chris Cobb

My goosebumps have goosebumps. Thank you for this. <3


Oh, this is so beautiful, thank you♥


Every note is a killswitch engaged (lovingly said, promise!).


wow, this is great.Sounds like 90 percent of Killswitch Engage songs are minor b6-b7-I sequences.


I needed this <3

Renato Canever

I can't deal with my chills. THANK YOU!

Derek Sings Poorly

41:04 If CM Punk had stayed in wrestling and earned a retirement video package

Anderson 63 Scooper

Where can I buy the high quality audio?

Kid Krixus EastChi Productions

The youtube algorithm finally does something right! I was listening to polyphia and lofi while organizing my bedroom. This came up and I immediately got goosebumps. I figured it was a mix of different artists, and being My Curse is so popular, I didn't think to check the screen. Once The End of Heartache dropped I was like, wait a minute... This is the best musical rendition of genre switching I've come across all year! I had to sit down and just close my eyes humming the lyrics. @Sean Townsend thank you for this, truly awesome.

Disciple Dude

I love this, but I'd chip in to get it mastered so we can hear more front on the melody without the background buzz that seems to underlay it. Not meaning to diminish this beautiful work, I'm now your fan but want this to hit the next level. thank you!


Any way of getting sheet music for a beginner level piano learner?


If we're ever allowed to leave our houses again I need to go see them again


I continuously keep coming back to this. It's one of the best things I've ever found, truly. I feel at peace whilst I listen to this which is something I don't feel very often in all honesty.

Thank you, seriously from the bottom of my heart for this incredible masterpiece. <3

Morty Rickerson

headbangs elegantly

John Skumanick

This is moving

The Metal Archives

Thank you kind sir \m/


@seantownsend can i use this in my stream and shout u out? this is amazing!


Where was this when I got married?!? Though acoustic of Always was our wedding song. ❤️❤️ This is just beautiful!


Been a minute since some music has calmed me down. Thank you!

sarah deaton

Any chance I could get the sheet music? This is truly amazing

Nico Oli


Edward Crenshaw

I listen to this with my In ear monitors that I use playing live and just chill the fuck out for a hour!

Kilos Cthulu

dude it's 0430 I'm haggard as fuck after grinding out powerpoint presentations and papers for school this is the perfect thing I could have stumbled on thanks for uploading

Sean Townsend

Join the Killswitch Family -

Brandon Stoner

OH. MY. GOD. This is everything that was missing from my life.

Hunter Phillips

This is what it would sound like if killswitch was playing while the titanic sank

DanYool Do

I have no words. All my musical thoughts put into motion. The first time i heard this band when i was 15, i knew they were special. Now hearing you recreate and balance that workload is absolutely breathtaking.

Adam Lobo

Pure ❤️

Candi Oates


TNT Nelson

Best metal band out the most soothing piano music...all with the same songs lol. A+

Harmon Lewis

Amazing, well done! Here i was thinking there was some sort of translational issue with the title lol. I found my new sleep music thanks fella.


Im like oh yeah cool killswitch on piano...nek minute ive got a lump in my throat and im getting angry at myself cos i feel like i want to mate this is insanely good

Rob Porter

I love this! It is so beautiful!

Eden Brizio

Found this in 2021 ....Gives me hope

Limp Noodle

Gotta say, You absolutely KILLED IT! Some of the HANDS DOWN BEST chill music I've ever heard! Thanks!

Alexandre Robert

Seriously who dislikes this? I just don't get it. What a great piece of music!


This made me so emotional, fantastically played! Thank you so much!

Michey Glez

My BF will be playing this over and over again

ธนวันต์ โฆสิตาภา

I don't know why but Rose of Sharyn make me cry. Just cry

David Brallier II

This is the GREATEST video I have come across on YouTube in forever!!!!! I'm a huge Killswitch Engage fan. This is amazing!

psychonaut ready for launch!

This is keeping me sane right now. Thank you so much for this.

Sutter Hall



now this is what i needed. LOVE this.

Benson Omaga

I got a lot of work done listening to this

Cam Farrell

This is one of the best things i didn’t actually know i needed, wow.


I know it's like a statistical error, but how can anyone dislike this?! Even if you don't care for KSE, this is amazing...

Sean Y.

just learned spotify and youtube are homies


this is pretty awesome. i try to incorporate as much of this vibe in our music as possible. great job ;) give DS a listen if you got time <3 -chris

Robert Flynn Williams

So awesome! Thanks!

Riz Switheral

Only so many times I can come back to this masterpiece. Never fails to put me in the zone


Wow, you really created some gorgeous versions of these already great songs


This rendition of The Arms of Sorrow is on point. Well done!

Erik Finkel

These lyrics remind me of all the talks me and my dad used to have


I've made requests already and you've done them so I'm gonna try again
Idk if it's your kinda metal but two of my favorite songs are by Insomnium. One is called Daughter of the Moon and the other is Last Statement.

If you could do a cover of these, I'd be very grateful. I've listened to this Playlist probably 50+ times. I love your work, keep at it!
We all appreciate what you do my friend

David Oh


Byron Dt

your title game is strong man

Toni G

Every Townsend I know is genius. I know two xD


Listening to this through lockdown helping me through so much

Kayla Jones

My go to when I can't sleep; so beautiful.

Bill D

dear god please make this available on spotify for my daily playlist!

Nothing Is here

Ugh I still am so blown away by this.

Byron Dt

this is hands down on the top5 things I heard in 2020... thanks for making this year a bit better... Is there by any chance a sheet for these songs??

Евгений Шабалин

soundcloud or else?

Fallout Mcflyy

Just delightful! What a great find.

Ryan Claúdio Rocha Evans

I love you for doing this

Justin Hays

This recovered my faith in humanity

Cassandra Lynne Rose Sullinger

I hadn't realized how much I needed this in my life. Lol. Well done!!

gabregr fhvhh

just beautiful

Bambi C.

Can I PLEASE purchase this album?!!! I absolutely love it and really want it for my wedding.

Talyon Lange

Man I can’t hit the like 1000 more times! Beautiful just beautiful

Tanjib Sarma

Wow ! This song is like the whole universe!

Abner Cestari

You can easily see how limited they are with composition and key notes, its possible to make a medley with ALL songs without much difficulty. Does not mean they're bad. I really enjoy some songs

Thomas Beetz


Katie Hannapel

This is WONDERFUL. I play piano and when I was a kid taking piano lessons, my piano teacher would only let me play classical. Now that I’m older I’m trying to branch out. Metal is probably the genre of music that I love most and I wish there were piano books out there with this kind of music. There are sooo many songs that I think would sound so awesome in piano form but I don’t know how to make that happen. Is there piano sheet music for these kinds of arrangements?? Anyway this will be a regular playlist in my house for a while haha


Planning suicide tonight, leaving this for my family to play at my funeral

Jeremiah Thompson

Never gets old.

Daniel Toubul

This is beyond beautiful


All my goosebumps just got engaged!! ❤️

Ted Thurlow

Im very high and thought this was something else


What would be awesome is to have Howard sing on this with just clean vocals since he has a wonderful clean vocal range. It would be totally different than the original stuff but would be so beautiful.

James Relativo


Emong Lyms

As a KSE big fan this is brilliant tribute album.. gotta love it.. now i need this in my playlist..


oh my god

Chucho Vanzzini

Does anybody have the sheets for these masterpieces?