Monster Hunter Stories | English Patch | Episode 26

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Monster Hunter Stories | English Patch | Episode 26

35 882 views | 31 Aug. 2017
35 882 views | 31 Aug. 2017

This is a long episode, but we get a lot done! We start off with an epic battle against another elder dragon, the Teostra, and then we continue through the tower with some more close calls. We do manage to snag a few really awesome new monsters though.

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alberto vila

Dorado should be the name for the silver rath

Steven Hester

name the silver rathalos luna which means moon in spainish or name it ala de plata which mean silver wing. thx for reading

Shakuntala Sehjail

Can you name it mineral de hierro which means iron ore in spanish

RedAngel 002

The kushala daora and teostra is not for the 1.2?

Shakuntala Sehjail

I mean Astilla


Wait how did you get kushala


How do you get Teostra?

Alolie Wolf

How did You get an english version of the JP of MHstories? Nevermind it's not all English.

Tony Santeno

Can you sacrifice the " Legendarys " like m.tigrex, s.rathalos, g.rathain and the elder dragons?

Nicholas Glaister

look for heavy eggs

Goodtimeswith Cameron

I remember kushala is weak to thunder

Potato Eradicator

Why is his level 73 Stygian Zin weaker than my level 55 Jho?

J. Herrera

But why does Silver Los represent the Sun when the Sun isn't silver? Wouldn't it make more sense if he represented the Moon?

Shakuntala Sehjail

A still a for sliver dragon

Jose C

How tf did you get kushala!?!?

AdicusDeath reaper

Hey Game taco....if you are having so much trouble leveling up your creatures....then why don't you start making foods for them? some foods give a ton of exp.

Xavier Bean

Name one monstie el sol for the sun in Spanish

Hail TheQueen

It's already September my dudes! Can't wait for this game next week!


Can u a video on hatching all of the elder dragon egg and all of them.

Rexton West185

How do you get kushala Oo

super gaming

And ai forgat 1

Andrew Brown

I thought you couldn't get teostra, kushla, and rojang in the English version


How did you get the Teostra quest?


Oh well, good vid but I think mh stories has gotten a bit stale, but its really your choice taco. Do what makes you happy I don't want you to become another blank faceless content creator without personality.


Get the fathalis please I want to see it in this game


I would of liked this to be more strategic like pokemon and not paper rock scizors

Shakuntala Sehjail

Your next elder dragon can you name Diablo or Demonion which means demon

Alisa Whiteman

Where did you find the Kushala daora. Do you get it when you defeat the Fatalis


oooo Oh my gosh! Silver Rathalos? How about Pantalones, I know it means pants, but it funny cause the Rathalos/ Rathians have such powerful legs. lol in any other monster hunter game they always run me over or step backward on to me. its always been something that stood out. Oh man. oh man. plus it has talones in the word which is like saying Talons, which is also a defining factor.


Silver Rathalos A? How about?....
Luna Lunar? {Lunar Moon} Or...
Danza Luna? {Dancing moon}
I don't know why I like Moon so much.
Arroz? {Rice}
Legendario? {legend}?

Any ways, Love your work!
Cant wait for more!

Smokin' Big

Its my first time in this channel
Is it a coincidence that i named my seregios Espada too?

super gaming

Its a mix betwen a lion and a goat with wings


Well one week left until european release, I just hope that there is a langauge change option

Anthony Forbes

Game taco name him sol since he represents the sun

Joseph Burgess


super gaming

You mait be walk on magma bet a fiagt on teotra rip taco

Testicular Prolapse

If you get a Rajang, name it Chilaquiles or Electrificado, Spanish for electrified.
And if you get a Molten Tigrex (favorite rare species) name it Detonador, it means detonator.

Victoria Fiesel

Rathy then replace rathy

Fanged Eyes

Hey Taco, can u play around with the gene bonding. U could create crazy monsties imagine a dragon element aptonoth

Bluehorizon 89

How come we can't hatch any elder dragon eggs in the European version? ;-;


Lucky... Am only lvl 46 and cannot defeat a teostra

Kitty Cow

How about plateado? It means silver king in Spanish, also sorry if anyone mentioned this xP

Gage Kilpatrick

Go with Plata it means silver in Spanish like how Oro means gold

Nero Biblios

Seregios: Die filthy mongrel! (Fate Reference BTW)

Zulma Rodriguez

If u get a glavenus dlc egg name it "cuchillo" which is knife in Spanish. What do you think?

Shakuntala Sehjail

A stills or Alma for the sliver dragon



Rui Ribeiro

IT'S A SEREGIOS so obviously it's awesome :)


Game Taco one question how you make your Seregios be a dragon type?

Ezequiel Castro

Plata for silver rathalos


I got mine preordered already i wish there was a colectors edition or something like that

Rui Ribeiro

How do you have that update but not in Japanese


My Favorites were: Rey = King, Plata = Silver , Cielo = Sky, Venerable = venerable (funny it´s the same word at Spanish and in English XD)
For Teostra (if that is a Teostra-Egg that you found at the Beginning) there are my favorite Names: Volcán = Vulcano, Calor = Heat, Sol = Sun

Wesley De Wagenaar

how do you get these monsters at the beginning of the video??????

Ian Bush

The silver rathalos reminds me of skarmory from Pokemon.


taco i feel like your rider does rather low damage with his attacks, is that because you use a SnS or is the damage like that with all of the other weapon types too?


goes to Google I like "elio" because it's one of the Spanish names of the sun god Helios, who would ride his chariot across the sky. The Lord of the Sky deserves a fitting name!!!!

Vapory Carp

You should name the silver rathalos alma (Spanish for soul)


How did u get the 1.3.0 Update ~?

AsianLad A.G

Who hyped?!
Does it come out for Europe at 8th September cause I'm 13 and I'm tooooo lazy to go buy the game so my dad does and when I say it comes out and he goes and relies it isn't out he gets pist so ye thanks


i want to know how to get a azure rathalos

ShopKeep Magolor

Oh no, I forgot kushala's only weakness! Poison!...meh

jay smooth



kinda hope they fix the leveling. not say they're should take a lot of exp but if I'm grinding for days just to level 1 it's gonna be pretty off putting.
That being said I still can't wait for this game <3

Dark Nightmare

I never get why Silver Rathalos represents sun and golden rathian represents moon... Like that, silver represents the color of the moon, and gold the color of the sun... And even when it comes down to the japanese mythology or religion (don't know for sure... :/ ) Amaterasu is the Goddes of the Sun and Tsukuyomi the God of the Moon... They got all right in color and genre of the couple, but they represents the opposite astro '-'

And for the Silver Rathalos name... Give it Blue Eyes, for the Blue Eyed White Dragon (who resembles more silver in the majority of the anime in my opinion, because the mettalic luster in it's body...)
Sorry for my bad english, not my main language xD

Leo Campbell

That Polimer-Rathalos could be named "Platino"... I know that isn't the spanish word for silver (Plata), but I think that sound better

Brandon Franceschi

Name the S. Rath Argento

Danielle Adrianne Urot

Can I get Kushala and teostra in English version


Do reluciente for the silver rathalos it means glimmering in Spanish

Demetri Wallace

Name the silver rathalos Plata it means silver in Spanish

infinite the edgy



Hope you enjoyed your camping trip~

Close fight with Teo there, was exciting to watch - and I agree, Seregios's is one of my favs. He's giving Rathalos some nice competition there, and aaah you gave him the Dragon element <3 His Shooting Star looks so cool with Dragon (It looks pretty cool with Fire as well tbh)

Major congrats on the Teo win, it's nice to see that even with the change in genre Stories can throw some tense fights at you. You'll really, really love Teo's special attack. It's a very nice looking attack.

Gold Rathi's riding attack <3 Oroshi Kirin's got a slight variation over Kirin's, but only in that it has ice spikes rather than thunderbolts. The mons with truly different attacks are Molten Tigrex, Gold Rathian, and Silver Rathalos. Also nice to see silver joining the ranks there at the end :D

Here's hoping the next video tackles either Molten or Oroshi (I'd love to see Fatalis too though!)

Word of warning though, be prepared for a very short fight with Oroshi. In my experiences fighting that thing, you either win quickly or lose quickly. Teostra's scary when enraged, so is Molten Tigrex oh boy. Especially when he uses these two other buffing skills of his – he's very scary then. Teostra one-shot you with that attack, ouch. Fatalis does that too :<

Still very, very sad that we can't have Agnaktor or a Fatalis in this aah. Same with Mizutsune and Raizex tbh, if they ever content update the game with more monsters in the future, I want my bubblefox and zappy ratha-seregios. If they do add more mons into the game, what would you want to see?

Also I noticed there's what might an unused area in the Jungle? I've checked – its always blocked off. No maps I've found online show it leading anywhere, and it's even blocked off in the Labyrinth of Trials. It's driving me crazy, I wanna know what's back there! I'm betting that maybe I'm just missing something obvious, but it'd be great if they'd been saving it for a future content update xD Fingers crossed for Najarala and Plesioth (and mizu and rairai) sometime in the future heh.

Osas Omorodion-Umaru

Name silver ratahalos Esmeralda it means emerald in Spanish

Alek Galera

The King vs The Emperor.

Peter Coccaro

When will they add Kushala to the english version! I want it so badly!

Kuro Pkm

lmao why do your monsters have Spanish names??

super gaming

O ya and minecraft

Tomé Filho

I want to see a Rajang is so cool.

Dark LordYT

I have a question get you get a elder dragon egg in a high rank monster den whiteout making a quest?

Paul Bryan Tutanes

Hey game taco! i notice that you MHST is in english. are you using Western Copy of the game? If Yes. So Kushala Daora is tameable in the western copy of the game? KINDLY REPLY PLEASE! :D


I love this game so much, it's so fun to watch you playing it too - I can't wait for the English version <3

I especially adore how they give the monsters a layer of intelligence and personality we don't usually get to see, especially in the anime. I'd love, love, love to see Capcom continue this - maybe make it its own little side-series. I want to see a Stories-G / Stories 2 <3

Darkus The Gore Magala

Name it Silver Flame


If it's silver name it Plata (or platino means platinum) the golden rathian you already named oro or gold in spanish so why not do the same for the rathalos

Nagalisk The naga

Is black diablos good because i have one


What monstie is or? Is it gold rathian?


Name him shine because he will be shiny :D

Grant Andersen

How bout Infierno?

Matthew McNamara

Toaster is Spanish would have been good too

Hoo Dini

25:00 Kushala be rocking them BEGONE THOT eyes

Does anyone know if ur able to redo quests that you have already finished cause i want a full team of kushalas now

Joshua Martinez

Where can you find a kushala daora?


i cant get elder dragons because english


I would love to see some new videos on the new Monster Hunter World trailer showing off the new desert area and the gameplay videos that were also located in the new desert area.

Hirthik Shirke

name it plata

Vishnu Venkatesh

Plata. For silver rath, so you have plata and oro

super gaming

It amics of pokemon

JONAS Piesch

Where do you get dragon bug juice



Joshua Martinez

Where can you find a kushala daora?

CypherionFR Cyph

Taco can you tell me how do you have your gold Rathian plz? because Gold Rathian is my favorite Monster. So I like you continue them videos


Fuego, fire in French. Also a tip from the beginning of the game, you can ride while running, just hold down Y button to have your monstie catch up to you and ride on instantly.