Hemet Jade Idol Combo

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Hemet Jade Idol Combo

999 949 views | 21 May. 2017
999 949 views | 21 May. 2017

Ungoro Combo with Hemet + Jade Idol for infinite Jades on turn 7!

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ES_Move Like This 1 - Gavin Luke

Outro: Hearthstone 8 bit - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6HfWeyu-30

Jacob Robar

u can add me on hearthstone my username is jakethesnake#1697 u can tell me from there if u want




i can think of 2 cards that can counter this deck: Sulking geist is the obvious one and dirty rat might pull hemet. but then you'd eventually get rid of all the cards in ur deck. also defile doesn't beat it but it can get rid of the jade golems on board (probably)


I'll be back. I gotta go try something.

james oconner

Skulking Geist would like a word with you.

IIllIlII l


Сергей Карпенко


Link Link

6 46 destroy all 1 mana spell card.

Anduin Lin

Whats the source of the deck?

Imperial guardsman

I only have one thing to say to anyone who looks up this deck online. I hate you. This includes all other jade decks.

Shawn Ryan

Ive been laddering with Jade druid the past few months. im gonna try this

Cris C

Deck list please?

Professor Ztar

I never got to try this combo, and now there's going to be a 6 mana card that destroys all 1-cost spells in both players' hands and decks. R.I.P. this combo. :<

alternate account

Skulking geist

Michiel Hoeree

I did this with a friend onse to see hiw big jades get and to see how many cards can go in a deck. (Its a 30/30 jade and 60 cards in a deck)


Stupid warrior

I am Ladybug, Eater of Souls!

Skulking Geist! FeelsGoodMan


I'm hungry! U YUMMY!!!

Luis fernando Gamez Achicanoy

1 maná 11/11 WoW mechanics

Dante Slaton

I never imagine hermit would be so useful. Totally getting him for just making that deck XD

Tomasz Ziebura

Was this recorded on NA? Rank 4 warrior didnt even kill auctioneer...

H.P Lovecraft Cat

Omg please dont make these deck people im begging you


did you really climb ladder with this?


>Be me
>Vs Mage
>Plays Hemet with one jade idol in hand (only spell)
>Mage plays secret
>"oh shit"
>play jade idol
>mfw secret was Counter

JK, I'm too poor to afford any of that shit

Justin Mustermann

P2w Game, Boring deck

Alex Stefan

wp nice deck man

Jason Yin



and then there are those players who say hemet is useless and cannot be played under any cirucumstances


Jade is coming...
Winter is nothing agianst the jade...


This deck is mediocure to bad. You need to have jade idol and hemet in your hand by turn 6 at the latest because you can only board control for so long and by the time you get this combo going, its already likely to late to recover

K Jebbies

Deck list?

Steven Stone

La ví muy mierda y la acabo de desencantar :'v


uking holy jadeee =OO nice bro


와 저게뭐야; 덱좀 알고싶다

Markus Vestergaard

Jade idol seems balanced

Hamin Chang

That hunter should go for the face. Controls field with jade druid? Nope.


Hysteria did you know if you brewmaster addled grizzly too quickly it wont buff

ceo sio

is this deck worth playing in ranked...I can see that you are in 5 but when I tried it, I would never get the jade idonl and hemet...so I couldn't really do the combo early


I am gonna use this lmao I packed a golden hemet a while back


plays skulking geist*

Andy Yivero

Geist and u are dead

Wyatt Burns

Skulking Geist Anyone?

Kevin Mao

New Jade counter card Skulking Geist appears
"I'm out of cards!"

Brandon Hambrick

sometimes I'm right, but I can be wrong, my own beliefs are in my song


gonne be THAT guy: is there a decklist for this deck?

Richard Pickman

Jade needs a cap lol

Tony Montana

Хант с кроколиском в деке на 5ом ранге???

Jacob Robar

I was wondering how do I make a jade helmet combo

Pablo P M

skulking geist?


Last guy was a total idiot for letting gadzet and choose one has both effect stay in the board for so many turns


Well now with Knights of the Frozen Throne, it can be Hemet+ Jade idol + Skulking Geist. Too OP

John Snow

So gay

Sir Styleenut

Just opened Hemet and I see this in my suggestions. hmmmmmm


in glad I opened a helmet from a pack..............


rank 4 warrior, golden portrait and so stupid. That's evidence that rank is all about grinding.

Marek Klučka



well played

Daedarae Notera

I lose it every time i see hemet's animation, its so fuckin funny xD


I am starting to get the feeling that the overall level of players in the north american realm are far below the level of EU players because shit like that would never be possible there


Yo put this deck into the description


I am glad you pulled this off, this strategy was on my mind for a long time but I didnt have the dust for Hemet.

Thank you for making this dream a reality


Skulking Geist say's hello


Much Jade Very Cancer

Massimo Mirigello

It would be cool if you could get a sorcerers apprentice then go fandral auctioneer infinite idols

SweetBirdy Максим Кашеваров

Hi! Did you try to make this combo\myth: you have on the board King Dred 9\9 with windfury. Opponent summons Argent squire. Will Argent squire die? Please, check it


Two words: Skulling geist

White Fang

Hey bro , can you give me that deck list of cards , because i have Hemet and i want to make the same deck :)

super snake

dislike I hate jade shit

Awful Falafel



I find this genius for some reason

Fred V

wow and I sold that card to make shaman quest.....never sell cards again....feelsbadman

Crystal L


Captain Whisker

Okay, that rank 5 hunter clearly didn't understand his win condition. The right play was to go face with hyena, ignoring the gadget.

The nameless

I got deals!

Harry McKenzie

To everyone who said this deck is bad against aggro: You do know that as long as you have your combo cards in the deck the rest of it doesn't matter? Token Druid ring a bell? Most of the cards in Token Druid are cheaper than 3 anyway so it would work just fine.

Evelyn Schlick

lmao why would you leave Auctioneer AND Fandral alive, ESPECIALLY after seeing what can happen in a turn?


great cancer


подлый глиномес


Geist = rip

ThePizzabrothers Gaming

In the halloween brawl i got the autioneer and choose both combo to work with a radiant elemental. That was fun.


BlessRNG Geist BlessRNG

Don Wald

Oh please let this be the new meta


How did the jades go from 8/8 to 14/14 one after the other...



Doublechindoge 7


thats sick


all the opponent needs is shilling geist


The darkest hour in HS.


emperor and play wild? :)

Hejia Han

id like to see this combo meet up that 6 mana card which destroy all 1 cost spell


skulking geist op

michael hedley

With sorceres apprentice and auctioneer you could have unlimited Jade idols

facu fonseca

jade druids: the pussy strat

Youri Vlasblom

How much i hate the scavaging hyena, stupid OP card and hunters i face always seem to have them in there starting hand and ofc the allycat, also always in the starting hand. NERF PLZ. Now im ranting anyways, also NERF Divine spirit and/or inner fire. Those 3 cards are cheesy AF and can swing/end the entire (most of the time the early) game with zero effort and for some reason it happens more often than not, at least vs the people i face.

Darris Ko

Me hungry, you yummy!

Ritz Zhang

geist wants to have some words with this deck :)

Jo Jo

Hemet in yugiyo exodia for the win


Proof that Taunt Warrior takes barely any more skill than pirate.


this deck is just when you want to play hearthstone as a raid boss

Mamady Ouedraogo

what s the composition of the deck?