Street Fighter V Menat slow motion hitboxes

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Street Fighter V Menat slow motion hitboxes

3 387 views | 11 Sep. 2017
3 387 views | 11 Sep. 2017

Menat hitboxes in slow motion for all of her moves.

It starts with the normals, and so it follows:

Crouching normals: 1:08

Jumping normals: 2:11

Throw: 3:51

Unique attacks: 4:00

Special moves: 6:01

EX moves: 9:01

V Skill: 11:00

Standing normals (without the ball): 11:42

Crouching normals (without the ball): 12:36

Jumping normals (without the ball): 13:32

Throw (without the ball): 15:11

Unique attacks (without the ball): 15:21

V Skill (without the ball): 17:29

V Reversal: 18:00

V Trigger (activation): 18:35

V Trigger (attack): 19:10

Critical Art: 20:31

Dash: 21:49

Taunt: 22:13

How to interpret the hitboxes?

Game version: Street Fighter V version 02.050

Done with (version 0.9.9)

Leberon Jamames

the yellow is the hurtbox right? ridiculous




Okay, do it again, but with the cat costume


Would love to see video for Zeku.


will you never do zeku?

Vilmar de Araujo Melo

Good, waiting Zeku.

Wilker Antunes Silva

Waiting zeku hitboxes and hurtboxes, but I think Sakura's will come first.

Daniel Rathbun

I could watch her spin all day