Killing Floor 2 - How Good Is The Freeze-Thrower?

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Killing Floor 2 - How Good Is The Freeze-Thrower?

14 207 views | 26 Apr. 2018
14 207 views | 26 Apr. 2018

Remember the Freeze Thrower? because I honestly forget they added it...until now


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new update incoming <3


hello mr ben

sjoerd laan

The freezethrower works wel for me on the front line of 64 player servers as a crowd controll weapon, giving the demo's more time to bomb the everliving hell out of them.


I would love if they added a new perk that could fully utilize ice themed weapons to freeze enemies and really make the freezethrower shine, sort of the opposite of a firebug.


Tip: It has a ground fire effect like the flamethrower giving it its DOT (Damage over time) Its more effective if you aim at the ground you save ammo and do more damage.

Snake Gum

When did you get a PS4 Bulb?


if this is called the Freeze-Thrower then shouldn't it's counterpart be called a Burn-Thrower?

_ Raiden _

Also, the survivalist seems to be the standard perk for shooters if you get what I'm saying? I mean you can use all weapons and such as they act all like perk weapons

Megapizza dragon

Its not a damage type gun. Its better used as a tool to support the team. I will often run one of these when playing medic. So when im not healing im freezing the fleshpounds and scrakes so the team can focus fire them down. The ice you spray on the ground does damage to zeds walking on it btw.


I like the style of this kf2 vid.... Will you possibly make some more if you have time?

Darrk Emperor

Does he have a lisp? Not trying to be mean just cant here on my phone


Pineapple on pizza is a mistake


Forgot? only until yesterday did i even KNOW it was a thing.

_ Raiden _

I'd say at certain points in the game it can become useful


Flamethrower + Freezethrower = cryo-pyromancer build

Box Cutter Blaine

When you can't just take out your retainer for the commentary

Brody Miller


Random doggie

Looks like good support weapon


Freezethrower is to freeze big zeds so your team mates can kill them super easy...


This gun is good if you have a good team to back you up when you freeze something so they can just kill it while it’s frozen otherwise don’t even waste your time or dosh on it maybe if the secondary fire had more benefits sure like it can make a fleshpound or a scrake go back to their walking stage if they are angry


While I'm a HUGE fan of versatile classes, survivalist needs desperately of a rework or buff. He is meant to be a 'jack of all trades', so he should be the best for solo due not having a strong weak spot, for example. BUT ABOUT THE FREEZETHROWER!

Honestly, despite the idea of cryo damage don't fit a survival, it's versatility goes PERFECTLY with it:
- It has good enough damage to trash clean with primary fire. Not as good as a Firebug, for example, but is good!
-It has enough damage to headshot some medium Zeds, like Siren or Bloat. Not as good as Support, but is good!
- It does not help to take off big zeds by its on, BUT it can constantly freeze them and make a very easy kill for your team.
- It can freeze the floor while making a run or trying to buy time.

At every circunstance, Freezethrower is a very good side-kick. Not meant to be perfect at any situation, but always a good help at everyone, some trash clean, or crowd control. Which is exactly what the Survivalist should be in multiplayer, everyone's side-kick. But in solo game, I do agree it might be better to use other weapons, at least until Tripwire decides to rework the class.


I don't see why every gun has to deal high damage. It's pretty clear what this gun was meant for. Crowd control, not damage outright. Not every gun has to have the ability to nuke crowds or strong zeds. This one looks easily made for taking pressure off a squad by freezing a crowd of zeds. It doesn't need to kill if the zeds are frozen long enough for the rest of the squad to pop them


"A little damage over time wouldnt hurt anyone"
I'm not too sure how to tell you this...

Free Golem

literally didn't know this existed till yesterday.

2 Dark 4 U

This should be a medic weapon and the alternative fire a sh blast of needles

Nonya Bidness

they could make a scientist perk and just throw random sci-fi support-ish weapons at them


If you have a sharpshooter on the team this puppy is a godsend.


Why tf was axton’s voice in the intro? Smh.

Dave Crupel

I dont like it.
If it froze enemies the moment it touches them, or had a grenade sized impact radius, then MAYBE it would be acceptable for the rediculous ammo it consumes.
But it doesnt live up to the needs of a player getting relentlessly pursued and mobbed by high speed trash that grabs you. It doesnt kill them NEARLY fast enough.

It is strictly a supplemental weapon, that would be FAR better served as an attachment, than a standalone weapon.
If KF ever follows the attachment route, i can see this working as that.


Bro, this is obviously a support weapon, but you keep judging its damage capabilities. No shit a weapon like this won't do that much damage.

Tanner rennaT

I like using it off perk with the medic. Fun team weapon


I always thought it's main utility was to provide stuns for teammates to line up easy shots. It's also worth mentioning you can freeze the ground and do a lot more damage than if you were to just freeze them. Works very similar to the Ground Fire perk for Firebug.

Rose Supreme

This weapon definitely has potential. Plus potential for an Ice-focused perk.

With certain unique new weapon types that fans are wanting, why not cram those ideas into ice-based weapons? Like an ice shard-spitting minigun?


I'm beginning to experiment with this as a support weapon while playing medic. It's pretty easy to freeze scrakes on 6 man HOE, makes it easier for the team to finish them off.

Justin Alex

You sound like you're wearing a retainer and braces at the same time trying to talk


Instead of a purely cryogenic perk, I'd prefer a chemical weapons based perk, have something that utilizes acid to debuff high health/armored enemies, move the freeze-thrower over there and add like two or three other weapons and voila, new class easy peasy.


i'd thought the ice gun would be effective with teammates because you could freeze enemies and give enough time for headshot orientated classes to shoot.

The Phantom

I've never been a great player on Killing Floor 2, originally starting off as a combat medic, switching to gunslinger then berserker, and finally becoming a Firebug main. But this gun does seem interesting and if there WAS a class around it, I could see myself using it just for the gimmick of "It's like fire but the opposite"

My only question is: Do the inspects and reloads make sense?


Hey I don't think i have the Ice thrower, is it a DLC weapon or was it a limited time event thing?

Alberto jaquez

Whelp , i see the Freeze Thrower more of a tool than a weapon, freezing the Fleshpounds/Scrakes then use the team to attack them, kinda like the Flashbangs or Freezing granades, just with more damage output.