Mrbeast vs Morgz ( He MAD! ) #DramaAlert YouTubers Arrested for Storming Area 51!

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Mrbeast vs Morgz ( He MAD! ) #DramaAlert YouTubers Arrested for Storming Area 51!

2 570 365 views | 13 Sep. 2019
2 570 365 views | 13 Sep. 2019

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Tywdawg Stuff and more stuff

he does know the roots are gonna grow through the pipe right? and screw whatever is going through

Diana Garcia

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Matthew Jacobs

I just got shown this today even tho I saw it when it came out this is wack

cаманта oвчина

Nicola really pulled all the stops for Keem hahaha I LOVE IT

Nitro Banana

Didn’t fiche r fifer r fur t cuff d fiche r


That man is dedicated to his cherry tree


Is anyone gonna talk about Morgz is ACTUALLY stealing Mrbeast vids?
Welp. Looks like people are gonna
see Mrbeast a bad guy for now.

Benjamin A Ondelacy

That my homie beast and Chan chan

Jennifer Williams

If morgz thinks mrbeast copied him well look at the time dates and I think mrbeast is better to me

Cooper WB

Keen can read any tweet, even a wholesome one, and in his voice it sounds aggressive

ozair bakhtiar

why did this be recommended to me after 7 months?!! i wanted to see mrbeast call out morgz


my brain hurt


3:17 I thought jake Paul had the same Viewers than jake Paul

Xgaming125 g

To be fair, morgz does have a strong point here. Just because MrBeast Says That He Hates Drama And Doesn't Wanna Join The "Fuck Morgz" Train Doesn't Change Anything. It's just a way of making him look like a good guy even though beast tweeted on morgz first. I'm on Morgz side.


I searched up area 51 and this came up


I dont care if morgz die or go to jail

sergius bros gaming 2

i really hope morgz stop uploading then the world is in peace from trash clickbait and cringe


mrbeast is relatively a pretty calm guy dont compare him to that morgz guy

lewis griffin

Mr. Beast and his boyfriend are just an idiot and douchebags

【 ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷I̴t̴s̴ ̴A̴d̴d̴i̴ ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷】

Morgz makes my blood boiling everytime i hear his name/ face. Mr Beast is a king no one I mean no one can take his throne.

Ben Stephenson


Cryptic Mcsmooth6

Really nice Clickbait Thumbnail


Morgz is a bitch


Feel bad for the intern


Tbh, everyone already know's it was morgz who copied mr.beast.

FireNetLord Fire

I would love to see morgs survive without Mr Beast's video ideas

Jr Angeles

I hate Morgan he as hold unsub to morgz

Annie Chu-Ton

A free add

Jose Gabriel Kliatchko

Jake clout chasing again ffs hahahaha


Jake: I have a younger audience

Also Jake: dating the girl who flashed Game 5 of the World Series and sets his friend up with Riley Reid

Jr Angeles

Team mrbeast he’s bertter then morgz

Angel Soto

First off mr beasts video the last person got 10 big ones

Anakin Skywalker

Wtf is “HE MAD“ mean I’m not a hater keep up the good work

x Intoxxicated x

Soldierboy is a neek

singh sekhon

2:00 well mrbeast did change the video kinda from the vr guy cause he did a challenge

Nick Royal

Ik this is an old video and no on cares anymore but the reason Mr beasts video is inspired and not a copy is because that video the guy challenges himself to stay in vr for a week. Mr beasts video is a challenge for who can last the longest and gives out money to the winner that my friends is why it is inspired instead of a copy

the random boi

This guy has to intern


fuck dude i never knew beast was this savage


Goid guy


Morgz should just shut up

vro - Brawl Stars

Bruh he only respond because MrBeast has clout so many people talk shit to him but he didn’t say nothing about

Japhet Perez

A simpler time


whistle skillls

The madhouse Animation

Some one saying something racist: Keemstar: stop copying me

LaBirb Boi

That was literally my first time watching a really kind & humble person like MrBeast to say the f word. He is piss of with Morgz

dimitris anastasopoulos

And yeah a video can be inspired cause you can just get the idea of the video and change the concept, morgz doesn't even try to change it...

Aj McDermott Vids

Morgz: how is your video inspired? Mr.Beast: Because I don’t fucking copy thumbnails of videos and try to act like it’s my original idea

Johnren .B

i love chandler
he send memes


Morgz why r u copying Mr beast


Mr beast vs Morgz
Like the ksi shit


Man jake Paul really do be tryin to be a ramen head


Holy Christ your into is SO ANNOYING

Lack Taint03

Keemstar you a bitch

Theslayer543 Gaming

The funny thing is... Gib said he would KO jake but in reality a couple moths later jake KO'ed him

Anthony M

I wanna see Nikki Minja go after Keemstar

amel amel

Banks on yt:making kids happy with things adault wouldnt say its good
Banks on twiter:wise


Morgz just waits like 4 months then copy mrbeast and thinks he can get away with it

Evan Roldan

Morgz mum Is Probably roasting Jimmy's mom
Jill Hudson is The worst parent ever

kamran ahmed



Morgz got dropped to many times as a kid

Morgz has his homework copied to many times as a kid

Swati Daga

I don't understand ur intro


When you watch this after the jake Paul VS gib and you hear that gib would KO jake

Nelson Hu

If you say that one more time my HUSBAND is gonna come for you


Keemstar you have a copy cat too he’s name is “ treta news” it’s a Brazilian youtuber

Johnny Joe star

His thumbnails are so interesting even the title

Tavi just **** on you


i really hate his intros i find them cringy

Jaida Baida

The vid with the cherry tree was honestly very entertaining

Amaan Khan

Well that was a lie


hit the like buten you think beast is better morgz

Chris Olson

Morgz copies Mrbeast and we all know that'. I really hate morgz

Kim Cosimi

Now this is just Cringe

shane spires

Morgz is a literate British Donald Trump, he is a man baby who cries out his problems.

Boss Lucas Gaming

Mrogz is brain not working he videos copy mrbrest

James Fua

2020 everyone

I'm a new fan of mrbeast

Are you

dimitris anastasopoulos

Morgz is actually copying MrBeast so bad and that shows cause who has the most subscribers

Francisco Dircio

7:30 Why does he look so familiar?

Zachary Fayant

Morgz videos is why battle royale circles exist

Official KX

Morgz is just an attention seeker lmao

I'm a dog

Morgz claim that his video was copied when
Mrbeast : last to leave VR
morgz : 24 hours in VR
Mrbeast : 24 hours dessert island
Morgz : Last to leave the dessert island
Let us all hope morgz releases he dumb


Jake Paul is salty
Lol nope jake Paul is racist


Did morgz mum typed that tweet

Isar Huizing

im proud to be from the netherlands


Me: See's this video

Casually Naruto runs from Area 51 to Jake Paul's house with the boiz

Alvin Aasmäe

Bruh i just got a lays ad when that game of throne meme happened

Repro Leep

i love dis man


Keemstar: MrBeast vs Morgz
Also Keemstar: switches to Logan Paul vs KSI

Me: wait what happened?

Ashe :D

F Morgz


When MrBeast stops making vids Morgz will stop

Carter London 78 animation


growtopia hub

MrBeast vs morgz boxing fight that will be epic

RyutaGamer 64

i hate morgz

Karl Joshua Jamero

MrBeast Always copies Morgz,
Morgz Always copies MrBeast.

L0L 924

Problems with morgz

-Cannot stop copying
-Cannot stop copying
-will not stop copying
-never stops copying
-copy & paste man
-and bullying youtubers (WillNE) and more

FlexOnEm Ty

Chandler comes back with the memes

Erin 3

Chandler is hilarious

Rafael rios

Team Jake Paul

singh sekhon

Guys I accidentally missed the f morgz train can someone give me a ride to the f morgz train?!

Uday Bhuva

mr beast is way better than morgz

Louise & Robert spooner