SAR K2P On the Range Review / Sarsilmaz CZ-75 Variant

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SAR K2P On the Range Review / Sarsilmaz CZ-75 Variant

61 602 views | 29 Apr. 2015
61 602 views | 29 Apr. 2015

This is an on the range review of the SAR K2P. This is a Sarsilmaz CZ-75 variant made in Turkey. The K2 is the primary handgun of the Turkish NATO which is the second largest NATO force in the world. Thus, you expect reliability, durability, and quality from this gun. The K2P is the polymer model of the K2.

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Dennis Matt

These are truly great 9mm handguns in every respect. I have TRIED to wear mine out but all I can manage is to break it in. If you want an all steel .45 Sarsilmaz also has available an SARk2 .45 an all steel 14+1 capacity handgun that is built like a tank and in my opinion is THE FINEST self defense handgun available. The 9mm I own is largely used by my Wife but I also find it a joy to shoot and with time the trigger will lighten up and be even better than it feels out of the box. The hi cap .45 version is fantastic in every respect out of the box but also gets better with break in. The sights are perfect, the worksmanship is at least as good as that of handguns that cost well over twice as much.........and with the high cap .45 SAR K2 there simply is NO finer handgun of its type. Not a big fan of the Turks but one thing they seem able to do is to produce some of the finest handguns ever produced. Love mine and love the small amount they set me back financially.

Robert Bauer

watched other videos on this gun why are people so worried about no decocker 1911 does not have one its is designed to be carried cocked and locked

Scott Cook

Do you know of any mags that fit this other than the one that comes with it?

B Lee B

Thanks for the video. Great gun but cannot yet find a holster.

AA American Locksmith Inc Steve Stegle

I own the SAR K2P9 and its a very reliable & accurate gun. I too wish it had a de-cocker but when I carry it, I carry it in D.A. mode. (Safety off)
I dry fire practice with my Taurus M85 snub nose revolver with snap caps for trigger control...
Once you can keep the sight picture steady in double action, then there`s really no need to carry cocked & locked.
I can`t measure the D.A. trigger pull on my Taurus, because my T.P. gauge only goes up to 8lbs. But I`m guessing its more than the K2 or within a pound or so.
My theory is to always practice in double action. It takes a bit of practice... but the benefit soon becomes clear.
Great review on a great gun. SAR arms makes some great & affordable weapons.
Thank you for the video, I`m a subscriber now!

David Ryzewski

I came across the SAR Arms B6P for $270 and I was hooked. Did some reviews, loved the looks and I bought it last summer. Absolutely a great gun. I thought of it so highly that now my Glock 19 sits in its case and I carry the B6P full time now. Now I have found out about this gun and I look forward to getting the K2P. Again I saw it on sale for $280 and have googled reviews like yours and they are all positive. Do you know that you can switch out the slides between the K2P and the B6P and they both work and fire safely. Pretty cool.

Chris Kreiner

is it safe to carry a gun lkke this in single action. iv always carried double action hand guns

Chris Morgan

Enjoyed this review as always. I might need to get one of these.


Any ideas on holsters for this gun?

Michael Johnson

How is this pistol with +P ammo ???


Awesome vid.. Thanks. If you guys are looking for extra mags, the Mec-gar CZ-75 (17 round) mag fits perfectly. I bought two. I hope to God I never have to use that many rounds to stop a threat. As far as I know, no one makes a holster for the K2P..YET.

The K2P is just as reliable and accurate as my Ruger P85 Mark II. I wasnt sure about carrying the K2P "cocked and locked" but after watching this video, I feel better about it. It was a little hard for me to rack the gun because I'm an old fart and my hands dont work so well anymore.

The safety is located in a convenient place which makes it easy to draw, take the safety off fire. Again.. Thank you for posting this video.

Captain Stig

I love my sar after owning glock 40 , kahr 40 , and shooting many others this is by far the most accurate and comftrable firearm I have owned ! The only down is I can't find a holster for its size besides a universal one ...


Picking one up tomorrow for $305.00 OTD.

Rick Border

Thanks for reinforcing what I already know about my K2P9. It is a awesome weapon to carry and shoot. GREAT WEAPON for a GREAT PRICE!!


Thanks for this video. The wife and I just found one of these on sale for $249.00 We are going to take a ride in town to look at it. looks like a very nice gun for $250

Jeffrey Schwab

Would you verify where to obtain a spare magazine for the sar k2p ??

Bob Kopchik

Looks like a decent gun at that price point.I would carry this gun cocked and locked. However, for those of us behind enemy lines unless its available with ten round mags its a no go. Nice review....Thanks

Neal Scroggs

Got my K2P last week. $287.26 including shipping and tax. All my friends are really impressed with the quality, features, and accuracy. Dollar for dollar no other pistol equals it.


Your are welcome. I feel my problem was the seller (looser). have a nice day you all.

MultiMM68-Big Mike

Nice. Too bad that it has no decocker. I'm eyeing the TRS CM9 Gen 2.

Chris Kreiner

thank you for the info sir @realguysreview


Like it, just wish it had a decocker.

Frederick Giordani

This firearm has more expensive gun manufacturers worried

Shawn Hill

Are these better than the Italian made Witness p s? love my eaa b6p, outshoot guys with higher priced guns all the time. Just got the k2p today. 279.99!

Rich Weatherly

Thanks for your review. I've seen so many good reviews on SAR pistols I couldn't resist and ordered the EAA B6P compact. It's very similar to the K2P but with 13 round magazines and slightly more compact, weighing 25 oz.


Another great review. The CZ75s are very tempting. I guess I'll have to add it to my list!...

Mister Masada

Thanks for this review. I pick my new K2P up tomorrow from my LGS.

Trigger To The Rear

nice looking gun....reminds me of the CZ P-07 and EAA Witness. I wish it had a dcocker as well, but at this price point I can train with the safety like a 1911.

graffkid 420

there's one in my city for 295 new should I get it that a deal

Miguel Charles

I just bought one lightly used for $270 including background check & tax. Already shot 250 rounds through the gun and it's been excellent. It's not much different than the CZ's I've shot, which says a lot since I love CZ's. Highly recommend.

Mike Colburn

Great review of the K2P! Wouldn't have considered this pistol, but now, have a serious interest in picking one up. Thanks!

Free America

Outstanding review as usual.

Mister Masada

Picked the K2P 9mm up on Thursday. All I can say is WOW! This pistol looks like it should cost a lot more than what it did. No machining marks anywhere, no unfinished/rough areas on the polymer, excellent build quality. The guys at my LGS were very impressed. I will report back after I have had a chance to take it to the range. Again, I want to thank you for your review. It was one of the reasons that I decided on this particular pistol. BTW, I only paid $280 out the door. Thanks GAG for the great deal and super-fast shipping.

larry brumfield

thanks for the insight. just picked one up today. can't wait to hit the range

Cheyene Powell

Had the K2P for about a month now. Have put around 500 rounds thru it and just got around to cleaning it. Not a single fail to feed or fire running Remington UMC bulk ammo, even ran 50 steel casing Blazers. Bought it for me but wife has taken it over as her bedside pistol, what do you do? I absolutely love this gun and for well under $300 it is a bargain. Will be buying a second or may try the K2 .45.


you can get these for $250 now from CDNN

Paper Cut

Very accurate information you lay out on this gun sir ( I can proof that bc I am Turkish origin )
I have my eye on this guns I am gonna get B6P  and K2P 
Once again Thank you

Ken Day

Sarsilmaz makes great handguns, and not just for the price. They can compete with guns 2 and 3 times the price. I have the B6P compact, and after 1000 rounds or a bit more, have had absolutely no malfunctions. It is more than accurate enough at 10 yards to be a great defensive weapon. I depend on this CZ variant enough that I sold my Sig 229. So think of Sarsilmaz handguns as quality products, and not just as inexpensive alternatives. Also remember that Turkey is a valued member of NATO, and supply weapons to various armies of our allies.

Austin Sims

Love my k2p 9mm best so far no recoil and allows u to put good tactics on it I have a protec led light which looks standard and iys blinks like a strobe light and still accurate. I use a cz 32round mag and a 16 round mag . #awsome gun

Toby Gonzales

Reliable loved mines regret selling it.

michael eley

Very good review..

james greer

is it me or at some parts of the vid. he sounded like Hank form king of the hill


Great video, I love the informative annotations.

Jim Hoover

This was one of the first guns i ever purchase. I gotta say I've been very pleased with it. Over 500 rounds through it and no hang ups at all. Very reliable and for the price you cant beat it. I really recommend picking this gun up. You wont be sorry

Cacaman Hey

would a cz675b 10 round magazine work on a k2p 9mm..???

James Broughton

Just bought the K2P for $269 waiting for to come in now excited to get it after watching your review very good review thank you very much

Steven Lee

Thanks so much for the concise review, very helpful!!!


What did you mean by 'surprise break'?


Nice looking gun. Since it has a polymer lower, is it actually more like a CZ P-07 or P-09 than a CZ 75?

C Berg

Maybe this is the gun for me. What do you think JK?


Most inaccurate gun I ever had. Good for hitting a 1 yard target at 1 yard distance. Lost $300.00. The seller and his employee tried to calibrate at the range blaming me. Found they were wrong. Traded for a excellent Taurus PT 92 AF at other shop. They lost a customer for refusing to take it back in a trade in.

James Beneteau

Good vid, thank you


Which gun do you feel is the better buy and option? The EAA SAR K2P 9MM or the Sig P2022?

Jeff Gibson

I have an Tanfoglio EAA witness hunter in 10mm. Its a lot of pistol. If its an accurate representations of all EAA pistols then they are all good.

timothy thomas

Would you suggest this gun K2P SAR or a Canik Tp9 SA .I am Going to sell my low capacity zastava m88a 9mm pistol and throw a 100 or so dollars with that money to by a pistol in this class . But don't want a high % chache of problems . I am looking for the lowest 5 chache of problems . Thank You for any advice you may give and God Bless

Melanie Schmidt

I miss mine so much.

Zhen Huang

Is the trigger reset very long? After the reset, is there any take up for the follow up shot?