Best Buds – Episode 1 – Exploring Colorado’s Aspen Canyon Ranch Cannabis Resort

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Best Buds – Episode 1 – Exploring Colorado’s Aspen Canyon Ranch Cannabis Resort

79 152 views | 7 Dec. 2016
79 152 views | 7 Dec. 2016

In the series premiere, best buds Chris and Brian head to Aspen Canyon Ranch, a cannabis-friendly resort nestled in the idyllic Rocky Mountains of Colorado. They start off their recreational cannabis adventure by stocking up on some marijuana edibles at Colorado dispensary Native Roots. After that, they over to the ranch to experience trap shooting, fly fishing, hot tubbing, pie eating, and more.

Check out the featuered dispensary for Best Buds, Colorado.

About the series:

BFFs Chris Nester and Brian Sturgill are just two dudes exercising their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of cannabis. Join them as they travel the country in search of the best things to do while high.

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The following music provided by NCS:

JPB & MYRNE - Feels Right (ft. Yung Fusion) [NCS Release]

Anikdote - Which Direction? [NCS Release]


Dont know about high people mixed with guns

Vanessa Cowles-Turner

I dig this, keep it up

Mr. Anderson

I wish.... I'm here in Florida like WTF. Maybe one day I can sit on a beach and peacefully smoke a joint.

Wesley Hayley

the birds....the birds....their coming after your soul! they know what your thinking...they know you ate the chicken pot pie....they want revenge! you must share your weed with the birds

Sk8 for peddles



Such a good show keep it up, amazing! :)

Natalie Wilson

This explains why you always had to stand right next to the TV screen when we played duck hunt.....

Jacob Jarzabek

Surely you guys can afford to significantly up the production value.


Definitely deserves more views! Awesome Video!

Brandon Giesen

Is anyone going to start making a show that actually smokes?


Dude, this is nice.

The Dubya

Hard to shoot with women's pants on, isn't it? Yes.

Limitless Adventures

Nice start! =)


"A slice of pie in Bob Ross's diner... with hummingbird waitresses"


Funniest thing about this show is just how normal these guys are.


Dudes - in the intro where you talk about all the things you do in this video. You forgot to surmise how fucking awkward you made those girls with the dabs.
'Would you rather i whistled at you?'


Cannabis adventure channel here , click my profile to see some fishing , hiking beautiful locations , and extreme sports while consuming cannabis

Danks Wonder

You guys are awesome

Melissa Hanifin

Awesome show guys! Can't wait to see more episodes!

Jim & Penny

GO HERE!!! Aspen Canyon Ranch is so beautiful, private cabins in the mountains, all kinds of cool things to do and POT! Lots of pot and great people to share the buzz with! Our new annual vacation spot!!


Oh shit my girl and I have been looking to get some kinda vacation exactly like this. Maybe not at a ranch but shiiiiiit looks up my alley!

Diogo Leite

never stop ahahahaha! too gooood

Kevin Mahaffey

Their jokes were more uncomfortable than funny.

My Dude

Yes please keep making these❤️!!!!

Stacey Smith



please do not stop these videos !!!!


This tard is too immature to appreciate where he is at! Reminds me of some stupid high school moron!

phr tao

Looks like a lot of fun. In my younger days I used to smoke outdoors all the time and I always found it took more weed to get me high than when sitting on the couch ... but I suppose they have more weed 8-)


anyone know a cool place like this around Oregon?

Danny Boy

yay! go Leafly! very cool!

Bobby Grewal

Am I the only one who thought this show should've been hosted by actual stoners, and not a couple of hosers? And what's with that stupid "high" percentage meter that was edited into the episode in post-production, this show is for people who are very new to cannabis.

Albert Theuri

Bong Appetit!

That High Couple

This made us smile non-stop!! The future of premium weed TV is here people :D

13clicks !

Great show. More more more.

David H

this is GOLD

sherrell council

Nice, I would like to get in on this.

Nicole Baxter

That was awesome. I laughed til I cried.

Jason R

Hahahaha :D Awesome!!

Maggie Mae

Do they have RV Camping? I just reached out to them! That was before I saw this video! How cool!

Cauê Del Grande

Incredible Hahahhaha

Jordan Phillips

Brian, how do you stay humble with a stache like that?

Rob skiggs

Show got way better once you guys got high lol Loved it.


The hummingbird waitresses at the Bob Ross Diner... I was dying laughing too!

IReapZz GdP

Those visual effects were cool

Imad Abbadi

Great production. Showing the real side of cannabis legalization. Keep it up guys!


Damn how much for a stay? Can I bring my dog?


Was that a BACON strawberry pie or are my eyes out of shape? Christ that looks nasty.

ToXic TaTor

That Bob Ross line killed me haha

no name

great job I like the 80s music and design style for the intro of the video

IReapZz GdP


Low Tide

this is my calling

Andrew Ewbank


Little Finger

It’s like having a slice of pie in Bob Ross’ diner. With hummingbird waitresses. What times your shift over?

Rubi Wiliams

you dont seem to be friends

Hugh Munn

Thats our coffee pot lmao

Coni Pidder

Omg this is so awesome :D

Mike Hardesty

that post dab whistling conversation was so relatably awkward, like when im high im both sides of that conversation, every time.

Larry Newberry

I expected more from Leafly! It was like these guys had never smoked before. But at least now I know the type of people Leafly chooses to Review Cannabis Strains. Not very well done, very amateurish. A lot of people don't know how to Fly Fish or Trap Shoot, but that was boring and showed poor judgment to show these Posers operating any kind of weapon while at a Cannabis Retreat?

Manuel Puig

jared is it you?

Zachary Williams

come visit us in Cali... We have a lot we could teach you...

Cameron McDaniel

I thought this place was cool until they started using bowl pieces as carb caps.

chris añez

finally blazing with leafly

Edward Valentino

How many of those clay pigeons did they actually hit?

Cole C

Ahhh Aspen. Where the beer flows like wine

Beat Hermit

I can dig it !

Brennen Semple

Why only 3 episodes?

Joshua Tate

Cool I live in west virginia

thethe riddler

the vid is definitely high tech on this channel

Justin Truax

This is going to be a perfect show! I love it.


DeezyReezy brought me here; Chris and Brian kept me here. Great work fellas!

The Kush Corner

was dissappointed... their jokes weren't funny and they barely showed any weed. the visual effects are just plain stupid. we are already high, we dont need that fake shit. and anyone who's not high is getting the wrong perception of what it's like. this was pretty bad, hope it improves

marijuanathc 420

Dope Video


Colorado is and forever will be simply our greatest state in the union.... EVER.

Felix Sheldon

Roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour, step right this way *Q*


This is tears

Wes's Vlogs

that's ironic that Deb would allow weed on the ranch, when I used to work at aspen canyon, they were highly religious. must be doing it for the money


Thanks guys. I'm definitely going to have to figure a way to get to Colorado from Australia before I fall over. The ranch looks like a place I could retire to :)


the humming bird part had me dying and I'm sober lol


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This is fantastic! :D

MiiNz彡 - Trödelei aufhören & leben anfangen !

Episode 1 was rly good !
keep it on ;)

Chris’s NFL Pick’em Show

What is the high tech coffee pot looking thing for

Alex Espinal

How does this channel not have at least 1 million subs?

Jai Zeta

Repeatedly shooting a shotgun aimlessly into a forest to practice your aim? Animals live there. I would think Leafly could show more respect to nature.

Lisa King

Awesome video! Make more, please!

Jenifer Martin

I just laughed so hard I love them! GOD I'M SAVING TO GO TO COLORADO ASAP!

Chadwick Smith

These 2 are funny. Love the content.