Epithet Erased Episode 7[Blind Reaction]

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Epithet Erased Episode 7[Blind Reaction]

1 408 views | 16 Jun. 2020
1 408 views | 16 Jun. 2020

So now the question is how are they going to defeat Zora in this season final for season 1 of Epithet Erased..... let's find out by watching together.

Okay so proper credit where credit is due for these videos. And of course I'm very grateful to everyone and anyone who's contributed to this channel past, present and future.

Profile picture done by Shidoni Art:


Intro song by FreeloaderMC:


Cartoons in order of appearance in intro:

1. MLP

2. Over The Garden Wall

3. Star Vs. The Forces of Evil

4. The Owl House

5. Ahh!! Real Monsters

6. Gravity Falls

7. Amphibia

8. TMNT(2013)

9. Voltron: Legendary Defender

10. Batman: The Animated Series

11. She-Ra and The Princesses of Power

12. Infinity Train

13. Kim Possible

14. Tangled(Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure)

15. Steven Universe: Future

16. The Dragon Prince

17. Mao Mao

18. Recess

19. DuckTales(2017)

20. Big Hero 6: The Series

21. TMNT(1987)

22. Bee and Puppycat

23. RWBY

And now for the stuff that's pretty generic. Links to social media as well as playlist and other stuff that I think y'all will enjoy.

Various playlist:

Songs Animation That I Love:


Just some videos that I think are awesome:


My Wife's(Dawn) Original Christian Music: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEoE-NXosumvKVxjtiRjRU3chQFg_hc7r

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And by some chance you are here randomly that means you more than likely found this channel through a search due to a cartoon that you were looking for. And on this channel I react to a variety of cartoons. Just to name a few: Steven Universe, Gravity Falls(well I did on a previous channel), DuckTales, Star Vs The Forces of Evil, Infinity Train, and many others.

So I hope you enjoy my thoughts..... but I'd also like to hear your thoughts down in those comments below and while you're down there make a friend and discuss the show amongst yourselves.

Chaos The Kidd

The visual styles were done specifically like how they were since the style is based on a series called "Thrilling Intent" on youtube. Jello, the creator of Epithet Erased, is friends with the Thrilling Intent crew and joked when making Epithet Erased that it was just going to be Thrilling Intent.

Thrilling Intent it self is a highly homebrew table top game done by just four buddies. Its presented in short episodes, all the dice rolls and mechanics cut out, focuses on role play and story making it more of a tv series. If anyone reading this wants to check it out the Thrilling Intent crew themselves suggest you start at episode 45 and watch that whole 12 episode story arc to see if you like it, since thats when they start doing longer more proper plots and the art gets a upgrade.

It's my favourite YouTube series personal with Epithet Erased a close second. I would love to see someone react to even just that 12 episode story arc but I can understand it's not for everyone.

Great reaction series by the way and pardon for the long explanation.

P.S. - Thrilling Intent is just done by the four buds so it doesn't have the production value of Epithet Erased. I personally still think it looks great but I'm used to video games that use similar styles of various posed pictures of the characters for cutscenes so for something four people did its really good.


Hey there! I was surprised that you called a quarter of a million dollars a large budget, but then you admitted that you don't know much about animation so I realized that this is actually sort of a learning opportunity because not a lot of people realize how much animation costs. For an easy comparison I am going to be comparing Epithet Erased to the 1994 Disney Lion King (not the remake).

First you have to consider run times, i.e. how many minutes of animation you need. The Lion King, drawn by a staff of hundreds of people over the course of two years, ran for a total of 88 minutes. Epithet Erased, drawn by a team of a little over fifty people over the course of a few months, has a run time of 178 minutes. This means that Epithet Erased is by length more than twice that of a feature film but produced by far fewer people and with far less time.

With this in mind the budget gap between the two is insane. The Lion King had a reported budget of $45,000,000 to Epithet Erased's $250,000. You could multiply EE's budget by 100 and it would still be less than the movie budget. You mentioned that he should have gotten amateur artists to work on it and, well, if you consider the budgets he very clearly did. Disney was paying Disney quality animators a Disney budget salary. Jello was paying a small company of armatures for stylized animations on a budget he had to shill out half for out of his own pocket.

Animation is crazy expensive in ways people don't really appreciate if they've never done any research into the industry. It can take a few hours for a professional to create a few seconds of animation and you need to pay them for those hours that they worked. This is the reason that the really cheap movies and tv shows are all live action. Animation is an absolutely huge time and money investment. Anyway I hope you found this informative and I look forward to your future reviews and reactions.

darren lyddieth

My Epithet for you would be "Pony Up" where you could earth pony up and get great strength but hurt for days like you've done a big workout or with unicorn pony up you can do unicorn things but get a migrane and pegasi pony up you can fly but are totally afraid of hights.


I can't wait for season 2!

Chaos The Kidd

While I agree that Truck is the best thematically for you. In the table top RPG this is based on your Epithet is chosen randomly. You go to a random word generator and get it to generate 3 words and pick which one you like most. Thats why Giovanni's (who was a player's character in the game this series is based on) is Soup of all things.

Another player made a super scum bag character for a session where they all played as criminals (same session Ramsey made his first appearance as a player's character) and got the Epithet "Hero" despite being the only confirmed murder/serial killer in any of their many many sessions (since it was normal a knock out the enemies kind of game they often joked that no one dies ever).

Another two players whos character were going to be best friends randomly got and chose "Fumble" and "Balance" as their Epithets without the other knowing until game day.

Dave Dogus


Truck Drivin' Billy

Well I did it again and forgot to overlay a picture of the comment but you go to the episode 6 reaction and jump into the comments and I went ahead and pinned that comment to the top